The Road Warrior Work Out


Dr. Dave doing resisted running with Raw Food and health Guru David Wolfe high above Guadalajara

Over the past 12 years of writing emails to you I have often included sample workouts that I do to stay fit on the road.

By far my favorite tool is the SuperBands. Bands are super portable so I carry 3 sometimes 4 different sizes all the way from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. This type of variety also lets me work out with other people who may be at different strength levels than I am that may be traveling with me. I am not always the strongest person in the bunch by far!

The other amazing thing is the total versatility of the Super Bands. You can do legs arms and tons of core work.  You can work out with a partner or just use a door way and the simple attachment that comes with every band.

OK now to the workout.

I am in Guadalajara right now and the day time temps are in the 90’s. But 18 floors up in the hotel there is a strong breeze that makes the heat and sun much more tolerable. What does not change is the 5300 foot altitude. You feel it very quickly even if you are in decent shape. This time one of my travel companions was a JC Santana alumnus so I knew I was in for a Class A butt kicking. We played tag your it which means each of us alternatively gets to choose the exercise.

Warm up  30 reps jumping jacks 30 reps crossing arms jumping jacks, then the Matrix ( see for more on the matrix)

Then dynamic core work including band walking ( band over head in full extension with partner holding the band or band attached to  a railing or wall.

Next was band runs: Runner loops the band around his/her waist and other partner provides resistance by holding or looping band around their waste and running at a slower pace to provide band resistance. Again this can be done with the band anchored anywhere stable and the running can be full tilt or not.

Next was a non band exercise: mountain climbers and mountain climbers with arm to leg and leg to elbow touches. 20 reps of each which gives you 3 sets.

Then jump squats with 180 degree rotations. 20 reps 2 sets. Careful with this one if you get vertigo easily.

We then moved inside because the wind was so strong it was blowing our matts away. The next series can be done with or without matts but since we were touching knees to the ground in full lunges the matts were needed.

First is the lunge with punch . Lunge with one leg and punch with the opposite arm as you drop into the lunge. If you have tight hip flexors (quads or adductors) do not go down all the way with the lunge because the end point of the exercise is a big stretch with rotational ( torque) force on the hip joint. 10 reps each side.

After that step backwards and do a reverse lunge while pulling with the opposite hand.

In each case the partner provides the desired resistance or you tie the band off to a railing or wall.

The final band work was simple arms. Overhead presses 2 sets of 10 with the biggest band you can handle. Next shrugs and power cleans 2 sets of 10 with same band.

Finally 2 sets of 60 reps: Triceps extensions and biceps curls. You do these back to back with minimal rest and as fast as you can.

Then we cooled down with some ab work and stretching.  The total time of the workout was about 40 minutes with the actual band portion taking about 20.  Rest between sets were mostly 30 seconds with a rare 1 minute break.

This is clearly a metabolic circuit and would be classified as HIIT for sure.  I can only estimate the calorie burn but I’d say between 350 and 400 plus whatever else you get from the left over recovery period the rest of the day.

Not only is this a great way to shed weight and get general fitness it will shred you up for summer if you are looking for that “look”.

If you are having trouble with your appetite and weight control as the beach body days are getting closer don’t forget Energy X Maxx!  I am so glad to have it when I need it!



Defying the odds – Cancer and Your Future

I have often said I think the real disease we are fighting is Aging. I think that heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes etc are the many faces of accelerated aging in human beings.

I have focused my current efforts and research on the regenerative potential of telomeres and telomerase  and stem cells.

While I do not believe any of our futures are fully predetermined I do have to pay attention to the sobering statistics we face as an aging society. After all these will be my future challenges as a doctor and a human being, just like you.

The number crunchers have a good news/bad news scenario for us. The good news is if you are reading this today you will probably outlive your parents by about 5 years.  The other good news is that as we live longer fewer of us will die of heart disease which is still the number one killer of Western civilization by far.

The bad news is there is no guarantee that our later years will be any healthier than what we are watching with our seniors now. In addition there will be far more of us and far less money to spend on our care. Finally Alzheimer’s and Cancer will replace heart disease at least to some degree as late age diseases.

So when people accuse me of “being speculative” or “pushing the data” on how to stay young I ask the simple question, “You got a better idea?”

There are a couple of areas that I am sure hold the key to much healthier and as a result longer more productive happy lives.

Telomeres are a key as is the enzyme telomerase . In cell cultures and animals telomerase activation extends both health span and life span.  And it does not increase the incidence of cancer.

