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My name is Dr. Dave Woynarowski. My other name is “Doctor Fish Oil.”  I was given this name almost 15 years ago by my friends, colleagues, and customers, many of whom have been using my various fish oils every single day.

There is a reason I have inspired that kind of brand loyalty. It is the real, definable, and continuous improvements in the products that are the result of new and evolving knowledge. In medicine (I am an Internist) we call it Continuing Medical Education and evidence-based proactivity.

I have dedicated myself to learning everything there is to know about Omega3 fish oil and put that knowledge directly into the products I make, including my latest Ultra Potent Fish Oil.

Making the Right Choice

Now you may already know that fish oil is one of the most important supplements you can take. I promise I will go over that for you in a moment. But, first let me tell you about my Ultra Potent Fish Oil first because, like it or not, there is a huge difference in what is available and I want you to make the right choice!

The first thing I will tell you is that every bottle is an extension of the decade and a half of study, work, lecturing, and learning. This product carries my good name and my reputation so it has to be the best there is.

It also has to be far more potent than the typical pharmaceutical grade fish oil out there. As a matter of fact, Ultra Potent Fish Oil is literally as potent as you can get it.  It is made by starting with good ol’ fashioned American fish (Alaskan Cod) that is molecularly distilled (purified and concentrated) right here in America. If you look closely at the bottle you’ll see an American flag on it. This is the way it has been since day one!!!!

The catch itself is monitored by the Marine Stewardship Council and there are representatives of that council on every ship that catches our raw material to insure compliance with sustainability.

The plant we use to molecularly distill the product has one of the tallest distillation columns I have seen and our product is run through this column a minimum of five times. It is then tested to achieve at least 85% purity and potency.  And that is tested for every single batch! This is compared to 30% for the undistilled fish oil you may be taking.

During this process, naturally occurring toxins such as mercury, lead, arsenic and all* of the, sad but true, plastic degradation products are removed. Next time you look at a fish oil or krill product go ahead and look for the toxin evaluation. Chances are you won’t find it!

Now the reason I created this product, which contains a full gram of the only essential fatty acids you need in your fish oil – EPA and DHA, is because I needed a way to get myself and my customers up to the doses I recommend daily – 4 to 6 grams. In the old days that meant at least 15 capsules a day. Now one capsule contains 1 gram so it’s easy.

I also added a wonderful citrus flavoring so it tastes great whether you swallow it in the capsule or break the capsule to squeeze out the liquid. Whatever you do, rest assured you are getting a fish oil that is as pure and clean as can be made and rivals even “prescription drug versions” of fish oil.

Your Most Important Anti-Aging Tool

Now I don’t know about you, but with all of the important things fish oil may do for you, I personally would not put anything in my body that I could not take without worrying about spoilage, pollutants, toxins, and finally strength. But you can’t get any purer and stronger than my Longevity Edge Ultra Potent Fish oil!

Speaking of longevity and health span (how much of your life you stay healthy), there is a reason I call this The Most Important Anti-Aging Tool you can have and the only place to start on your quest to stay young and healthy for as long as possible.

This is the part you may know already but it bears remembering that Fish Oil has been shown in scientific studies to:

• Improve Cardiovascular Health, including diseases caused by irregular heart beats, heart failure and clogged arteries

• Mental health including various dementia’s, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders

• Improve Autism and related brain dysfunctions and improve test school scores in normal children

• Endocrine function including insulin uptake

• Reduce obesity

• Improve cartilage and bone health

• Improve skin appearance

• Improve immunity and improve auto-immune dysfunction

• Improve overall mortality in cardiac diseases including sudden death

• Inhibit tumor growth

• Improve sleep and sleep related disorders

And that, my friend, is a short list!

The Bottom Line

This is not the kind of product you should skimp on! You owe it to yourself and your health to give yourself the absolute best there is bar none. The Longevity Edge Ultra Potent Fish Oil is that and more.  It’s the only fish oil this doctor and thousands of customers will ever put in their bodies.

Don’t short change yourself or your health any more! Be proactive about your health and order the best and rest easy, right now.

Here’s to staying young and healthy for years to come!

Dr. Dave

Meet Dr. Dave

Portrait of Dr. Dave

If you don’t know the name Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD, you’ve probably read some of the words he’s written about the effects of taking a daily dosage of fish oil. He’s been a major proponent of the anti-aging health benefits of fish oil for over 20 years. The death of his father was the catalyst that set Dr. Dave on a worldwide pursuit to research the best-of-the-best in anti-aging medicine. His exhaustive search has made him one of the foremost authorities is preventative health, anti-aging, and nutritional supplements.

Dr. Dave has been board certified in Internal Medicine, is a certified member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has also been a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. He has also been nominated for the prestigious Physician of the Year Award by the President’s Committee on Health Care Reform and was awarded the Residents Teaching Award two years in a row for excellence in clinical teaching skills.

It is his authentic and personalized approach to anti-aging and genuine concern for the health of his patients that have drawn a highly-motivated and highly-educated audience to Dr. Dave and The Longevity Edge products.

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Disclaimer: These statements are not evaluated by the FDA or any government agency. No claims are made for this product to treat, mitigate, cure, diagnose any disease that is currently or in the future defined by the FDA or FTC. Do not order or take this product if you have a true fish allergy, and do not take if you are pregnant or under 18 without the specific expressed direction of your own doctor.

*By definition there is no test in existence that will detect toxins and other pollutants down to zero. We go to parts per trillion which we consider zero because even taking high doses over a life time you would not accumulate measurable toxins in your body at this level.