I’ve been on a bit of a roll this week, and despite all the bean counters crying foul, I’ve decided I’m going to do what I want. I’m happy taking a pay cut if it means I get to make the best researched, most effective stuff on earth and get it out to the people I care about. They say when you do what you love, the money doesn’t matter. I can’t tell you how much that resonates with me.

First Up

Is our amazing Sweet Sleep Z- a stand out among all natural Sleep Aids, especially in this time of Seasonal Affective Depression! I’ll be perfectly honest with you – this isn’t a top seller of ours. It might not even be top 10.

I keep it on the shelves for 2 simple reasons

  1. I absolutely insist on putting the highest quality, most effective things into my body. There is literally nothing else out there that even compares to Sweet Sleep Z, and it shows every time I use it. I’d continue making this even if it was just for my own personal use – it’s that good.
  2. Sleep is the cornerstone of health, a frequently overlooked and oversimplified cornerstone, but it’s there. It literally effects every facet of your life, from the time you wake up until you lay back down again at night. It’s like changing your diet – you don’t know what you’re missing until you actually take charge and fix it. I guarantee there are people reading this right now who don’t get a good nights sleep and don’t even know how much better they could feel.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try for a few nights, I’ll be right here when you send me a note say “Doc, boy were you right”. You certainly won’t be the first!

Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Next Up:

We’ve got Toco Q, the most recent product of ours to receive a face lift. This sits center stage in my Daily Dose Pack for a very simple reason I’ll explain below.

This should about sum it up..

I start talking about the mitochondria with the less informed, and their eyes glaze over. I’ve been talking to you about it for years, so I know that you know better. It’s literally the engine that drives you.

If it moves, divides, exports, imports, ejects, ejaculates, swims, wiggles, flexes, swells, secretes, grows or repairs, it requires mitochondria!!!

Do you do any of that on a regular basis? Of course! Ok so now comes the REAL QUESTION: Whaddya gonna do about it?! Restore optimal function to your mitochndria! I know, it doesn’t sound sexy, but it works. Seems like something that should sit center stage, right?

This is the real mitochondria supplement.

You’ve heard all the latest and greatest and firstest with the mostest things like Pterostilbene and other so called “super mitochondrial supplements”. I’ve read the research and have found that whole house of cards is based on 1 or 2 rat studies – nothing more. Sorry but while rats are useful, they do not constitute a reliable basis for your human health.

Now if you read about Reduced Co Q and Tocotrienol in our Unique Combination and you will be saying “Shame on You” to the hyperbolic individuals who make all kinds of claims about their mitochondrial products. One major company threatened us with a lawsuit because we were “damaging their business” with this incredible product. I’ll let you guess who but the bottom line is stuff like that doesn’t happen if you are not real and genuine. As they say BS walks! Don’t let your Mitochondria be BS’d.

Buy 2, Get 1 Free

So it’s simple.

Buy 2 and get your 3rd absolutely FREE! Just use the links above, and your discount will be automatically applied.

Who knows I may do more of this but…. If you like the idea let me know!!!!

Happy longer warmer days ahead!

Dr Dave

There is nothing like a successful product launch!  That is exactly what we have with our new Facial Rejuvenation Serum. Now it may have been a while ago, but we also had a great launch with the Immortality Edge Packs!

Two great launches beget a great Bundle!  So today we are combining the Best of the Best in our direct Anti-Aging line.

Behold the Immortality Edge Bundle!!

Now you can Look Great AND Feel Great while saving a Bundle.

But there is the usual caveat!!!!

You need to act now because we have pretty much cleaned off the shelves during the Holiday when lo and behold a box of the serum that was hidden by Santa’s Elves showed up out of the blue.

So, The good news is we have some more.  The bad news is its only a dozen or so bottles of the serum to partner up in this bundle

So if you had ANY inclination to try either/both of these amazing rejuvenating products, Now is the Time!

You may have noticed we didn’t offer the Serum on continuity when we launched it mainly because the volume of cells we are producing varies with the season, and this is a slow season. Because of the limited amount of this bundle we’re going to offer and our cell operation ramping up, it is available for the first time ever on subscription! Lock in your product and price right now.