Telomerase plays a key role in the aging of stem cells as well. Numerous experiments in the “age reversal” of adult cells into what are called iPSC have shown that telomerase is reset to a younger age functionally in these “de aged” stem cells.

Another critical area is the accumulated stem cell and genomic (DNA) damage that accumulates with aging. The recent study of the 115 year old woman, Hendrikje Van Andel-Schipper, showed 2 “surprising” findings. I put quotes around surprising because honestly neither of these things are surprising to any anti aging doc worth their salt. Still it is fabulous to see the correlation in the flesh so to speak and my immense gratitude to this lady for her contribution to science.

Ok what did they find that was so surprising?

They found that her genetic material (DNA) contains hundreds of mutations that would not be found in a normal human genome. This brings up a bunch of things but the most glaring is that we do not need perfect genomes to live a long time. This lady was mostly healthy until she died.

Next they found only 2 functional stem cells. Now that is really revolutionary. It means that stem cells die off like other cells do and that you can live with just a few left and still be healthy.

But it’s better not to have the damage and the stem cell exhaustion. I think that both can set you up for cancer and all of the other disease of aging. This lady truly may have “just been lucky” in that the random nature of this damage and stem cell exhaustion did not affect her longevity and health.

By the way it’s a good time for me to remind you that we strongly believe that telomerase activators work on stem cells as well.  I could say they have to or we would not have seen the results in the human studies. But that is not a scientific statement, rather a common sense one and science exists to disprove common sense!

Or to prove it as well.

Bottom line is not I nor you should be content with placing our faith in luck to live longer healthier more joyous lives. We should be proactive or we should shut up and accept our fate.

That choice is yours but I have chosen and I live every day of my life with the goal of joy and health.

I cannot say I will not get cancer.  I cannot say I will not get heart disease. But I can say I am much healthier than my parents at this age. And much stronger leaner and with a much younger outlook because of how I feel and what I do.

Protecting your DNA and lengthening your telomeres are not mutually exclusive.

All of the things I wrote about in the Immortality Edge and the new data I am collecting for the next book points to the essential nature telomeres and telomerase in the aging process.

Sometime in the near future I will show you the last 5 years of my telomere length measurements. Hint: they are better than ever!

Stay tuned and Stay Young!


Telomeres Telomerase TA-65 and Lifestyle-What your Parents Got

I have been seeing several high profile clients in Mexico for stem cell therapy. In spite of their wealth they probably like you want to know if TA-65 is really “worth it”. Now some of them will simply do whatever I tell them and in some cases even the price of TA-65 is no object, but you’d be surprised how many people “bargain shop” for telomerase activators.

Along with that comes the lifestyle question. It usually goes like this, “Dr Ornish published a study that showed diet meditation and lifestyle changes lengthened telomeres and increased telomerase in men with low grade prostate cancer. Why can’t I just do that?”

Again the main reason for this is the “cost” of TA-65. I have to tell you I find it ironic that people are willing to spend half as much for something that has little if any proof that it works especially in real live people. That and their are other telomere supplements you can be taking advantage of!

So to answer the question, “Why can’t I just do that?” I think you SHOULD do that. And if that is all you can reasonably do it is far better than nothing.  This is especially true compared to people who will “just do what my parents did”.

I have no doubt that all of the lifestyle things we talked about in the Immortality Edge will slow telomere loss.  I also am sure that simple dietary and lifestyle changes will not change telomere length in the positive nor will they lengthen telomeres. If you want to know the scientific reasons why I am sure this is so it is because of my intimate knowledge of how telomeres and telomerase are measured.  The simple explanation is that real time telomerase measurements are fraught with error in live people as are QPCR telomere measurements both of which are the basis for the dietary claims and all of the “exercise” claims are based on.
Please rest assured that the research I am doing is attempting to really answer those questions along with the effects on stem cells but the answers are still dependent on measurement limitations.

So what measurements do work? Well if you recall the recent Mother of All Anti-Aging offer you saw my telomere measurements done in 3 different modalities ALL of which showed real significant improvement.

In addition I want to tell you another angle of inquiry. I am privy to watching a lot of bone marrow extractions in people who are on TA-65, those who are not and very recently someone who is on “something else like TA-65.

When I saw the bone marrow of the TA-65 user come out smoothly versus the sludge that came out of the other person I saw yet another example of why we should be glad we are on TA-65. Even more when we looked at the cellularity difference and the fat content of these various marrows it was clear we want to stay on TA-65.  Having a bone marrow that is young cellular and fat free is not something you are going to get with any amount of diet or exercise.


