This Combo Could Attack an Epidemic

When you are dealing with the alphabet agencies like the FDA and the FTC you have to be very careful about what you say.  So up front right here and right now-everything I am about to tell you is not approved by either above agency or any agency for that matter.  Nothing I tell you here has been proven to impact, cure, mitigate or diagnose any disease.

OK with that out of the way, many people are walking around about to become diabetic. WE have an epidemic of diabetes, just like an epidemic of obesity, hypertension, cancer and so on.  It is an age-related epidemic in the sense that your chances of getting it go up with each year statistically.

But there are plenty of not so old people and even more and more young people running around with diabetes.

About 70% of these people will go through a phase known as pre-diabetes and this is an Epidemic as well- affecting millions of people.  But no one including the alphabet agencies has called it a disease. It’s referred to as a “concept” or a “condition” and therefore legally should fall out of the realm of rules that apply to disease.  This is a fancy way of saying I can actually say more about it.

Now the usual things would apply for reversing this “concept” and they do seem to work to cure this condition in some cases.

That would be: regularly scheduled cardiovascular exercise and weight management.  If you read my recent stuff on sleep deprivation you might suspect sleep disruption has something to do with it as well. That product is still on Special Introductory Sale Price

I have long written to you about the ravages of diabetes but we’ve never talked all that much about pre-diabetes and supplementation.

You might suspect that my amazing Sugar Balance Support Formula (SBSF) would be an excellent addition.

What you might not know is that Co Q is also implicated seriously implicated in pre-diabetes as well.


For that reason, and because we now have now have an epidemic of pre-diabetes epidemic..

I have created the Sugar Support Bundle which combines both of these products, Sugar Balance Support Formula, and Mito QE at a huge discount.

Don’t let high sugar lay you low!!!!


Live Just A Little Longer and They Promise You’ll Be A Victim of This!!!

Just about a month ago I introduced my long-awaited Sugar Balance Support Formula (SBSF).

But it was a little sneaky in the sense that we stuck the introduction in the middle of our big Christmas Flash Sale and without much fanfare. In addition, it was only available on continuity because of the limited quantity we had on hand.

We now know exactly how much we need for our subscription customers so we can now offer it with confidence to you if you wanted to try just one bottle or subscribe for that matter.

So today we do the old school intro like in days of yore- one bottle or more at a time at a discounted price.

It’s hard for me to assign an “importance factor” to any of my Longevity Edge Products since they are all designed with one thing in mind- giving you the best chance a longer healthier living.

But if there was one product that transcends the “vitamin and supplement” category into a “must have” supplement for EVERYONE, It’s SBSF.

This fact was rammed home on a recent visit to northern Florida to visit some older friends.

This “beachfront retirement” community was a scary reminder of what awaits us if we follow the rules.

I was surrounded by overweight diabetic people who were slowing down even at the ripe young edge of 70!

Insulin, metformin and obesity abounded. It was a sad testimonial to traditional medical care.

Oh yeah and don’t forget, anything over 100 for a fasting blood sugar and you are pre-diabetic- headed for the doom of diabetes (especially if you stay on a traditional low fat high carb diet.

And your blood pressure must be less than 130/90 or you are hypertensive. And your cholesterol less than 200. I promise you all those numbers will get lower and lower soon.

The only good thing to come out of this is a slight leaning towards what I termed “A unified theory of disease” where vascular inflammation plays the major role.

So, if you are diabetic or one of the 40 million+ pre-diabetics or frankly if you are over 35 and alive you better do something right now.

Enter SBSF, my answer to supporting the control of normal blood sugar.

Now remember I can’t say it actually works to lower blood sugar or there is an orange jump suit and a huge fine already in an envelope at one of our wonderful alphabet agencies already addressed to me.

But you can look at what is in it and realize there is solid data for the ingredients including goat’s rue, the traditional source for the darling of all anti-aging doctors and diabetes specialists alike- metformin.

That is all I am going to say about the ingredients.

But I want to impress upon you one more time- Something Evil Comes this Way for Far Too Many of us who are over 40.

It’s called diabetes and no one in traditional medicine has a clue how to prevent it so its gone the way of cancer- you are just supposed to accept it and expect it, especially if you live long enough!

Like all illnesses there is a critical tipping point where run way can be bought maybe even infinite run way. Diabetes does not start with high sugar or even pre-diabetic sugar. It starts before hand and before we can diagnose it.

There are many people who have written books on how to cure Type 2 diabetes but until our society at large decides to challenge the diet and health routines we have in place more millions will get diabetes.

