New Product Announcement – Sweet Sleep Z!

Ok you’ve been asking and patiently waiting for the return of my Sleep Formula.

Well it’s here now… today.

And, it’s more than just a rehash of the old formula, it’s updated and improved with some new stuff.

Basically I took the best of the old formula and made a few modifications and a critical addition of an anti-oxidant.

I chose Zeaxanthin hence the Z in the name for its potent anti-oxidant and cognitive benefits.

This is probably the first and only Sleep formula on the market with a bona fide anti-oxidant although some people still consider melatonin for that purpose.  Why an anti-oxidant you may ask. Well if you look at what happens during sleep from a metabolic standpoint, repair of oxidation is critical.

So, in addition to giving you a great restorative night’s sleep, I help your cells take out the trash and repair and rebuild during this underrate and critical metabolic time.

Why limit your repair to day time only!!!!

Now you can have it all on subscription or single bottle.

But whatever you do make the choice to have a great night’s restorative and replenishing sleep with New Sweet Sleep Z- the first sleep formula with a dedicated anti-oxidant!

And do it now so you get the best introductory pricing ever.

You know the drill-prices will go up soon so don’t be left sleepless over missing this deal!!!

Sleep Tight,


Dr. Dave

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