I wish it were otherwise because all we would have to do is “behave” and we would see youthing happen in our bodies.

The truth is neither of us can afford wishful thinking. Father Time does not respond to wishful thinking.

Father Time will only change the tune he has been singing since the dawn of man with real hard core action oriented intervention.

Otherwise you can expect pretty much the same things your parents got!



The Exercise Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Part 3 – What we really know about exercise

The “What We Really Know About …” series has become quite popular so here is another installment on Exercise. If you want to read some background on this I suggest you check out my blog post, written almost exactly one year ago that compares aerobic versus interval exercise.

I need to repeat myself so you and I are on the same page. The answer to the “What is the Best Exercise” question is always going to be “it depends!”

Most of what I see advertised on TV and in local gyms focuses on 2 things” aesthetics also known these days as 6 pack abs, and weight loss usually known as “cardio interval training”. The things you should know is that the major factor in achieving either of these end results is not exercise, its diet. Sure exercise will help and you absolutely should do it, but done on its own with no dietary restrictions it will ultimately fail you. You may even find depending on what type of diet you are on you actually are hungrier and gain unwanted weight.

I suppose this is the dirty little secret the gym and fitness industry really don’t want you to know. Said in a more direct way: You can exercise a ton and get stronger and fitter and still look like crap and be overweight. I wish it wasn’t so but it really is.

Speaking of looking like crap- Enter the pudgy small round shouldered mid section rolled, upper body skinny, treadmill runnin’ middle aged man. He is usually slight of frame, has no real muscle mass, for some reason is often bald and frankly is usually my age but looks at least 10 years older.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I have had many smug conversations with myself about my superior knowledge about fitness and my superior results when on the treadmill next to “that guy”.

As usual when I make those kinds of judgments I wind up being the real fool in the room.
You see as I wrote last year in the blog above, Long Slow Distance (LSD) “Cardio” has made a comeback in recent months. Sure High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is still the darling of the gym industry but its star is fading under the cold light of reality. For those of you who know what EPOC is or the wonderful marketing term “after burn” it turns out the early studies way overestimated the actual number of calories you could get post exercise by doing HIIT. Like any good internet myth there are plenty of bloggers, trainers and fitness dilettantes still quoting those studies as “proof” of the superiority of HIIT over LSD.

I think HIIT is wonderful and if you are young enough and can recover fast enough to use it as primary training at least for a 4 to 6 week period you will indeed see some very rapid gains in overall fitness. But you probably won’t lose any extra weight unless you are also dieting!

So if HIIT is so great, where does LSD shine?

Well again it’s not weight loss and it’s not even 6 pack abs. As a matter of fact my middle aged pudgy non resistance trainin’ health nut described above is often the norm among runners. Just go down to your local running club and count the number of pudges versus 6 packs and you’ll see what I mean, especially in the middle aged crew.

LSD shines in blunting inflammation. Inflammation – that ugly ongoing uncontrolled imbalance so common in Western aging society and so intimately related to age related diseases and infirmities! Inflammation accelerates and exaggerates aging.

Turns out that of all types studied LSD (45 to 60 min 5 days a week at about 6 METS or 50% of your power output if you are on a bike or treadmill) is just what the doctor ordered to blunt that inflammation. Now add in your fish oil and slap on some calorie restriction and you’ve got a great combo for health, longevity, weight loss and even a 6 pack after a time!

Now LSD is NOT the BEST way to get the aesthetics or the weight loss. It’s not the fastest way to a lean beautiful body. Diet (Calorie Restriction and in my case Ketogenesis) and resistance training of a regular sort are “better” for that. But those things will not decrease the inflammation in your body. Neither will HIIT nor a whole grain based diet.

Like it or not a couple hours of LSD is probably the baseline for longevity.

Now when I see that pudgy middle aged guy spending an hour on the treadmill at 6 mph I do not feel so smug!

But I do still want to tell him to augment his efforts with weight loss and Omega 3’s!



Are You a Creator or a Tool?!

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with an old acquaintance I had not seen in close to a year.

His comment was, “Dude I forgot how creative and funny you are!”

Now it may sound strange to be addressed as “Dude” after all I am a doctor but this guy was an MD/PhD which gives him one more degree than I have and I guess allows the familiar terminology. I didn’t mind.

His wife asked him, “Is he always this way?!”

The answer is of course, Yes, I am always this way or at least most of the time. There are indeed times where seriousness is not only needed but appropriate.

The conversation then wandered on to “How can we get others to be more creative?”