I think you can and should do something about it but that is not a medical opinion- it’s a personal one. Since my goal is to help you live longer and better I would almost beg you and I mean it- to get on SBSF before you become diabetic*.

You have the chance to save on this must have essential supplement for the next 48 hours or until we hit stock out status.

Even if you don’t take anything else I make- this one should be an essential daily for you if you are over 40. Don’t bend to victim-hood!

With heart felt urgency!


Dr. Dave

*I can make no claims to treat, prevent, diagnose or mitigate any disease including diabetes until such time as an FDA approved randomized clinical trial has been done with my product. As a matter of fact no one knows exactly how many trials the FDA and FTC require but its more than any vitamin company could possibly afford to do. None the less please head the warnings on this product concerning its use with prescription drugs to lower blood sugar- and if you are diabetic only use this product with the approval of your doctor and be sure to monitor your sugar more frequently in case you miraculously find it works.

The Missing Link to Total Health, A Billion Holiday Guests You Can’t Do Without!!

I am guessing you might have overindulged a bit in the past week.

It’s pretty common and not always bad, especially for the soul.

Let’s face it the human body is a delicate system that works on homeostasis- basically trying to keep things the same within a narrow range.

But, when you go off the wagon and get out of you specific usual habits your gut takes a pounding- specifically your microbiome.

The microbiome is billions of helpful “guest” bacteria in your gut that serve as immune defense as well as energy generation.

There is that word energy again!  Did you know that the bacteria in your gut can and do produce at least 20% of the calories you take in?  These little friends take what you give them and produce something called short chain fatty acids or SFA.  SFA are immediately put into the food chain by some other little friends called mitochondria. If you are not sure what they are have a look at MitoQE.

Now without getting too far into the science of fat understand this:  The mitochondria are critical for energy production. SFA are like baby food for the mitochondria.  When people get Chronic Fatigue and its various related syndromes, it may well be related to problems with what kind of bacteria are in the gut.

Since I have pinned so many illnesses on mitochondrial dysfunction, and its contribution to aging it stands to reason that the Anti-Aging side of me would want to do something about the microbiome.

Well, here it is!!!

Introducing Pro Life Ultra PB, a combination pro and pre-biotic with patented Bio-Tract delivery system. Finally, a high quality probiotic that I’m proud to put my name on.

Ok let’s get to the guts of this new product so to speak.

First, you want healthy bacteria to balance out the microbiome.  It is actually common especially during periods of getting out of our dietary routines, like the holidays. So, I’ve included all the best of the best bacterial colonies you need to maintain that balance.

There is also a huge role in your immunity with the microbiome. Many auto immune illnesses including things like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are thought to have a component of dysfunctional microbiome.

And we haven’t even touched on its role in determining body weight and body fat!

Also, you may remember from previous years and previous writings the role of immunity and aging. Again, without going into detail immunity is a critical part of healthy aging and the loss of a robust immune response is thought to be at the root of many of the diseases of aging including infections and cancer.

Now to the specifics of Pro Life Ultra PB and why its not just a run of the mill probiotic.

In addition to the great choice of healthy bacteria we include a Pre-Biotic to help with absorption digestion and care and feeding of the healthy bacterial colonies.

And, Pro Life Ultra PB is stomach acid protected so it gets past all that acid right into the small and large intestine where it belongs. We use a proven patented system known as Bio Tract (TM) to avoid the huge problem of stomach hydrochloric acid which destroys so many other probiotics.

I can’t think of a better way to end this year and kick of the New Year than giving your gut the break it needs and maximizing the healthy microbiome and its enhanced absorption for all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins you are already taking, especially over the holidays LOL!

And its special priced to match our recent Holiday Flash Sale.  Now there is ONE BIG CATCH so read carefully.  The product is actually not yet in our warehouse! As a matter of fact, it is being shipped there as we speak so technically this is a pre-order and the special pricing reflects that.  Allow us about 2 weeks (conservatively) to get it to your door.

The price will go up when its actually in stock so act now and order now to get what just might be the missing link to your health*

Happy New Year!!!

Dr. Dave

*PS  A Lot of People have already asked, “What took you so long!?” after all pro and pre-biotics have been around for a couple of years now and everyone knows how important they are.

Here is the answer:  I have attended many conferences on Anti-Aging, Functional Medicine, Alternative Medicine, and even supplement design but I have not been satisfied we knew enough to create an effective probiotic until now. Frankly we knew far more about mouse microbiome and other lab animals than we did about human.  Many of the products you see out there now are based on that information.  After all the human data took a long time to come in since, people live in different geographic areas and eat totally different diets assuming that mouse or lab animal information is relevant is a mistake. As of just a few months ago we can finally say what is “normal” and what is pathogenic in both type and quantity of the microbiome.  This product is a reflection of that new information!


