It’s been a while but if you recall  I have been immersed in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. The past 2 weeks have been super intense and super demanding.

But I am happy to say that this 6 decade old body survived a totally different experience than it is used to and thrived in the process.

While I love the certification its not about the paper!!! It’s about the experience and the growth. Being injury free and strong enough to get through the process is very reassuring since all of the people here are much younger and have far more Yoga experience than me.

But they did not have the secret weapons I do (although ironically I made several sales of fish oil).

I can assure you that the high dose (10 a day) fish oil, the Energy X Maxx and the Young Life Daily were the keys to surviving a Keto Vegan diet with limited calories and hours and hours a day of Yoga.

Call it a field test or more likely an acid test.

I wouldn’t have it an other way.

I make and take products that work!!!

But you knew that already!

I’m off to another adventure next week but things should settle down a bit after that. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime if you are facing any challenges or simply want to be the best you can be, invest in yourself!!!!

Dr Dave

As I enter my first 200 hour Yoga teacher training..

There are 2 things I know I am going to need for sure- lubrication and stamina!

Obviously this is a big load on joints and connective tissue, that’s the lubrication part. I know of know no better, safer way to lubricate the body than Omega 3 fish oil.

Fat, especially essential fat is such a critical element in all areas of the body but joint health has to be up there in the top 3 for sure. The other thing a lot of people miss is the role of Fish Ol in controlling inflammation. I can guarantee you the fine balance between too much and too little inflammation in YOUR body is one of the big keys to aging successfully and preventing long term damage from activity.

Now what about stamina?

I have detailed the effects of my buffered ATP compound EnergyX Maxx in many emails to you but here is a brief recap:

It took approximately 4 weeks of regular usage to see the benefits but at that point some rather dramatic improvements in speed, stamina and strength started coming in.

I eventually knocked over a minute off my mile times and 6 minutes off of my 10 K (over about 5 months with consistent training). Most of my lifts increased by 15-20% over baseline in that same time frame (baseless being defined as where I was with training at the time, of course I wasn’t starting from scratch!). Coupled with eating Keto this led to some amazing aesthetic changes!

I’ll touch base with you over the coming weeks as I continue to fine tune my supplement use in the crucible of what is a totally new discipline for me.

But I can tell you this!!! There is no way I could survive without the amazing stuff I make!

How about you?! Even if you are not doing something out of the ordinary you can still BE out of the ordinary in your daily endeavors.

Talk Soon!


You may have noticed my Brand New Keto-Gen product to support your Ketogenic Diet.

We have gotten a lot of questions about how to maintain high performance levels during this diet. So first a bit of background:

High performance training especially full blow HIIT training requires instantly accessible ATP.  ATP is the currency of energy that is used for all action, motion, active transport, secreting, squirting and well you get the idea: Movement!

There are lots of ways to get it but when you are in Ketosis you are getting it from the Ketone body Beta Hydroxy Butyrate- the exact same thing in Keto-Gen.

While BHB is a super clean, super efficient fuel for your body it is a slower way to generate ATP than sugar- and it takes a while for your body to become Keto Adapted.

This leads a lot of HIIT people to become frustrated because their performance levels, especially explosive speed decreases for a while- sometimes weeks until they become adapted.

The solution to this problem is simple!  Its called Energy X Maxx and I have detailed how amazing the benefits in speed strength and performance are at various times over the past year.

Because it provides your body with Pure ATP

It solves the issue of slower production and delivery that occurs in Ketosis. And it solves it PERMANENTLY for as long as you use it.

Because of the recent explosion in Ketogenic Diet interest I am making it available at special pricing for the next 48 hours only –  Buy 2 and get 1 free.  This will kick you into high gear fast, solve any issues with lack of performance you are having (strength and endurance both!!!) and help keep you on track with ketosis!

If you are not a Ketogenic Athlete the same benefits accrue but be advised it takes a couple of weeks to build up your levels.

As always You and I can be one step ahead!!!!

Dr Dave

Did you ever get a “Lawyer Letter”?

You know one of those annoying authoritarian letters that are supposed to scare you and imply you are a “bad person” and bad things will happen to you if you don’t bend over and do as you are told.

I have gotten several in the course of my life time and at this point I am sure I will get several more during the hopefully long and productive time I have left.

