Managing GI Problems on the Keto and Other Diets

Managing GI Problems on the Keto and Other Diets

The Keto diet continues to gain both popularity and scientific validation.

But some people do experience some issues.

The first thing to understand is the more you stick to eating “real foods” the less problems you are going to have with your tummy!

“Keto Friendly” foods are often full of sugar alcohols as sweeteners. These are not considered “artificial” because they are usually derived from plant bases. But they are not absorbable which can lead to some bloating, gas, and a change in bowel habits.

Again, minimizing consumption of so-called Keto friendly foods may be the only think you need to do. Our book The Keto Edge is full of diverse recipes that allow you to reduce carb consumption while still eating a wide variety of healthy foods.

Keto Gen is a form of Beta Hydroxy Butyrate that is invaluable for inducing ketosis fast, suppressing appetite and losing weight!

But it is like all products of this type – a salt (not the kind that is contradicted in high blood pressure!).

As such it will help pull of the water weight that comes from excess glycogen stores (sugar in the muscles!). This can lead to faster bowel transit times and looser than normal bowel movements but this is not always the case. There are a lot of people out there who actually value this action in regulating their bowel habits as well as the way it helps get you into ketosis.

Finally, and this is the “red herring” for many people. Any change in eating habits, whether its keto or vegetarian diets will change the gut microbiome.

A change in the microbiome almost always means a change in bowel habits! Be advised this is independent of dietary choices unless you go high protein.

To help regulate these changes and minimize the effects of ANY dietary changes I recommend our wonder complete Pre and Probiotic.

You will be shocked at how fast it helped me correct this problem*

In this world of food additives and strange chemicals in the food chain (and the supply chain lol) a Probiotic may be just what you need to stay regular and comfortable!

Here’s to both!

Dr Dave

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