What a difference a Month Makes!

Phew!!! Thank goodness that is finally over.

It all started kinda by accident.

I repeatedly tell you that I take what I make and with rare exceptions (like Sweet Sleep Z) that is true. But there have been occasions where there are gaps… never in fish oil or telomere stuff but in other things.

Sometimes they are planned, others not.

This one was semi planned so to speak and basically, I “went” with it. I have been updating you about Energy X Maxx  and the rather dramatic improvements in physical performance both endurance and strength that I have experienced.

Well, I am here to report the acid test- what happens when you stop!

It has been about 5 weeks and surprise surprise I noticed a big difference in all parameters of strength and endurance.

Now to be honest it was a bit subtle. Just like I have been telling you all along this supplement is not a big instant impact thang!

I actually feel/felt no different. No big rush no big caffeine like high no massive pre-workout pump etc.

But the numbers didn’t lie!!! Even though I felt the same there was at least a 20% difference (and climbing!) in weights lifted and times run.

A lot of that went away in the 5 weeks that I stopped. So here is the question. Do you treat this like the old weight loss dilemma- “Doc I gain all the weight back when I stop the diet!” and skip taking it because you are “dependent” on it. Or do you buck up and say, “I can take anything on a daily basis that helps me do better and is not truly damaging or habit forming.”?

I choose the later because I like doing better and I know that only good things are happening. Stronger and faster is also younger, even if you need to continue supplementing to do it.

Someday down the road when we have all the genes and gene products and cell therapies figured out you might only need a once a year treatment with an occasional tune up.

But we are still pretty far from that at least in the affordable sense. And our friends at Big Pharma have no interest in finding out about this until all the risks/benefits have been taken by someone else and they can swoop in with billions of dollars and make billions more getting you on something that, you guessed it, you will have to take every day any way.

I choose to start now!

Hope you join me!

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