In the meantime, it’s still first come first served and we are almost out.  If you don’t want to waiting ‘til Spring when we’ve got the cells in quantity get it now here and lock in your future orders!

This truly is a combo Masterpiece!   Get Some and start this New Year off Looking and Feeling Younger!!!


Today I have something Brand Spanking New and on Sale for YOU! New Product Announcement!

Well, if you’ve been following my emails at all you know that I am a creative lad.  But creation takes manifestation and there in lies the rub! A lot of the deadlines I have been given by my scientists and manufacturers have come and gone and we are still waiting for my creations.

Except One!!!

We just took delivery of my all new and much awaited Stem Cell Based Skin Serum.

Now the retail price after the launch will be $129.95 + shipping but you can get it at the hugely discounted price of $99.95 with free shipping in CONUS.

This product contains no cells but rather the liposomes that are made by healthy young stem cells.

I have been using it along with our Beta testers for 2 months now and I love it. As a matter of fact, I personally ran out a few days ago so guess who snatched a few bottles from the newly delivered stock.

One caveat: This product is made by my scientists in labs near our stem cell clinic in Guadalajara. Because of the time it takes to grow the cells we have a VERY Limited Supply and we are NOT putting it on continuity subscription until our bio reactor is up in full force and can grow more cells faster to produce more liposomes in the media. So, the caveat is: If you want it at its lowest price and you want enough of it to last, buy it IN Quantity because its first come first served!

Like the many stem cell-based products I have released over the past 6 years this one will sell like hot cakes! So, don’t delay Save Your Skin Now!!!  And save Money Now!!!



A few weeks ago I told you about the largest study ever done with omega 3 fatty acid.

That study was funded and run by AARP and NIH and showed massive reductions in all diseases of aging including heart disease and cancer.

The same week the slightly modified form of EPA known as Vascepa reduced heart disease better than statins and with or without statins.

This week comes the inevitable back lash from the American Heart Association stating Fish oil no good for heart disease.

By now you should know the drill: use a low basically meaningless dose of Omega 3 to deliberately sabotage the results. Amusingly in this study there WAS a 28% reduction in heart disease end points but the study stated that Omega 3 supplementation did not meet the end points set in the study.

Gee that is about 4X fewer heart attacks than statins in the same group type of patients so I have to wonder what the “endpoint” really was!!

I won’t bludgeon you with more explanations you’ve seen it all before.

Simply put this study is TOTAL BS, misinformation and not worth the ink and paper it takes up.

But it should tell you there is an agenda here (as I have said before) to discredit Omega 3’s as useful for anything,. The beat will go on but its all fueled by Big Pharma money with complicity from the regulatory agency and paid scientists.

Paid to create BS- what a great job. I just don’t understand why people spend 8 years on a degree if that is all they are going to do with it.

Take your fish oil and don’t succumb to BS!


Reference: Vital Study

Ok I made a mistake!

I sent an email out this morning on what is about to become a holiday weekend and lots of people are going on vacation.

I was so excited about Stem Stim HF my new and truly remarkable hair restoration formula- derived from real stem cells- that I went ahead and launched.

A few hours later one person bought the first batch of the paltry 25 bottles we have.

Now that may sound abysmal but only 100 of my best customers got the email and not a whole lot of people opened it.

Until we sent out the second one!

Then WHAM it started selling like hot cakes!

This is a special product with special handling so I understand if some of you won’t be around immediately after Labor Day when we send it out on ICE ( yes frozen water!).

But if you are and you want the special introductory pricing of $250 Express mail postpaid and on ice you need to act now because with this burst of new interest the product will be gone by tomorrow.

If you need hair restoration act now.

Dr Dave

Ok I need your full attention for few minutes because stem cells are pretty close to Rocket Science and I don’t want to mislead or confuse you.

