What do you think is the biggest essential life style change that most people try to skimp on sometimes without even realizing it?

I’ll give you a hint what it’s not and see if you can guess.

It’s not poor eating habits.  Lot’s of people still eat poorly but more and more people are adopting better eating habits especially with current rising popularity of Keto.

It’s not exercise as over 50% of the population exercise regularly or at least say they do!

It’s not vitamins and supplements although there are still plenty of people who subscribe to the nonsense that vitamins just give you expensive urine.

It’s not meditation because heaven knows lots of people don’t meditate!

Nope!  The thing that most people skimp on and that seems to always get the short stick is sleep!

And from the anti-aging and regenerative stand point sleep is one of the most important tools in the tool box for staying young.

Sad truth is a lot of people simply can’t sleep!!!  It starts off innocently enough by changing sleep habits or staying up late to “get something done” once or twice in a row and then all of a sudden it’s weeks, months and even years before people have gotten a good nights sleep.

Well my friend if you are one of the 50% of Americans who can’t sleep but DO NOT want to take drugs I have a simple, all natural non addictive sleep formula for you

It works to reset your sleep clock, get you back in the groove and helps you wake up refreshed.

Its also got a great dose of anti-oxidants in it to help your body heal up while you sleep!

There is nothing like it on the market!!!

Get it and get a good night’s rest.

It will change how you look at the world!!!


Dr Dave

It may seem like a no brainer for you if you have ever experienced sleep deprivation and memory loss in the same space of time.  It makes common sense that one affects the other, no?

But science is always concerned with the mechanism and tries to avoid what I call a true true and unrelated equation. What do I mean by that? Well, there are lots of things that are associated with other things but don’t actually cause them.  The world of science and even more, the internet of things is rife with associations that are actually interpreted as causes.

My favorite example of this is the infamous “Fish oil causes 70% more prostate cancer” article released 4 years ago.  I don’t know if you read my blog: As I lay Dying but it sums up the nonsensical nature of the conclusions drawn by people who are clueless about the mechanisms of Omega 3 fats.  Worse the media as usual jumped on it without understanding what it said and created an artificial furor where there was none.

Boy does that sound familiar!!!

Anyway the bottom line especially for scientists and less so for journalists is, look before you leap.

So when a recent article in Neurochemical Research showed a plausible mechanism for the link between sleep and memory, some of us took notice.

First understand that science is often a bit artificial in the way it creates experiments.  We use rats, mice bugs, bacterial, stem cells and the like to mimic human beings.  Flawed? Yes!  But useful? Very!!!!

So what’d we learn.

Well most animals people included have “Clock*” genes that code for sleep chemicals. Clock genes do indeed regulate circadian rhythms and are intimately involved in creating the body biochemical patterns needed for sleep.

But like all genes the Clock genes are subject to regulation by epigenetic modification.  I won’t go into a deep discussion of epigenetics here, but I do have a simple one. Epigenetics regulates gene expression as in “off-on” or as in “more or less”. My interest in it stems mainly from the fact that while the genetic changes caused by mutations and such are often limited throughout the human life span, the epigenetic changes are gigantic.  Thus I think epigenetics may be a far bigger driver on aging than genetics for most of us.  In lectures I describe it as the 80/20 rule meaning that epigenetics drives 80% of aging while genetics drives 20%

You can’t change your genes but you can influence your epigenetics big time.

Sleeping more and better is a classic example of how to change your epigenetics!

The study I mentioned above goes into great detail about how changes in sleep patterns influences epigenetic marks and in turn, turns memory chemicals on, off and up and down.

So now we have a scientific reproducible method to show how sleep deprivation affects memory as well as other aspects of our behavior and our performance.

For almost the past 2 decades I have been preaching this at various anti-aging conferences.  I’ve also linked sleep deprivation to another favorite aging topic, telomere loss.

And let me remind you I make an all-natural non addictive fast acting sleep support supplement known as Sweet Sleep Z. It’s newly reformulated and available for a special deeply discounted price for a very limited time. Try getting a good nights sleep for a month and watch your memory soar!

For the 70 million Americans and the millions more world wide a better night’s sleep is a godsend!