While these days I am generally amused at the almost template like fashion attorneys churn these out and how they all invoke the same image (as if they all came from the same lawyer letter factory) they all have one thing in common: they are a waste of time and money.

Once someone decides to make you a target be it an attorney or the government, or as once happened 7 years ago, the Einstein Foundation in Tel Aviv, your best bet is to find another way to do what you are doing without wasting time and money.

This is the segue into the reintroduction of one of my products.

It was previously called Mito QE but now we have changed the name to Toco Q.

Same great product, different name so you will not be confused and accidentally order my product or someone else’s because of the name.

And to make it easier to remember we are offering 18% off today only!

So bury any confusion the name caused you and reap the benefits of the amazing combination of Ubiquinone and tocotrienols. .

There is nothing else like it on the market especially at 18% off!


No longer bent!

I specify Chronologically versus Biologically so you understand the two are not necessarily married to each other.

I have reviewed enough telomere tests to see a big difference, at least for some people.

I have also spoken not only about telomeres, but about what I consider to be the forgotten link to healthy living- the mitochondria.

Simply put these little sub cellular organelles supply you with the energy that makes you human and makes you YOU!

As we age they often start to fail, with significant consequences, including less and less energy.

The strange paradox of chronological aging is that you WANT to do more, and generally are more disciplined and have more financial resources to actually get more done.

While we can’t alter time, we can alter how much we get done in that time.

I designed the Mitochondrial Energy Bundle for exactly that reason. I have found that apart from the occasional aches and pains and little changes in vision, hearing and the like we are just as apt to want to achieve as much or more than we did 30 years ago. Then there is keeping up with the youngsters.

So here are a few things that I “wish I knew sooner”. Keep in mind a lot of this stuff was not around when I was 25 or 30 but that shouldn’t stop any of us from doing it.

  1. Warming up is probably one of the most helpful thing you can do to keep yourself pain free and functional. As annoying as it can be to add an extra 30 minutes into your workout routines before they actually start, warming up is something I wish I did much more of years back.
  2. Sleep properly and alter your workout load if you don’t. Sleep deprivation really wreaks havoc once you hit 50- much more so than in the decades before. Sweet Sleep Z  can help you big time if you have problems this way.
  3. Whatever your diet is, don’t alter it on the days of a hard workout. IF you workout without eating fine. If you “need” to eat before hand do so, but don’t change things and expect it won’t have an impact.
  4. Allow for the impact of heat. If you run or workout outside in the heat, you might want to divide your workouts into 2 separate sessions, morning and evening.
  5. Leaner is better. Not skinny, but you do not need to carry around a lot of aesthetic muscle if you are over 40.  Keep it functional!
  6. The harder you work out, the more you need to support your mitochondria.

You can be or do or have anything you want, but you have to respect your body and be open to changing things to accommodate its changes,

Keep at it!!!


Dr Dave

Many moons ago when I was a freshman in Med School I was given the task of transcribing notes from a lecture. As fate would have it that lecture was on something known as The Electron Transport Chain.

In simple terms this is a cascade of steps down hill each of which release energy and then steps back up the hill to regenerate this energy.

All of this takes place in our little friends the mitochondria.

Little did I know that the hours of work and study to polish those notes to perfection would come in so handy decades later!

If you’ve been with me for a while it will come as no surprise that I was talking about mitochondria before it was in vogue to do so. I’ve actually been talking about it so long its no longer in vogue LOL!

Many illnesses will eventually be found to have a major basis in mitochondrial dysfunction including heart failure and quite probably cancer. The role of mitochondria in epigenetics has yet to be properly explored.

But what about health? Specifically, what about healthy aging.

As we age our mitochondria start to fail use and get sloppy. The loose energy, waste energy and simply don’t make as much as they used to. Much of this is due to a failure in the substrates the mitochondria need to make these energic transformations.

I can promise you this area is hugely neglected.

I created Toco Q as an antidote to aging mitochondria and energy failure. It is an improvement over straight Co Q and unlike PQQ its not unproven or overhyped.

Toco Q is my secret weapon against aging in my power houses.

It’s allowed me to continue to do things I used to do 20+ years ago and in some cases better.

If you’re not on it, you should be. Its as important as a daily vitamin!

Dr Dave

I am writing this to you on the morning of the 4th. You won’t get it for a day or so after but I sure hope you had the great day I wished for you. Mine looks like a wonderful hot summer day.