  1. Stem Stim HF is a real bona fide stem cell derived product- I am not just using the words “stem cell” to entice you. You may recall I have been involved in the field for 6 years now and you may have even visited me at the clinic in Guadalajara.
  2. Stem Stim HF is a very special product and requires very special handling, but first a description. This product contains the by products of stem cell expansion- the growth factors that stem cells secrete when they multiply. It is made by growing cells, removing them for other therapies, purifying the media with filters (200 micron and smaller) sterilizing it and then concentrating the biochemical messengers.
  3. Two Big Bottom Lines on #2- it’s expensive, and it is a bit more fragile than our regular products so it has to be shipped Express Mail on ice. Simple directions are included.
  4. #3 means YOU need to be there when it comes because it will shorten the half life and reduce the effectiveness if it gets warm. We ship express and the product should arrive to you and be immediately stored in your refrigerator.  It should be room temp or colder.  Depending on where you live it may still be frozen.
  5. #4 Means DON’T ORDER it if you are not going to be home or are on vacation!!!

And wait there is more.  You are getting this specific email because you are one of my Best Customers!

But we only have 25 bottles so its totally first come first served and NO Backorders at this time

Stem Stim HF is shipped in 30cc amber bottles with droppers already inserted. Each dropper holds about half a cc so the bottle should last you 6 weeks.

Most of our testers started seeing new hair growth at 3 weeks’ time with daily use.  All of them grew new hair even people who were totally bald*

It’s pretty amazing to see hair growing in spots where its been gone for over a decade.

Personally, I used it on my receding hair line and by the time I went for a hair cut I had bangs!  I have not had bangs since I was a teenager.

Additionally, I did not lose the new hair even when I stopped using it for a few months, so don’t worry too much about running out and not being able to reorder because I do plan on making more although it takes 6-8 weeks because we have to grow the cells and put in a ton of work to make the product.

The cost is $250/bottle which includes Express shipping on ice.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and yeah, it’s a vanity product not an absolute necessity like fish oil but man I love having hair.

I posted one of the before and after series on the product page. LOTS more to come!

Again: 25 bottles and we won’t have more until at least late October.  So, don’t dawdle, ACT NOW.

Oh yeah one of our women testers used it on her eyebrows and her scalp and had great results- just don’t get it in your eyes (you won’t grow the proverbial hairy eyeball but it’s a waste of the product!).

There is an FAQ page if you need more info.

But act now because again, its first come first served no backorders. You can order more than one bottle but at this point I can’t discount it more.  Its going to retail for more than this when we ramp up production.




*Since the FDA has certified hair growth products like minoxidil and Propecia I cannot and do not make a hair growth claims- I only tell you what I have seen in our testers.  Your results may be different and generally speaking, nothing works in everyone. As for totally bald users, what we have seen is new vellus hair, meaning you will not be a stand in for Planet of the Apes but you may see new short “baby hair” in the time frame of 3-6 weeks.  I honestly don’t know just how much hair growth will occur in bald people but I suspect it will take a long chronic usage. Since the product is fairly new (testing began in April) we don’t have a lot of long term experience yet. So far no one has had any side effects of any kind other than mild tingling scalp.

The product will only work on areas that have or have had hair follicles.  Bald spots from childhood, patchy beards that have never been full or continuous since youth will not respond.  Only places where hair follicles are or were present at one time in our experience.

Remember this product should be stored in the fridge. If you are not going to use it right away then freeze it and thaw it when you are.  Fridge shelf life is 4 to 6 months, in the freezer it’s 1 year+.

The product is manufactured in GMP ISO9001 facilities with a  class 5 Clean room. It is made under sterile conditions but is not packaged under sterile conditions. Bottom line TOPICAL USE only, don’t inject it!!!!!

Remember in spite of what I have seen personally and in the testers, we cannot guarantee or even make hair growth claims without running afoul of the FDA or FTC.  So this is not to be considered a hair growth drug!!!!




Dr. Dave doing resisted running with Raw Food and health Guru David Wolfe high above Guadalajara

Over the past 12 years of writing emails to you I have often included sample workouts that I do to stay fit on the road.

By far my favorite tool is the SuperBands. Bands are super portable so I carry 3 sometimes 4 different sizes all the way from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. This type of variety also lets me work out with other people who may be at different strength levels than I am that may be traveling with me. I am not always the strongest person in the bunch by far!