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Now while I am writing this ironically, I should be asleep lol.

Don’t worry about me, I will get there and stay there soon but what about you?

The Holiday season turns out to be surprisingly disruptive and stressful for many people.

Coupled with this stress, the short days, brief periods of daylight and colder weather combine to put many people in a Holiday Tail Spin when it comes to their sleep cycles.

Remember the primary function of sleep time is to allow your body to take out the trash, recycle what it can use and rebuild damaged tissues.  That puts a big load on your body in terms of inflammation control hence the Zeaxanthin added to Sweet Sleep Z.

I know of NO OTHER sleep supplement or drug for that matter that carries this approach.

The other big thing is brain health. Your brain needs time to reestablish connections and make new ones based on everything you experienced that day.

Sweet Sleep Z helps induce sleep (gets you started) and can help keep you there (sleep maintenance).

Don’t forget to factor sleep into your Holiday Plans, and your long-term anti-aging routines.

I can make it easier for you!




Having just returned from the Great White North and having met some “old” friends and some new ones as well I have a different perspective on “Youngness” now that I want to share with you.

But first a reminder: There is a test for your Biologic Age that is based on solid science and reproducible data. It does not involve methylation, glycosylation or protein degradation although those are all very important in the aging and youthing processes.

It is based on telomeres which I call the BS detector of aging. I don’t care how many methyl groups you ingest, how many anti-oxidants are in your diet, or what your vital capacity is, if your telomeres are getting shorter, you are aging and quite possible faster than you want!

I wrote a book about this a while back and that book has become “more true” because the research has grown.

Of course, so has the negativity around staying younger longer for reasons that escape me.

So back to my trip up North.

I met some people younger than me chronologically that are doing a lot of things that are good and right but the continue to age, degrade and not look very healthy in spite of following what is considered great advice.

Here is the bottom line: If we really knew which diet, which exercise program or which life style kept the most people young it would be suppressed by marketers and people with agendas that transcend the wellness and health of an individual.

Also, always remember the difference between slowing down the aging process and reversing it because the former involves all of the things above and the later so far, is only affected by telomeres.

Here is a list of simple life style things you can do to facilitate the former

1) Stretching: I do various types of flexibility exercises to maintain my ability to do the athletic endeavors I enjoy. I do not have a formal Yoga practice…yet. But You cannot go wrong with that.

2) Sleep: It may not matter exactly how much you sleep at night as naps during the day may improve your overall rest and capacity for regeneration but contrary to some writings of some very popular writers who try to “bio hack” their lives and the lives of others you cannot sleep2-3 hours a night routinely and be healthy. Mother Nature doesn’t role that way!! If you need help with getting a regular sleep pattern of deep restorative sleep try this.

3) Diet: I do not pontificate on diets any more very much because it seems like diets become religion for some. Bottom line: reduce your calories and reduce your insulin production. I chose to use a Ketogenic Diet or at least a carb restricted one most times to do this. When I slip I use SBSF  and believe me it nails my sugar levels and gets rid of carb cravings!

4) Exercise: 3 Things are critical: joint and soft tissue mobility, power, and endurance. All of these will help your mental attitude as well as your physical longevity. I spend 30 minutes most days on soft tissue and joint mobility. I strength train and endurance train 2-3X a week respectively. Keep in mind this is not an aesthetics program- it’s a functional one designed to keep me mobile and healthy. It is absolutely possible to “look great” with this type of program but its not the main goal. You can absolutely do better “look great” programs that will not improve or even may damage your health!

5) Meditation: Or quiet time and probably prayer as well if you prefer. The point is to turn off the conversational monkey mind and just relax, observe and get as close to the nothing box as you can. You’d be surprised how much spending time in that world improve your reality based physical one.

6) Inspiration: Personally, I find traveling to different places, reconnecting with people and meeting new ones generally inspiring and inspiriting no matter if its business, pleasure or both. We all need fairly constant inspiration so ask yourself, “What inspired me today?!”

7) Take Care of Your Telomeres!!!! All of the above are part of the slowing down the aging process and no one can promise you for sure that you can age in reverse, but judging from what I saw and the comments I got, it is very possible if you Take Care of Your Telomeres.