I have written the Declare Your Independence Series for a long time now and I am rather amused that the company that is recycling my emails to sell their products hasn’t gotten around to using the series yet.

I decided to play on the title a little bit because even though we live in the greatest country in the world, and tons of brave committed people have made all kinds of sacrifices for us, I see some signs of ennui and back door dealings, especially in terms of your healthy future.

I have never been a big conspiracy theorist but I have to admit I have personally seen and experienced some things that give me the chills in health care. Here are a couple:

1) Most doctors privately admit the health care system is broken and has been for a long time. Many if not most are very disgruntled with the way they are told to do things by the non-medical people that control the flow of money into the system. Yet most of these individuals will publicly decree the need to play along with the power of Pharmacy and the white coated rulers in the “respected institutions”. Never mind most of these people never see let alone touch sick patients any more!

And let’s remember who funds the drug studies. It is not an independent medical board, that is for sure!

2) Big Pharma has spent over 1 billion dollars in a campaign to “repair its image”. This includes bashing the supplement industry. While this is nothing new, there have been more direct and rather vicious attacks on people in the industry who have done nothing wrong.

3) Top of my list: the decision by all governmental agencies to bomb the stem cell industry out of existence. This is local, state and federal. I have seen this before and here is what happens: You the non-medical public are told what charlatans and villains people who do these treatments are. As ultimate proof you are told, “See you have to go to 3rd world countries to get these treatments. If they were real we’d be doing them here!”

Sound familiar? I famously pointed out the “Is it Low T” fiasco, where testosterone therapies were the bailiwick of quacks and charlatans until Big Pharma decided to market them.

And in the meantime, plenty of people are behaving in independent fashion and getting phenomenal benefits.

It would seem that anyone who shows some semblance of independence is targeted, vilified and persecuted to make sure there is not the slightest loss of control and power among those individuals who control the future of health care. That is not you and I, unless we declare our independence.

My entire product line is designed to do what god forbid you might achieve with the correct choices- a long, healthy and at least relatively drug free future. But, if you play along with our friends in high places you will be In the Deep End and Dancing to the tune and will of others. Lots of drugs, lots of problems and in my opinion, not much more life or health!

And when you look at the much vaunted studies that are published the cracks and flaws become all to apparent.

Ok now shifting gears for a minute (hey its been a week since I sent anything to you so I can be long winded right!?)

A client who I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with for an hour or so, Don E told me about something I have seen a few times before with various and sundry supplements. In this case it was Energy X Maxx.

Apparently, Don was noticing some the increases in strength I have been raving about, but as a result of the more intense workouts, his soreness levels increased. Of course, I don’t intend for people to have more pain taking things. Still in a back handed way it tells you this one really works.

Just monitor your body and try not to succumb to the temptation to turn back the clock too much and too soon. Don, I apologize!!!!

I know Don and others will find a happy medium but I appreciate the feedback and the chance to alert you to this possibility.


Phew!!! Thank goodness that is finally over.

It all started kinda by accident.

I repeatedly tell you that I take what I make and with rare exceptions (like Sweet Sleep Z) that is true. But there have been occasions where there are gaps… never in fish oil or telomere stuff but in other things.

Sometimes they are planned, others not.

This one was semi planned so to speak and basically, I “went” with it. I have been updating you about Energy X Maxx  and the rather dramatic improvements in physical performance both endurance and strength that I have experienced.

Well, I am here to report the acid test- what happens when you stop!

It has been about 5 weeks and surprise surprise I noticed a big difference in all parameters of strength and endurance.

Now to be honest it was a bit subtle. Just like I have been telling you all along this supplement is not a big instant impact thang!

I actually feel/felt no different. No big rush no big caffeine like high no massive pre-workout pump etc.

But the numbers didn’t lie!!! Even though I felt the same there was at least a 20% difference (and climbing!) in weights lifted and times run.

A lot of that went away in the 5 weeks that I stopped. So here is the question. Do you treat this like the old weight loss dilemma- “Doc I gain all the weight back when I stop the diet!” and skip taking it because you are “dependent” on it. Or do you buck up and say, “I can take anything on a daily basis that helps me do better and is not truly damaging or habit forming.”?

I choose the later because I like doing better and I know that only good things are happening. Stronger and faster is also younger, even if you need to continue supplementing to do it.