The Food Nutrient Exercise Axis of Aging and Flash Sale Update

OK today we take a short break before bringing you some more flash deals but I will mention one product you should have; horrendous diet. It’s not on sale but its inexpensive and packed full of direct practical advice that bears on pretty much everything I’ve said during the MEB sale and will say in today’s email.

There is no doubt that tons of science supports the interplay between food choices, calorie choices, and exercise choices and “successful aging”.

Let’s define successful aging as more years of life AND more life in those years.

I have been seeing a google news alert that quotes a famous scientist as saying, “You can’t extend your life”. What nonsense. Life spans have been getting longer for over a decade now albeit slowly. But most people really don’t want to talk about more years. Many add immediately, “What’s the point of living longer if you are not healthy?” Duh!!!!

That kind of thinking goes right along with the “you can’t live longer” mentality.

Actually, its fine by me. I am not exactly interested in having those people that chose not to be around or healthy be here longer either!

But it is a choice.

Lot’s of people would just as soon look great, feel great, do great and enjoy their lives. The good news is that all this scientific gobbled gook will help you achieve just that- so here goes!

I want to harp one more time on the role of the Mitochondria in aging, even though at this moment that part of the sale is over. I hope you didn’t miss it!

I said a while back (2012 to be exact) that I consider the epigenome to be the interface between the environment and your genes. For our purposes the epigenome is that “stuff around the DNA” and is responsible for deciding which genes are turned on and which ones are turned off.

Pretty important stuff and a major player in how well you age.

The bulk of aging and age-related disease including possibly cancer is determined by mitochondria health not always genetic health. This is the reason we have so many uncured diseases today- we’ve not paid enough attention to the role of mitochondrial health.

These powerhouses not only supply the energy for what helps us stay young active and virile (and yes looking and feeling good!) they also determine in a big way how inflamed our cells are and how much damage that inflammation does.

So, in summary:

  • They directly and indirectly affect the aging process via things like telomeres and even mutation rate.
  • They directly and indirectly determine how much energy we have to use for what we want and what keeps us healthy versus lost energy, free radical oxidation and heat (think cancer and thermal imaging!)
  • They directly and indirectly talk to our genes along with other mechanisms turning them on and turning them off.
    Frankly I could write a book on just those 3 sentences but I’d rather make supplements to maximize and optimize the consequences of mitochondrial biology.

That is what the Mitochondrial Energy Bundle was about.

If you missed it let our dear Bailey in customer service know and maybe, just maybe I’’ bring it back for a day.

It’s that important.

In the meantime, Monday will have something new for you to save on.

And here is a quick update on what the next couple of months hold:

My new Sleep Formula
My new Male Enhancement Formula
My new Telomere Support Formula
My new Ketogenic Formula

They could hit anytime but I will not talk about them more until they have a specific production date. You may here about at least one of them in the next week so stay tuned!

‘Nuff Said.

Keep the Holiday Youthful Spirit!



How Is Your Holiday Nutrition?

After having spent about 7 hours in the kitchen on Thursday making the “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner I wondered how you did it! Did you cook, or did you visit?

I thought I might share some thoughts and a few recipes as well since its so very easy to do poorly with our eating and our choices over the holidays.

First a couple of rules for me:

1) I make doubly sure I take at least 6 fish oil that day because I know there are going to be more Omega 6 inflammatory fats in the diet that day.

2) If you were EVER going to take a multi to make up for the gaps in the nutritional value of the food you are going to eat now is the time! You and I have both heard the varying degrees of lack of nutrition in the food we eat but a conservative estimate is 50% less than 70 years ago due to the way soil is treated. Sadly buying organic does not absolve us from this problem!

3) Make sure you get at least your routine exercise!

4) A longer fast than usual is best on the Holiday day itself. Personally I did not start eating on Thanksgiving until late in the day leaving a good 18 hours without food.

You won’t die! And believe it or not once you get past your usual preprogrammed time to eat you will find you are less hungry not more- that is until you actually begin to eat and then you will really enjoy it.

OK so here are few other notes from the table:

In general we kept carbs lower than the recipes called for either doing without sugar or substituting Truvia or Stevia for the sweet.

The turkey was hormone free, free range and the sausage (used for the stuffing) was also no nitrate non cured. You can use similar bacon for a substitute if you have trouble finding this type of sausage locally.