Stay Young and smile as much as you can!


Ok so I’ll admit it. I had 2 majors in college.

One of course was biology since med school was then my ultimate destination.

The other was English- and despite my prof’s constantly being embarrassed by my fonetic spelling lol. I managed to write well enough to please them otherwise. Shakespeare was my main focus and its on my list to start reading him ( or them if you are a conspiracy theorist!) again.

Midsummer Night’s Dream was among my favorites.

But recently I have gotten several emails from people asking about sleep changes during the seasons.

People have noted waking up and going to bed much earlier than the rest of the year during summer.
I think this is a natural thing but only for some people.

Nothing has been written about this that I know of but my clinical experience and constant habit of thinking has led me to this conclusion:

Some people are far more sensitive to light and seasonal inputs than others.

We’ve all often read about early man rising with the sun and going to bed at sunset. This was of course by necessity since light sources were non-existent or scarce but with the advent of the electric light human beings became far more productive, safer, and extended their waking time along with their leisure.

Unfortunately, this also correlates to abnormal sleep patterns, stress and in some cases illness, both mental and physical.

So, if you are the in the “sensitive” group you are also likely to be more sensitive to Seasonal Affective Disorder or SADs. Remember these often have 2 peaks, Spring when the days are getting longer, and the more recognized Fall, when the days get shorter. That boils down to April and September as the most likely to mess with emotions and affect.

But the short cycling of summer sleep can wreak havoc with people in terms of their schedules, productivity and emotions as well because society doesn’t run on those hours.

If you have that problem and apparently many of you do, or if you personally simply want to sleep better,

I have a non-habit forming non-drug solution for you.

Nothing makes you feel better longer than a good night’s sleep and over 50% of American suffers from sleep disorders many of which could be easily rectified by a few good nights of sleep.

So, don’t get messed up by the season, and don’t sacrifice a good day to a bad night!

Sweet Sleep Z is the answer!


Oh Yeah for those of you who need longer term help and/or know members of your family with the same issues, take advantage of our case price discounts!

Sadly, we just got a notice that several of our Raw Material costs are going to go up significantly in the extreme near future.

If you want to lock into the current pricing you can do so by ordering on subscription/continuity now as I have made a promise to all my friends and customers out there that once they are on, the price stays the same as long as they are on no matter what the raw costs increase too.

At least Two products are currently affected BIG TIME and one moderately so for the moment.

Sweet Sleep Z is going to undergo a significant price increase because of the Theanine supply.

Apparently, someone has invented a drug based on this raw material and the company would rather sell to the Pharmaceutical Industry than us. Go Figure!!!

So, if you need an all-natural sleep aid that is non-habit forming and contains no drugs this is it and now is the time to get it.

Next is Sugar Balance Formula. You may already know my penchant for the ketogenic diet and the many blogs I have written for years now about my experiences with it.

I have also said that I don’t care what diet you are on- I am done preaching diet to people because its like religion to too many- just reduce your calories and manage your insulin secretion. This is especially true if you are on hormonal therapy.

Simply put insulin/sugar management is one of the most critical things you can do to prevent pre-mature aging and death. And we are doing such a good job of it we are now in the middle of an incipient diabetes epidemic where people are taking drugs for “pre-diabetes” or to prevent pre and post diabetes.

If this sounds nonsensical to you it is. I don’t know what is driving up people’s blood sugars (other than the massive amounts of carbs in our diets) but I think there are toxins and environmental exposures that make watching, controlling and reducing insulin secretion and sugar in the diet a 100% absolute must

Right Now.

Big Pharma agrees with me and has begun producing their new darling (which is a very old old darling) metformin and hinting that it might even help prevent cancer. Can you imagine what would happen to me if I so much as vaguely mentioned the words “supplements” and “cancer” in the same sentence!

Anyway, Goat’s Rue is one of the raws in Sugar Balance  and as demand goes so does price so that product is going to incur a price increase any day now!

If you believe like I do- that sugar is a major cause of illness and aging, and you need some support with yours, get on subscription now and take advantage of locking into the current pricing while it’s still available.