Here are some tips:

1) Allow and encourage creative thinking. If you are in or create a permissive environment for yourself and others it’s a lot more likely it will happen. Generally speaking corporate environments kill creativity with rules, structure and regulation. If you live in an environment like that you will need to seek your creativity from elsewhere. Music that does not rely on sight reading but on improvisation is one example.

2) Do not disregard structure!!!!! I cannot stress enough how many people I see that are creative but have no structure. With no destination there is no accomplishment except by dumb luck. I would not count on that! In the creativity classes I have taught I start with the simple adage, “Begin with the end in mind”.  At least you know where you are headed.

3) Give your brain what it needs to succeed. This includes adequate sleep and physical exercise and on occasion a mild dose of caffeine!

4) Give your brain MORE than the “average” non-creator gets!  Here is where I use Brain Force One when I absolutely positively have to get it created, done and made this is my Secret Weapon!

I will leave you with one of my famous quotes: “The next round of great discoveries in science and medicine will come via the creative thinkers who can tap into the “ether of thought” and make something of it.

The same holds true for all areas of human advancement. The mind is the creator, the computer merely the tool.

Don’t be just a TOOL!


PS here is another quote for you to ponder from one of my very smart friends who moves, shakes and changes the world for the better: “The amount you create and get done is inversely proportional to the time you spend on Facebook!”

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

IN today’s blog I want to tell you something I discovered recently which I think should be a standard form of Anti-Aging Therapy for certain people.

Two or three years ago I noticed my vision was not what it used to be. I am sure if I was honest it was actually noticeable before that but, it got to the point where the optimist in me could no longer deny that there were issues.

One of my beloved hobbies is building and flying radio-controlled airplanes (yeah, it’s nerdy I know!)

I had just finished a beauty and it was on its maiden voyage. While most people look at these models and say, “Wow that is really big”, an airplane with a 5 or 6-foot wingspan travelling at 90-100 mph can get small very quickly!

So, there was a moment of severe sphincter puckering when against a grey sky I was no longer sure which direction the airplane was headed, was it coming or going? If going it would be out of sight in less than 2 seconds. Fortunately, I have enough experience to trust what I was doing at the moment it “disappeared” to realize it would soon be relatively easy to see again. But not being able to trust my eyes was the last straw.

I started to use the old Stuart McFarland exercises from the early 1920’s and I did see a slight improvement.

Then by good fortune I met an optometrist (not an ophthalmologist) who practices Vision Therapy.

Vision therapy is usually reserved for children with reading disabilities and while I was not the first adult to be treated, I was the first adult who had not been treated as a youth to sign up. My training partner was still in his 20’s and had done vision therapy as a child and was in for a refresher.

Almost everyone else was under 10!

The doctor spent over 2 hours with me before saying, “I think vision therapy will help you!” In truth I had never had that much time with a health care professional and I certainly never spent anywhere near that much time with an eye doctor! As a matter of fact, it was someone intriguing to hear that the allopathic view of Vision Therapy is often, “That stuff doesn’t work!”

I had to laugh when I heard this because as an allopathic doctor I am sure I said and heard that phrase about many “alternative” therapies while I was a practicing Internist.

When I went to start the therapy (13 weeks) my binocular vision was 20/40 a far cry from what it had been 20 years ago. The glasses I was supposed to be wearing made me dizzy and slightly nauseated so they sat on the shelf instead of my nose.

I will cut to the chase in a moment but I want to share something I learned with you.

I had “distance vision” glasses that I got to help me see those flying aircraft I mentioned to you but they made me slightly ill soon enough after I put them on that I could never keep them on long enough to “get used” to them. The slight magnification of 1.5 I was given for reading worked ok but I just never got around to making it a habit to wear them.

This eye doctor told me I did not need the far glasses and they were way too much lens for me which is why they were making me sick.

He also told me- and this is important- Make sure your wear your reading glasses if they were prescribed for you because not wearing them and continuing to strain your eyes can increase the risk for nuclear cataracts.

Cataracts of this type are indeed a disease of aging so that peaked my interest. I am now wearing 1.25 magnification to read but that may be gone if I can commit to another 13 weeks of Vision Therapy.

What I did get from the first 13 weeks (and some home activities to support the class room exercises) was a return to 20/20 visual acuity with binocular vision (both eyes looking) a loss of vertical skewing which came from mostly using one eye to actually read (monocular reading) and individual monocular vision of 20/20 on the left and 20/15 on the right.

That is almost as good as I had when I was 20!

