TA-65 100u (Low Dose)

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Many people have asked us to carry this low dose option so here it is at a very special discounted price- 25% off retail- the lowest we are currently allowed to sell it for.

This dose was tested in human cell lines and found to be the lowest dose that “turns on” or activates the enzyme telomerase which lengthens the critical biologic time keepers of the cell. Turning on telomerase has been the key to reversing cellular aging in many studies and in animal studies has actually reversed the signs and symptoms of aging.

Many people want to take TA-65 but not everyone can or wants to afford the higher price for the dose that was used in the human studies. The low dose option represents a nice way to have your cake and eat it too!  As always I recommend you actually measure your telomeres using the lifelength assay.

*Disclaimer: None of these statement is approved by the FDA or the FTC. No medical authority sanctions the use of telomerase activators or TA-65. Nothing herein is meant or should be interpreted as treatment for, mitigation of, diagnosis off or improvement of ailments that are designated as diseases. You should always consult your physician, before starting a new supplement or life style modification. Never use TA-65 in place of a prescribed medication. Never stop or change your medications without approval from your own doctor. The reader alone assumes the responsibility for the use, misuse or nonuse of the information presented here. Ask your own doctor before you do anything.

While aging is not considered a disease any claims to add life, change life or improve life in the context of aging is considered illegal. There is no known “cure” for aging. TA-65 is a nutraceutical supplement not a drug. It has undergone various studies in humans including randomized placebo controlled studies and prospective studies (see reference section). The government agencies do not recognize these peer reviewed studies as valid so any benefits shown in these studies are considered unproven. Do not misconstrue what has been said here as treatment, cure, mitigation or diagnosis for anything!

Your results may be different than mine, my mom’s or my clients. Said results may not be typical.

While there are no known specific side effects reported if you experience anything while taking TA-65 that you consider abnormal discontinue its use. If symptoms persist consult your physician.

I urge you to consult all avenues and all resources including those here but not limited to this web site to educate yourself and make an informed decision.

You can do extensive telomere and telomerase research on the National Library of Medicine’s public library site; www.pubmed.com.

Finally I wrote a book about this topic called “The Immortality Edge” (Wiley and Sons).