Sleep and sugar management are 2 of the most potent anti-aging tools in my book!


Dr Dave

PS remember we have hugely discounted case prices on all of our products including these.  Case prices will also go up to reflect the increase in raw materials very soon. So consider your needs for the rest of the year!

Recent research into what have become two separate age-related epidemics has suggested a surprising potential cause that heretofore has been pretty much ignored.

Those twin devils, obesity and diabetes seem to be running rampant through our society with no end in sight.

Just the other day someone I know well who is my age was just diagnosed with diabetes. This individual is probably 25 pounds overweight, sedentary and lives the typical American life that centers around work and family. There are 40+million people in this country alone that share this.

The government response is to create yet another new and useless food pyramid that mouth piece agencies and people echo with the certainty that it’s the “right” way to eat. It differs little from the previous decades of great dietary advice we have been given and in my opinion is yet another case of “The emperor has no cloths”-the continued propagation of health myths that can only worsen the situation.

Look around you and you will see the effects of Western Life Style. As a supplement designer, researcher and manufacturer I believe nutritional supplementation is essential but no way will it fix a bad diet, sedentary life style and slavish devotion to stressful situation.

Like so many of the epidemics we face (Cancer, Alzheimer’s etc.) we are supposed to accept them as normal and unavoidable. Billions of dollars of advertising are spend pointing the way to YOUR only alternative- More Drugs! The OPDIVO ad campaign was one that incredibly missed the ire of the FTC and FDA in spite of massive blow back from cancer sufferers and their families. Somehow that did not constitute a “consumer watch dog agency complaint” I guess and they skated free and still do.

But don’t even suggest a vitamin will help you live longer or better that will get you fined and in jail while Big Pharma wrings out every last dollar from your pension plan because “prevention doesn’t work”.
Excuse me for trying!

So that brings us to today’s potentially (note the weasel word made necessary by the agencies that protect you from yourself and making your own decisions) may interrupt the cycle of both diabetes and obesity- or at least give you a fighting chance against this dual epidemic.

The key is sleep my friend- a good night’s sleep!

I have droned on and on about sleep related hormone balance and all kinds of rhythms in your hypothalamus that control hormone secretion etc.

I will spare you that today and tell you in simple fashion about another link in the chain of obesity and diabetes.

Relative recent newcomers to the metabolic/sleep link are orexin A and B- both secreted by the hypothalamus, that time clock like organ in your brain that macro regulates most of your metabolic functions.
Disruption of these hormones is linked to obesity and metabolic perturbations like diabetes and metabolic syndrome (or whatever the latest round of name changers calls it!). Ironically its also intimately linked to what is poised to become yet another epidemic- Sleep Apnea and other disruptive sleep disorders.

As usual people like me (doctors) are focused on treating the symptoms and not the cause. I don’t personally non-medically think you can treat any of these disorders without first treating sleep.
If you need help with this I make an amazing “sleep support” agent called Sweet Sleep Z.

It may be the first step to getting your metabolism under control so the effects of diet and exercise yield you the results you want. You’d be amazed at how many people I have seen over the years that worked out hard and dieted, albeit following the pyramids, and never mastered their bodies or their metabolisms. Many are now on what I call the drug treadmill.

Disordered sleep may be the cause of more than you think.

Here’s how I fixed mine.


You may have also noticed the diet link above. That product is now celebrating its one-year anniversary. I am told that Kim Kardashian got her body back by going on something like this. Ah yes, celebrity weight loss! Ranks right up there with divorce, new boyfriend, new baby, checking into rehab and disastrous plastic surgery results to reignite a career. Man am I glad I’m not famous.



Reference: Ageing Res Rev. 2015 Mar;20:63-73. doi: 10.1016/j.arr.2014.11.001. Epub 2014 Nov 22.
Sleep disorders, obesity, and aging: the role of orexin.
Nixon JP1, Mavanji V2, Butterick TA3, Billington CJ4, Kotz CM5, Teske JA6.

It may seem obvious but the number one overlooked question a doctor doesn’t ask his/her/ patients is how are you sleeping.