The other amazing thing is the total versatility of the Super Bands. You can do legs arms and tons of core work.  You can work out with a partner or just use a door way and the simple attachment that comes with every band.

OK now to the workout.

I am in Guadalajara right now and the day time temps are in the 90’s. But 18 floors up in the hotel there is a strong breeze that makes the heat and sun much more tolerable. What does not change is the 5300 foot altitude. You feel it very quickly even if you are in decent shape. This time one of my travel companions was a JC Santana alumnus so I knew I was in for a Class A butt kicking. We played tag your it which means each of us alternatively gets to choose the exercise.

Warm up  30 reps jumping jacks 30 reps crossing arms jumping jacks, then the Matrix ( see ihpfit.com for more on the matrix)

Then dynamic core work including band walking ( band over head in full extension with partner holding the band or band attached to  a railing or wall.

Next was band runs: Runner loops the band around his/her waist and other partner provides resistance by holding or looping band around their waste and running at a slower pace to provide band resistance. Again this can be done with the band anchored anywhere stable and the running can be full tilt or not.

Next was a non band exercise: mountain climbers and mountain climbers with arm to leg and leg to elbow touches. 20 reps of each which gives you 3 sets.

Then jump squats with 180 degree rotations. 20 reps 2 sets. Careful with this one if you get vertigo easily.

We then moved inside because the wind was so strong it was blowing our matts away. The next series can be done with or without matts but since we were touching knees to the ground in full lunges the matts were needed.

First is the lunge with punch . Lunge with one leg and punch with the opposite arm as you drop into the lunge. If you have tight hip flexors (quads or adductors) do not go down all the way with the lunge because the end point of the exercise is a big stretch with rotational ( torque) force on the hip joint. 10 reps each side.

After that step backwards and do a reverse lunge while pulling with the opposite hand.

In each case the partner provides the desired resistance or you tie the band off to a railing or wall.

The final band work was simple arms. Overhead presses 2 sets of 10 with the biggest band you can handle. Next shrugs and power cleans 2 sets of 10 with same band.

Finally 2 sets of 60 reps: Triceps extensions and biceps curls. You do these back to back with minimal rest and as fast as you can.

Then we cooled down with some ab work and stretching.  The total time of the workout was about 40 minutes with the actual band portion taking about 20.  Rest between sets were mostly 30 seconds with a rare 1 minute break.

This is clearly a metabolic circuit and would be classified as HIIT for sure.  I can only estimate the calorie burn but I’d say between 350 and 400 plus whatever else you get from the left over recovery period the rest of the day.

Not only is this a great way to shed weight and get general fitness it will shred you up for summer if you are looking for that “look”.

If you are having trouble with your appetite and weight control as the beach body days are getting closer don’t forget Energy X Maxx!  I am so glad to have it when I need it!



I have often said I think the real disease we are fighting is Aging. I think that heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes etc are the many faces of accelerated aging in human beings.

I have focused my current efforts and research on the regenerative potential of telomeres and telomerase  and stem cells.

While I do not believe any of our futures are fully predetermined I do have to pay attention to the sobering statistics we face as an aging society. After all these will be my future challenges as a doctor and a human being, just like you.

The number crunchers have a good news/bad news scenario for us. The good news is if you are reading this today you will probably outlive your parents by about 5 years.  The other good news is that as we live longer fewer of us will die of heart disease which is still the number one killer of Western civilization by far.

The bad news is there is no guarantee that our later years will be any healthier than what we are watching with our seniors now. In addition there will be far more of us and far less money to spend on our care. Finally Alzheimer’s and Cancer will replace heart disease at least to some degree as late age diseases.

So when people accuse me of “being speculative” or “pushing the data” on how to stay young I ask the simple question, “You got a better idea?”

There are a couple of areas that I am sure hold the key to much healthier and as a result longer more productive happy lives.

Telomeres are a key as is the enzyme telomerase . In cell cultures and animals telomerase activation extends both health span and life span.  And it does not increase the incidence of cancer.

Telomerase plays a key role in the aging of stem cells as well. Numerous experiments in the “age reversal” of adult cells into what are called iPSC have shown that telomerase is reset to a younger age functionally in these “de aged” stem cells.