Someday down the road when we have all the genes and gene products and cell therapies figured out you might only need a once a year treatment with an occasional tune up.

But we are still pretty far from that at least in the affordable sense. And our friends at Big Pharma have no interest in finding out about this until all the risks/benefits have been taken by someone else and they can swoop in with billions of dollars and make billions more getting you on something that, you guessed it, you will have to take every day any way.

I choose to start now!

Hope you join me!

I wanted to share a personal story with you…

So you might avoid some mistakes I have made in the past.

I have been updating you on my physical advancement since taking a few of the new products. I am pretty sure I blew my own horn a fair amount in hopes that all of my not so old aging warriors would take heart and realize some performance gains of their own.

After all its always more fun to make progress especially if you feel stuck.

Well there is an old saying in Ukraine that goes something like this: “Teach a donkey to pray and it will get a sore forehead”.

This of course refers to the stubbornness of the breed and is often not far of the mark for certain anti-aging Docs I know lol.

The signs were unmistakable.

The ongoing not so subtle ache in my shoulder. I had been putting up some impressive weights overhead in a way that had not been seen by me for several decades. After all what 60 year old lifts anything overhead anymore! That is when the old “wooden racquet” injury came back after so many years.

Yes, back in my High School days I played a lot of tennis for the local team. I was pretty good too considering the way the game was played in those days. We had wooden racquets that required huge looping swings to generate any power- completely different game than the ping pong like strokes of today.

Of course, all that also required a lot of strength that came from the rotator cuff and torqued it in ways that would cause long term damage. I had pretty much forgotten about my shoulder issues until recently when I started getting stronger much faster. I thank my wonderful supplements for that.

But I had also forgotten the caveat of minding my own limits in terms of tendons and ligaments. One needs to let them catch up to the muscles.

So, if you are using Energy X Maxx be aware that you may need to exercise a little caution in terms of how fast you progress. Your body needs stress but it needs it in doses it can adapt to.

A few quick ultrasound treatments with my little portable machine and I am right as rain.

Frankly making progress fast is a nice problem to have!!! Get Some and watch how much more you get done this summer!



There is a lot to look after..

In the body when it comes to healthy aging.

One of the most common yet most overlooked places for improvement is in the cellular powerhouses known as mitochondria.

Several years back I read a book written in Germany and translated into English that convinced me we are way way behind over here in understanding the role of mitochondria in health and disease.

The mitochondria are the powerhouses that determine how much energy each cell, and thus each of us has to do the things we want to do. They also determine how we “feel” about them. In other words, can we do the thing without exhaustion and do the thing to completion. I will leave you to fill in the blanks but whether its yard work or sex the mitochondria have a huge role.

They also have a huge role in determining the fate of the cell because as the cell ages certain signals (many originating from the telomere) influence how much and how well the mitochondria can participate in repair jobs, or whether they behave like a “phaser on overload” from Star Trek and blow the cell up.

They play a gigantic role

In what is known as the senescent activated phenotype which is a kind of domino effect where one cell poisons another and that cell poisons another and so on and so forth making aging a self-fulfilling prophecy!

If this sounds vaguely familiar its because you’ve heard variations on this theme since 2010 when I first wrote the Immortality Edge. Nothing has changed although just like the book, things have become “more true” as the science and research has advanced.

Now for the “OK Doc what do I do about it?!” Well one thing we know happens in the mitochondria is a loss of its ability to generate power due to some key ingredients that lead to increased oxidation and free radical signaling (in this case damage!).

Key player here is COQ 10 in its reduced form.

A Key anti-oxidant here is tocotrienols which also have telomerase activating ability. I have combined these 2 things into a unique, easy to use supplement called Toco Q that has everything you need and nothing you don’t

Unlike so many “latest and greatest” these supplements are not rushed to market because of a single rat or mouse study. There are human studies and some countries use CO Q 10 as a drug for heart failure and stroke.

We don’t yet but again we are way behind on applying mitochondria biology and as of yet Big Pharma has not bothered to make a drug out of the above (thank god!).

But whether it’s gardening or sex I bet you could do with more energy and healthier mitochondria for healthy aging!

It’s easy to forget them but the consequences are not fun.

If you are not on daily Toco Q sign up now and try it for at least 3 months! There is a huge reason I put this into my Daily Dose Pack, it can benefit just about everyone!!