Needless to say, both eye and the doctor along with the vision therapist were ecstatic with the result.

I had pretty much reversed 40 years of aging in my eyes! It was also cool to be the star pupil at an age when most people don’t even think of being able to reverse the aging process.

Now hear comes the punch line.

In general vision therapy does not fix or work on structural changes in the eye. The problem for me was primarily in the way my brain interpreted the signals from my eyes, not so much from the eyes themselves.

Think of it like posture. Hours of sitting in front of books and computers often leads to walking and standing postures that are awful, cause health problems and are mostly adapted to sitting and doing nothing.

The body adapts to the position you put it in.

So too with the eyes and the brain!!!!

I am telling you this in case You too may benefit from this as Anti-Aging therapy.
Now I did have a secret. It just so happens that my starting the therapy happened exactly 3 weeks after the introduction of Brain Force One

I honestly think this was a big thing in helping the therapy reprogram my brain to work better with the therapy.

I have no doubt about it at all!

As someone who is used to excelling in “class” I found I still got a sense of pride out of performing at the top of the class LOL!

I encourage you to explore vision therapy especially if the following applies to you:

You have had a slow decline in your visual acuity and visual processing to the point where you do not feel absolutely compelled to wear glasses but you probably should.

You play sports that require high degrees of hand eye coordination and reaction time- yes reaction time and reactivation of your peripheral vision are part of the therapy. This would include baseball, tennis, golf, shooting and many other leisure activities like flying R/C planes and drones!
It will also improve your reading, your driving (safety is an important part of anti-aging) and your depth perception.

Keep in mind it will not changes things like astigmatism (which I have!) or other structural problems in the eyes and it will not restore lost connective tissue to the lens (primary cause of nuclear cataracts).


But negative age related changes in vision are not usually just a structural problem- there is almost always a “brain problem” that can be improved.

So, while you are at it, don’t forget to give your brain a helping hand!

You can teach an old dog new tricks and make it behave like a young dog again if you remain open to learning about different things and regard medical dogma as an Old Dog!!!!!


The real Doctor Dave who actually does design your supplements as opposed to the nonexistent one who claims to do so at some other company!!!!

PS Speaking of doctors there is more than one internet doc out there who scours my site and blogs for ideas and then because of a gigantic audience claims to have “discovered” a new thing. I don’t need a gigantic audience because I have YOU! And to me one dedicated loyal reader and user of my products is worth 10,000 tire kickers who will never understand the real value of what they are reading.

Love Ya! And Happy Holidays!!!!

Why Telomeres Rule Part 2

A while back I wrote an email / blog called Telomeres the Big Boss of aging. In it I described what was then the most cutting edge research that showed how telomeres influenced the mitochondrial powerhouses in our cells. The key points where how telomere length influenced the biogenesis (reproduction), mutation rate and actual function of the mitochondrial enzyme pathways. Given my recent immersion in Dr Seyfried’s metabolic theories of cancer this becomes even more important.

If telomeres are indeed the Big Boss of Aging then this is how they may foster cancer when they get shorter. I have always felt that telomere length was absolutely critical and welcomed the Lifelength assay for biologic age and critically short telomeres.

But as with all things in the body I felt that the shift towards aging, infirmity and death was a gradual one. And like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer the shifts that occur are not all of a sudden nor absolute. Most could be reversed if we could find them early enough.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing is the continued correlation with gradually shortening telomeres and dysfunction. In other words there are warning signs long before the “event” actually happens. You start chewing into your reserves long before clinically relevant illness presents itself.

Up until around 5 years ago there was little you could do except try to change your life style habits. Now there may indeed be an antidote for aging.

Indeed I have extensively documented my own de-aging process for you giving you the same routines and info I have that have so successfully reversed both the appearance of aging and the objective markers.

My recent blog post showing me now versus 6 years ago was testimonial to the appearance part.What a lot of people kinda missed was that you are not supposed to look YOUNGER with age! This was not slowing down the process it was reversing it.

Now these two well known scientists Jerry Shay and Woody Wright, long time collaborators in the telomere field released a piece of science that confirmed my suspicions. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jerry last year for my newest book (still working on it) and I can tell you he and Dr Wright are true pioneers!

I am going to simplify their findings but you will get the gist of it. The telomere time clock segment can form a loop when it’s long that allows it to influence genetic material that was thought to be “physically too far away” for the telomere to have any impact. Indeed when the telomere shortens and probably well before it gets “short” by our current definitions it loses this ability. The result is some genes that were not turned on are allowed to be “on” and some that should be “on” are turned off.