Another critical area is the accumulated stem cell and genomic (DNA) damage that accumulates with aging. The recent study of the 115 year old woman, Hendrikje Van Andel-Schipper, showed 2 “surprising” findings. I put quotes around surprising because honestly neither of these things are surprising to any anti aging doc worth their salt. Still it is fabulous to see the correlation in the flesh so to speak and my immense gratitude to this lady for her contribution to science.

Ok what did they find that was so surprising?

They found that her genetic material (DNA) contains hundreds of mutations that would not be found in a normal human genome. This brings up a bunch of things but the most glaring is that we do not need perfect genomes to live a long time. This lady was mostly healthy until she died.

Next they found only 2 functional stem cells. Now that is really revolutionary. It means that stem cells die off like other cells do and that you can live with just a few left and still be healthy.

But it’s better not to have the damage and the stem cell exhaustion. I think that both can set you up for cancer and all of the other disease of aging. This lady truly may have “just been lucky” in that the random nature of this damage and stem cell exhaustion did not affect her longevity and health.

By the way it’s a good time for me to remind you that we strongly believe that telomerase activators work on stem cells as well.  I could say they have to or we would not have seen the results in the human studies. But that is not a scientific statement, rather a common sense one and science exists to disprove common sense!

Or to prove it as well.

Bottom line is not I nor you should be content with placing our faith in luck to live longer healthier more joyous lives. We should be proactive or we should shut up and accept our fate.

That choice is yours but I have chosen and I live every day of my life with the goal of joy and health.

I cannot say I will not get cancer.  I cannot say I will not get heart disease. But I can say I am much healthier than my parents at this age. And much stronger leaner and with a much younger outlook because of how I feel and what I do.

Protecting your DNA and lengthening your telomeres are not mutually exclusive.

All of the things I wrote about in the Immortality Edge and the new data I am collecting for the next book points to the essential nature telomeres and telomerase in the aging process.

Sometime in the near future I will show you the last 5 years of my telomere length measurements. Hint: they are better than ever!

Stay tuned and Stay Young!


I have been seeing several high profile clients in Mexico for stem cell therapy. In spite of their wealth they probably like you want to know if TA-65 is really “worth it”. Now some of them will simply do whatever I tell them and in some cases even the price of TA-65 is no object, but you’d be surprised how many people “bargain shop” for telomerase activators.

Along with that comes the lifestyle question. It usually goes like this, “Dr Ornish published a study that showed diet meditation and lifestyle changes lengthened telomeres and increased telomerase in men with low grade prostate cancer. Why can’t I just do that?”

Again the main reason for this is the “cost” of TA-65. I have to tell you I find it ironic that people are willing to spend half as much for something that has little if any proof that it works especially in real live people. That and their are other telomere supplements you can be taking advantage of!

So to answer the question, “Why can’t I just do that?” I think you SHOULD do that. And if that is all you can reasonably do it is far better than nothing.  This is especially true compared to people who will “just do what my parents did”.

I have no doubt that all of the lifestyle things we talked about in the Immortality Edge will slow telomere loss.  I also am sure that simple dietary and lifestyle changes will not change telomere length in the positive nor will they lengthen telomeres. If you want to know the scientific reasons why I am sure this is so it is because of my intimate knowledge of how telomeres and telomerase are measured.  The simple explanation is that real time telomerase measurements are fraught with error in live people as are QPCR telomere measurements both of which are the basis for the dietary claims and all of the “exercise” claims are based on.
Please rest assured that the research I am doing is attempting to really answer those questions along with the effects on stem cells but the answers are still dependent on measurement limitations.

So what measurements do work? Well if you recall the recent Mother of All Anti-Aging offer you saw my telomere measurements done in 3 different modalities ALL of which showed real significant improvement.

In addition I want to tell you another angle of inquiry. I am privy to watching a lot of bone marrow extractions in people who are on TA-65, those who are not and very recently someone who is on “something else like TA-65.

