Today’s Super Flash Deal is Here!

Ok today I am putting another bundle on sale. I call this one the ”Mitochondrial Energy Bundle” or MEB for short (not to be confused with the famous marathon runner!).

You’ve heard me wax long on the importance of healthy mitochondria in aging, sarcopenia, dynopenia and many of the age-related diseases we face that seem to have no specific cause and no cure! I can tell you that mitochondrial biology will come to the forefront someday soon when we actually get our heads out of our you know whats and stop blaming everything on genes! More on that later.

The main focus of MEB is more power more energy more fun in life of course. How would you really like to celebrate this holiday by being MORE!!!!

Well I am going make it easy for you with these 3 great and yes, brand new products at big savings.

Again, though this current flash deal is only for continuity/subscription. We’ll see about solo orders a bit later. But if you missed the huge “all of everything” deal this past Tuesday or you simply did not want to try everything, here is a way to get all the new stuff separately at a fantastic price.

You get:

  • Mito QE retail $59.95
  • Energy X MAXX retail $64.95
  • And Sugar Balance Support Formula (SBSF) retail $62.95

All for a lowest of the low pricing of $139.95. And shipping is free in CONUS.

That is a $190 value at a whopping 50 bucks off for your continuity subscription order.

This offer is good for a maximum of 48 hours or until supplies run out which has happened before!!!!

You will be locked in at this, the lowest price possible for as long as you stay on the bundle, that means forever and always or until we make something better- that has happened too but usually my stuff stands the test of time really well!

In my next email I will remind you to get off your duff and celebrate this season with some healthy mitochondrial power houses but I am also going to give you some science so you know why I think this is one of the major keys to slowing or arresting the aging process!

But for now, TAKE ACTION here and take advantage of this one-time Holiday Intro Offer!


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