We have long understood that the expression of certain genes changes with aging rather than changes in the genes themselves being the culprit. Contrary to the somatic mutation theories most cancers, disease and aging are NOT caused by mutations but rather a shift in which genes are on and which are off. This leads to the diseases and phenotype (physical appearance) of aging. Now we know that yet another reason why telomeres play a critical role in either maintaining youth ( long telomeres- young gene patterns) or aging and sickness ( shorter telomeres and “bad gene” expressions).

Even more important is the likelihood that can happen sooner rather than later in terms of telomere length!

This means you should do everything in your power to keep your telomeres as long as possible and SOON. Waiting until it happens is now even a worse idea!

If TA is out of your budget or out of your desire range then have a look at these two critical telomere agents.


Do something! Doing nothing is letting go of your future!



What would YOU Pay for 10 Great Years?!

A few years back during an Anti-Aging lecture to over 1000 people I asked a question, “What is your life worth?”

The answers were somewhat stunning and ranged all over the place- from $10,000 to Priceless.

I am still not sure I understand the dichotomy in answers but it led me to ask another question.

“Do YOU believe that it is possible to extend your health span and your life span beyond the few years that come with each generation. By the way on that note since I was born there have been 4 generations, Baby boom, Gen X Gen Y and now Gen Z.

The life span in this country has improved by about 18 years since I was born but it is generational and might start to go down with the newer generations.
Without getting into the reasons why, I personally do not think it will decline, but it will slowly increase by 5 to 8 years per generation and slow down dramatically when we approach the mid 90’s.

I would also say that very little if any of this can be attributed to Allopathic (MD like me) medicine. If you look at trends like heart disease allopaths will tell you its due to cholesterol medicine and lifestyle modification. Given the rising incidence of diabetes in both more and younger populations I don’t think this is true either. I think that heart disease declined already in the 60’s and the continued decline was due to decrease in smoking and to a lesser extend more people exercising. The high carb low fat diet did not do us any favors!

Now with diabetes on the rise I think we will see a resurgence of heart disease again in Gens X and Z especially if the dietary parameters do not change! This is a good time for me to remind you about the Horrendous Diet download and our very new Sugar Balance Support Formula (SBSF).

If you are over 50 I think you need to be very aggressive about your sugar control because something out there (could just be the high carb diet but may also be toxin related) is causing a mess of diabetes and no question its epidemic!

Now back to the lifespan and health span question.

Most people I surveyed felt that you could live healthier but not longer and that the 2 were not necessarily linked. In other words, you could be healthier and still die long before your 80th birthday.

I beg to differ.

While the 2 are not mutually inclusive, you have to be healthier to live longer and better. Now I am excluding the few miserable years you might add by spending your retirement on prescription drugs.

Come to think of it if it would not land me in jail via the FTC and FDA I would actually tell you that that is a goal of mine for you. Can you imagine what that would do to Big Pharma? They’d jail us all for spoiling their plan!!!!

The other thing that struck me was that most people did not believe you could extend life past the few years that your generation will grant you. When I asked why even the anti-establishment folks were quick to cite Nobel laureates and big wig scientists who said just that, “you can’t live longer”.

So, it seems that spending money time and research on life extension is Anti- Establishment to the max!

Now here is the almost stupid Catch 22. I say almost stupid because its always stated that there is no way anything shows extension of life so far in humans or when you figure in the research design flaws, even in higher mammals.

The real reasons no one will be able to prove the kind of life extension we would all like to see is the way the study would have to be designed. You’d have to have a fair number of people locked in a totally controlled environment where everything from diet, exercise and even mood was totally controlled and similar in all subjects.

After all, using telomeres as a measure all of those things and more can affect life span.

You’d also have to have scientists totally committed to the project for an entire life to avoid bias and confusion in the study results. They would have to live almost as long as the controls.

Finally, since none of us has an expiration date stamped on our forehead we would still not really be able to say that for sure we extended life. You’d have to know how long you were going to live to begin with.

So, I am the first to admit there are no guarantees.

But I know from YOU, and the rest of my audience you and I share this belief!

It is 100% worth trying and worth the time money and effort.

We are pioneers my friend.
Here’s to you!!!

Dr. Dave


My Experience with TA-65

The Mother of All Anti-Aging

TELOMERES are the end caps of the chromosomes.  More than any other specific finding, telomere length has been equated with health and longevity.  Studies have shown that people whose telomeres are longer live longer and suffer fewer maladies as they age.