When I saw the bone marrow of the TA-65 user come out smoothly versus the sludge that came out of the other person I saw yet another example of why we should be glad we are on TA-65. Even more when we looked at the cellularity difference and the fat content of these various marrows it was clear we want to stay on TA-65.  Having a bone marrow that is young cellular and fat free is not something you are going to get with any amount of diet or exercise.


I wish it were otherwise because all we would have to do is “behave” and we would see youthing happen in our bodies.

The truth is neither of us can afford wishful thinking. Father Time does not respond to wishful thinking.

Father Time will only change the tune he has been singing since the dawn of man with real hard core action oriented intervention.

Otherwise you can expect pretty much the same things your parents got!



Part 3 – What we really know about exercise

The “What We Really Know About …” series has become quite popular so here is another installment on Exercise. If you want to read some background on this I suggest you check out my blog post, written almost exactly one year ago that compares aerobic versus interval exercise.

I need to repeat myself so you and I are on the same page. The answer to the “What is the Best Exercise” question is always going to be “it depends!”

Most of what I see advertised on TV and in local gyms focuses on 2 things” aesthetics also known these days as 6 pack abs, and weight loss usually known as “cardio interval training”. The things you should know is that the major factor in achieving either of these end results is not exercise, its diet. Sure exercise will help and you absolutely should do it, but done on its own with no dietary restrictions it will ultimately fail you. You may even find depending on what type of diet you are on you actually are hungrier and gain unwanted weight.

I suppose this is the dirty little secret the gym and fitness industry really don’t want you to know. Said in a more direct way: You can exercise a ton and get stronger and fitter and still look like crap and be overweight. I wish it wasn’t so but it really is.

Speaking of looking like crap- Enter the pudgy small round shouldered mid section rolled, upper body skinny, treadmill runnin’ middle aged man. He is usually slight of frame, has no real muscle mass, for some reason is often bald and frankly is usually my age but looks at least 10 years older.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I have had many smug conversations with myself about my superior knowledge about fitness and my superior results when on the treadmill next to “that guy”.

As usual when I make those kinds of judgments I wind up being the real fool in the room.
You see as I wrote last year in the blog above, Long Slow Distance (LSD) “Cardio” has made a comeback in recent months. Sure High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is still the darling of the gym industry but its star is fading under the cold light of reality. For those of you who know what EPOC is or the wonderful marketing term “after burn” it turns out the early studies way overestimated the actual number of calories you could get post exercise by doing HIIT. Like any good internet myth there are plenty of bloggers, trainers and fitness dilettantes still quoting those studies as “proof” of the superiority of HIIT over LSD.

I think HIIT is wonderful and if you are young enough and can recover fast enough to use it as primary training at least for a 4 to 6 week period you will indeed see some very rapid gains in overall fitness. But you probably won’t lose any extra weight unless you are also dieting!

So if HIIT is so great, where does LSD shine?

Well again it’s not weight loss and it’s not even 6 pack abs. As a matter of fact my middle aged pudgy non resistance trainin’ health nut described above is often the norm among runners. Just go down to your local running club and count the number of pudges versus 6 packs and you’ll see what I mean, especially in the middle aged crew.

LSD shines in blunting inflammation. Inflammation – that ugly ongoing uncontrolled imbalance so common in Western aging society and so intimately related to age related diseases and infirmities! Inflammation accelerates and exaggerates aging.

Turns out that of all types studied LSD (45 to 60 min 5 days a week at about 6 METS or 50% of your power output if you are on a bike or treadmill) is just what the doctor ordered to blunt that inflammation. Now add in your fish oil and slap on some calorie restriction and you’ve got a great combo for health, longevity, weight loss and even a 6 pack after a time!

Now LSD is NOT the BEST way to get the aesthetics or the weight loss. It’s not the fastest way to a lean beautiful body. Diet (Calorie Restriction and in my case Ketogenesis) and resistance training of a regular sort are “better” for that. But those things will not decrease the inflammation in your body. Neither will HIIT nor a whole grain based diet.

Like it or not a couple hours of LSD is probably the baseline for longevity.

Now when I see that pudgy middle aged guy spending an hour on the treadmill at 6 mph I do not feel so smug!

But I do still want to tell him to augment his efforts with weight loss and Omega 3’s!