Honestly when I was in full blown clinical practice I did not ask that question enough because it often led to a request for benzodiazepine drugs (valium etc.). In those days we did not have the non-habit forming* all-natural sleep solutions 

We did have ton of benzo’s and their variants along with all of the unfortunate side effects that they cause including long term addictions.

In my conversations with Dr. Michael Brues, America’s Sleep Doctor, I relearned just how ineffective and potentially damaging those addictions were. The worst thing is that they do not actually improve sleep deficits.

This is reason number one why people, doctors included, should be interested in natural sleep solutions including if necessary a supplement. Goal Number One is to prevent or correct the sleep deficit.

Now when I first introduced Sweet Sleep Z, I waxed long about the damaging effects of sleep deprivation on the hormone clocks, the circadian clocks, obesity, telomeres and the like.

But a recent study points out a more expedient problem, fatigue and sickness.

It suggested the direct link between even short-term sleep loss and long-term fatigue and something as common as the common cold!

So, if you suffer from fatigue or recurring illnesses of this type you might want to answer the question few are asking: How did you sleep last night?

If you need some help, I have it here!!!

Sweet Dreams!




J Psychosom Res. 2014 Apr;76(4):280-5. doi: 10.1016/j.jpsychores.2014.01.005. Epub 2014 Jan 25.
Do sleep, stress, and illness explain daily variations in fatigue? A prospective study

*This refers to physical addiction with withdrawal symptoms. Theoretically ANY product that helps someone sleep has the potential for psychological addiction. Always consult your doctor before using anything.


Apart from the fact that 50 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disruption on a regular basis, I am often asked why an Anti-Aging Doc is so concerned about sleep!

Up until a few short years ago no one thought of sleep disruption or curtailment as anything but a natural consequence of the “modern age”.  Late night TV, cell phones always on and the need for every more productivity and ever less free time has made sleep the number one thing people give up when pressed. After all its just sleep right.

Well there is a reason I am introducing my latest Sleep Product and it has to do with, you guessed it- premature aging and illness.

Studies have shown that sleep curtailment and disrupted sleep can lead to a higher incidence of obesity (by messing with the hormones for appetite known as ghrelin and leptin), high blood pressure (by messing with vascular tone also through hormones) and diabetes (by messing with the hormone insulin and the appetite hormones mentioned above).

If you noticed the common thread, its hormone disruption!!!

That is because in some way or another ALL of your hormones are affected by sleep patterns due to what is known as the “hypothalamic clock”. Without getting into too much detail this is what controls the so called Circadian and other rhythms including hormone secretion.

Mess with that and you have the recipe for premature aging for this and many other reasons.

17 years ago when I started my supplement business, I vowed to use Mother Nature to Fight Father Time. It started with my patients and grew into a world-wide phenomenon along with the concept of staying younger and healthier longer!

This latest product is the natural non-habit forming non-addictive answer to your sleep issues.\

And it’s on Introductory Sale Right Now- but only for a very limited time.

So, act now and sleep like a baby!

Ok you’ve been asking and patiently waiting for the return of my Sleep Formula.

Well it’s here now… today.

And, it’s more than just a rehash of the old formula, it’s updated and improved with some new stuff.

Basically I took the best of the old formula and made a few modifications and a critical addition of an anti-oxidant.

I chose Zeaxanthin hence the Z in the name for its potent anti-oxidant and cognitive benefits.

This is probably the first and only Sleep formula on the market with a bona fide anti-oxidant although some people still consider melatonin for that purpose.  Why an anti-oxidant you may ask. Well if you look at what happens during sleep from a metabolic standpoint, repair of oxidation is critical.

So, in addition to giving you a great restorative night’s sleep, I help your cells take out the trash and repair and rebuild during this underrate and critical metabolic time.

Why limit your repair to day time only!!!!

Now you can have it all on subscription or single bottle.

But whatever you do make the choice to have a great night’s restorative and replenishing sleep with New Sweet Sleep Z- the first sleep formula with a dedicated anti-oxidant!

And do it now so you get the best introductory pricing ever.

You know the drill-prices will go up soon so don’t be left sleepless over missing this deal!!!

Sleep Tight,


Dr. Dave