Simply put they seem to age better. So 5 years ago when I became aware of a compound now known as TA-65 I jumped at the chance to start taking it.

Subsequently I immersed myself in the study of telomeres and telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens them.  I also offered TA-65 to my family friends and clients and began to sell it as part of my internet supplement business. It was the first and most impactful supplement I ever sold specifically for its anti-aging benefits.


Three separate studies have been published detailing its positive effects in humans and there have been no serious side effects reported with its use.

Many wonderful things have happened in the past 5 years since I added TA-65 to my daily anti-aging regime but in my opinion the most important is the regrowth of my telomeres.

Telomeres normally shorten as we age so when they start to get longer albeit in gradual fashion something big is truly happen.  That is exactly what has happened to my telomeres.  I Have confirmed this with 3 separate measurements.

For the past 8 months I have been promising to show you the data on my telomere length and today is that day. I needed to present the data at two separate anti-aging conferences but now that those lectures are done I can finally share it with you.

But first understand what I said above.

Telomeres do not normally get longer.

They shorten with age. Given the fact that people with longer telomeres live longer and healthier based on scientific studies I will simply say that it is remarkable and very encouraging to see my own telomere and of course that of many of my clients going in a direction that suggests real true honest age reversal in biologic terms.

Speaking of biologic aging one of the telomere tests and the only one I will use any more, the Life Length Assay has shown a decrease in the critically short telomere measurements as well. This is directly correlated with “biologic age”.

Biologic age is how young your cells act as opposed to how many birthdays you’ve counted. So is it really possible to decrease biologic age and improve the aging process?

Well if Telomere Length is any indication the answer to both of those questions is a resounding YES!!!

Today I am going to offer you the specific and exact anti-aging routine I take in the same dosage and format that I take it in.

This is for serious people only because:

  1. It’s not cheap
  2. It requires taking several pills a day every day
  3. It requires staying on this routine for a minimum of 6 months.

If any one of those 3 things is a stretch for you then by all means don’t do it.

But if you are serious and you want results that can be measured* and you don’t want to sit idly by as Father Time Gnaws at your Body then this is for YOU!!!

OK a few more things then we’ll get to the results and the offer.

There are currently 3 different ways to measure telomeres that will give different absolute numbers in the results.  The different numbers are because of the differences in the way things are measured. But the thing you will notice is that all 3 of the tests show significant improvement.

I did this on purpose because there will always be someone out there who says that the changes are not real but just artifacts of the testing process.  It is highly unlikely that 3 different ways of measuring telomeres would all show improvements based on chance alone.

Three different tests over time each and every one showing improvement is proof to me that things are really getting better!!!

Next not all of the tests were available on the market at the very beginning of my taking TA-65; some became available at later dates so that is when I did them.

Finally the most accurate and reproducible of the tests is the HTQ-FISH assay also known as the Life Length Test which you will see also reports the percentage of short telomeres. This one is absolutely critical in documenting improvements in your Biologic Age!

So here we go:

This is the first test done in 2009 at the time I started TA-65

You will see my average (mean) telomere length is 7.1 ( this is the average of the two numbers 6.9 and

The test below shows the improvement in these values with an average 7.35. While this test underestimates the changes it shows a clear improvement of 250 base pairs or 50 base pairs a year.

Remember most people are losing 50 or more base pair a year not gaining them!!!!

The next test is the all important HT Q FISH Life Length Assay first done in 2011 and the second part also represented on the same page is from 2013. Keep in mind this is the most accurate and reproducible test out there today.

This test shows a 2011 result of 6.2 and a 2013 result of 7.52

Please note in the 2 years in between the tests my median telomere length improved by 1300 base pairs and my percentage of short telomeres dropped 7% from 22.5% which was much higher than I wanted to 15.05 which is on the “good side” of the aging curve.

Most scientists agree that people lose anywhere from 50 to 200 base pairs from their telomeres every year so even a conservative estimate means I have gotten “7 years younger” biologically even though I am 5 years older!!!

I can also tell you from my stem cell studies that my bone marrow is indistinguishable from that of a teen ager, has almost no fat and is densely cellular- all hallmarks of youth!

Four years later (2013)I repeated both tests and you can see a marked improvement in mean, median and % of short telomeres all indicating “de aging” and reversal of my biologic age. Also note I did the most common test known as QPCR and it showed me to be near the top 25% of my age range as far as telomere length.

This is what I wanted and trust me it’s what you want too- to be at the top of the heap!