The turkey was rubbed (separating the skin from the meat) with a mixture of free range butter thyme rosemary, and olive oil and roasted at 400F until hitting 155 internally at the thigh.

The stuffing was a traditional bread stuffing but the bread was cut in half and the bulk of this stuffing was filled with sausage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and red onion baked at 400 with the turkey but for a shorter period of time so it went in a bit later.

Salad was torn endive, moderately toasted previously raw walnuts, shelled hazelnuts (easy on these they are high in Omega 6), Macoun apple slices and pomegranate arils. Dressing was buttermilk, olive oil based mayo, chives, and a little lemon rind.

All pretty simple but requiring a fair amount of prep.

And yes, I took my multis with the meal on this day.

I don’t think a rare indulgence is a problem especially if you cover your bases!

Oh Yeah finally, several of my readers have been asking about a sale and when it might be.

There is no question we are going to have an “event” but it is going to be a little different this year mainly because so many people have usurped my ideas that we are due for a change.

The how and when of it is a secret to discourage the copycats as is the structure, but it will not be just like before that is for sure. It will also not be “like what everyone else is doing”!

You should know by now that I am anything but typical!

Bottom line: stay tuned and pay attention to the emails because that is where all will be revealed!

Enjoy the Holidays!

Dr. Dave


Days of Future Past- The Ketogenic Diet Part 2

Dear Friend,

If you are brand new to the site and my writing you might be interested in knowing I started online in 2002.  Since that time I have sent out over 17,000 informational emails, over 6000 blogs and long before it “took” dozens of Podcasts.

Some of what I wrote is comical to read now and some of it is, well, sorely in need of updating, because things DO change!

But some of it is spot on and if anything “more true” than ever.

Back in 2012 I started writing about high fat low carb diets known also as Ketogenic Diets.  When it was all said and done there were 14 very info packed blogs on the topic containing some very personal information.

Now that Keto is big business and all the usual suspects have joined in I thought you might enjoy reading some of the original series.  I have only published one of the 14 so far but today that changes and number 2 comes out!

Click here to read the second post!

I will be re doing and re sending the rest over the next few weeks but each one builds upon the other.

Oh yeah!  One thing I should also mention, these are totally informational and do not pitch any products, so make sure you stock up on your fish oil !

Why We Get Fat and the World’s Best Diet

I am taking a short break and stepping off my telomere / fish oil soap box to revisit a topic that in the past was a big favorite: diet and obesity.

As I mentioned in my last blog my descent and resurrection from obesity is graphically detailed on when I revisit the best kind of exercise.

My own journey to getting fat is actually pretty typical at least in terms of reasons why.

Those reasons are: significant and sudden decrease in activity, complete abandonment of any dietary restrictions in terms of my food choices, and finally lack of concern over how many calories I took in.  Briefly this was supposed to be an experiment to prove that Ultra Strength Fat Furnace worked and sped up weight loss.  I was going to gain 15 pounds and then hit the brakes and reverse it in a few weeks by reinstating my life style and adding the supplement I had created. I stopped all of my supplements during this time and man was it easy to pack on the pounds. The unplanned part happened when I developed and acute appendicitis and added 6 more weeks of inactivity and another 35 pounds to the weight loss tally.

A few months and 50 pounds less later I learned a couple of very important things I want to share with you about why we get fat and the world’s best diet to lose that fat.

The specific reasons I gave you above are the reason most people get fat. Once again they are:

  • Too many calories in.
  • Too few calories out.
  • Not enough physical activity.
  • The wrong choices of food.

The first 3 are undeniable and pretty much everybody knows this.  But the last one is really a sticking point.

Our diets are loaded with inflammatory food choices. By that I mean foods that tilt the balance of our immune system towards inflammation and cause havoc over time with our health.  But they also set up a kind of chain reaction where inflammation begets more inflammation and now you have a cycle that reinforces itself.  That is much harder to do once that cycle is established than it is to nip it in the bud.

At the same time our diets are loaded with carbs and sugar. Notice I am not distinguishing between simple and complex carbs anymore.  I am saying ALL carbs. Now I can hear the dieticians in the audience grumbling about my obvious “mistake” and oversight but I am very deliberate.