I have detailed many typical things you may expect by taking this routine in my blogs but here is a short list of what people have reported:

  • More sex drive
  • Better control of body weight and body fat
  • More energy
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Fewer wrinkles and better skin tone
  • Improved eyesight
  •  Simply Looking Younger overall!
  • Better blood pressure, cholesterol bone density inflammatory and immune markers**





*Everyone ages differently and not everyone will get the same results from this routine or any other anti-aging routine. Not all clients will see specific measureable improvements nor can everyone expect positive changes in their telomere length.

**These results were documented with TA-65 and a different multi vitamin routine in a 2011 study. While there is no reason to believe that anything but the TA-65 made these differences, a different routine was used than I do so I do not make claims to these findings with my Mother of All Anti-Aging offer. This offer is however what I take every day.

New Year’s Resolution vs. New Year’s Revelation

Today’s departure from the usual was sparked  by a question sent in by one of Dr Dave’s Best newsletter readers.  By the way if you are not one of them you should be since it is yet another way I keep my people up to date on all things anti-aging along with my myth busting and of course the latest developments.

The question was an interesting and probing one:  “Dr Dave what are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions, and how are you doing with them?”

At first I though, “That’s a bit forward! Isn’t it!”  but then I realized I did have some important info to share with you in that regard.

I have continued to simplify my life and I encourage you to do so.  Each year I hone in on what is most important in my life.

I have narrowed it down to 3 major things and almost all of my resolutions have to do with those things.

They are:
#1 My Health  I hope its not too big of a surprise that my own health is paramount to just about everything else I do. I know of some very famous people in my field both internet types and non internet types who are just flat out sick.  They don’t look happy and they certainly don’t look healthy, no matter how many millions of readers they have.  It always struck me as strange that a person can’t look at someone and say, “Wow they can’t be practicing what they preach or if they are its the wrong stuff!”
In my book if you walk the walk you look great feel great and are a beacon for people who are trying to stay young for as long as possible.  And a wonderful by product of that is you are happy most of the time and people know it!

I think my hero in that department was Jack La Lane!

Now in terms of simplifying how I look at my health my overall approach has been and is: do what works and always keep the long exciting and active future you have in mind as the end goal.

A few of the modifications on previous habits are: Get leaner and eat cleaner even on the road. Exercise MORE when traveling not less.  And a very simple one: eat less calories every day.

#2 Take care of the people I love and those who love me.  Now is a good time for me to remind you: I do what I do for myself and the ones I love. Now as self centered as that may sound frankly its the kind of integrity you should expect from anyone in my position. That is also the way I always practiced medicine. If I would not want me for a doctor or me taking care of my mom then I do not belong in the profession. That attitude has carried over to:

#3 My business: I once spent a little time with one of the top internet guru docs on the planet. Everything I heard was about money and business.  Everything.  Everything that was written and sent to that list was designed to get more business.  Now I admire a certain degree of business savvy but when people are actually doing what you tell them to and spending their hard earned dollars on your stuff I think they would like to know what you personally do and take and how you can help them before they know you are always helping yourself independent of how it may truly affect them.

On occasion that means saying you disagree with the party line on something. Now as I have learned many times over, that upsets people and actually negatively affects your business.  But there are truth seekers out there who are genuinely looking for answers and are willing to at least listen to someone who speaks their truth, backs it up and lives it.

I am not sure if you follow me on Facebook at all but that venue is where I SHOW what I am doing including all the “personal Guinea pig stuff” I am vetting for you. Once again it helps me and keeps me on the cutting edge of my personal space in the world: anti-aging.

It also helps you because you find out about it first from someone who has “been there and done that”. In the next few weeks I will be starting an experiment on myself with 2 other brave souls that I hope will be a revelation.

The resolution behind it was this: Speed up the process of new discoveries in human anti-aging medicine.

Another revelation I have had: my business is important to me because it is me. It feeds #2 above and of course #1 every single day.

Now I want to share a personal Revelation with you that has helped me immensely with all of the above because it has allowed me to find guidance from places far bigger and wiser than I.

Here it is: Let Go of Outcomes! Ask for what you want with faith and positive expectation and then let it go.  You will be shown the way. In the process you will be doing something else magical: Making Space. By quieting your mind and not trying to force, will and control everything you will have space to enjoy the moment and see and hear things around you that will help you make all of your Resolutions come true, and much much more.

If you need help with intuition and creativity or even just more brain power here is my secret It is not the ONLY reason I get some much done, but it is a huge help.

And everyone needs some of that.

What have you done so far and what are you going to do?
I hope its everything and more that you want to do.


Dr Dave