I think the best diet for rapid weight loss and overall health is a diet (e.g. reduced calories!) that leads to ketosis in your body.  You can call it a ketogenic diet if you like.  I think the biggest benefits are seen by the combination of ketosis and dietary energy reduction (DER). Some people would call that “calorie restriction” but I do not want to invoke all the baggage that comes with that term.  My recent sojourn to Wiaken Ranch in Joseph Oregon with OMD Dr Laurel Sander has reinforced that.  Seven days of juice (again some people would call that a “juice fast” and a daily calorie intake of about 50% my usual was easy to maintain and resulted in rapid weight loss of about 7 pounds. And it has stayed off because my appetite has stayed under control.

So if you like Carbs are the enemy. Simple carbs much more so than complex and fruits much more so than vegetables and sugared fruits and juices (ever wonder how they get cranberries to taste sweet?!).  In a month or so I will tackle a seven day water fast and let you know how that goes.

Anything that rapidly cranks up your insulin levels is a bad thing for your weight and your health. Be particularly wary of the “whole grain” agenda. There are a ton of reasons why I am not a grain fan but for our purposes today it’s because they tend to be loaded with calories even in small portions.

The things I really want to stress here are the following: Sugar is indeed addictive and sugary food choices including sweet fruits can sabotage your appetite control. You will get hungry by eating carbs in excess of 20 or so grams a day and this will make dieting miserable, exhausting and most likely, a failure.

I have always found that by day 3 or so of a really low carb ketogenic diet I have a lot of energy even with DER.

So is this the best diet in the world?  Just like my last blog the answer is “It depends”.

I think it is the best one to induce fairly rapid weight loss and long term recognition of your eating “habits”. Eating by routine instead of hunger fuels most of our “waist lines”. It will also teach you how sneaky and pervasive sugar and carbs that easily go to sugar are at getting you to lose control of food choices, portion control and your will power. Carbs and insulin are the enemy and sugars are far more addictive for some of us than we realize.

Finally it will teach you a huge lesson: most of us eat too much! Plain and simple.*

With those lessons you will gain insight into your body and how it works that will help you in ways you never dreamed of and give you a new sense of control over your life.

But as a long term diet I think its too easy to get into vitamin deficiencies if you are not careful. If you decide to do this make sure you take your supplements .

Either way its time to take control of your weight and your life. Let’s make 2014 that year!


*I am referring to middle aged adults here because that is the “most of us” that is interested in staying younger. On a side note 10 years ago I carried 235 lbs of mostly muscle around. Nowadays its more like 195 with a similar body composition. I think being leaner as you age is just much healthier. And it will keep you from being “one of the many”. When I walk around in the company of guys my age with the huge guts, crappy posture and fat faces I feel like one of us is not human!

Weird Questions I Have Been Asked About Food

I get asked for advice on everything it seems. I am not sure if it is my generally approachable personality, or some weird glow some people see that makes them think I know everything. The following are some of the things that people believe and ask me for input, that I actually do know the answer to.

1) Doc, is it true everything you eat after 8 PM turns to fat?

Answer: Not really! It is more a question of what you eat, than when you eat it.  Most of our hormone and metabolic sequences are left over from our Paleolithic development food choices. This means that after dark, our natural cycle is to anticipate sleep and not to load up with a big meal. Then again, Paleo man did not have McDonalds or Donut World either. Nor did he have electric lights.

So we’ve been messing with our cycles for a long time. That said, our body takes a 24 hour view to fat storage, and in the end, it’s
calories in versus activity levels. The relative contributions of when you eat are far less impactful.

2) Raw oysters are an aphrodisiac – right, Doc?!  

Dr Dave:  Right!  Actually this one does have some basis in reality.  Uncooked oysters are rich in rare neurotransmitting amino acids like NDMA and D Aspartic acid (no, this is not aspartame!).  Both trigger sex hormone secretion in males and females.  Now the data is in rats, not humans but the rat brain is surprisingly close to the human brain, so it’s not that big a stretch.

3) Is Acne caused by a diet high in greasy food and chocolate?

Dr Dave: Yes, to the greasy food primarily due to the inflammatory effects of TRANS hydrogenated fats (manmade!), but no to the
chocolate, at least not if it’s a high quality chocolate loaded with antioxidants.

4) Can Grapefruit, pineapple and other highly acidic fruits stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight?

Dr Dave: Sorry, no enchilada. These are highly nutritious foods, but the actual diets that center on these foods are seriously calorie restricted. That is what gets you thinner.

5) Should you feed a cold and starve a fever?  

Dr Dave: Believe it or not, this one might be true, although no one is quite sure why it works. The most important thing in febrile illnesses is to stay hydrated, so drinking plenty of fluids, including chicken soup, is probably a good remedy. Now, for the really weird factoid: chicken soup seems to block the migration of inflammatory white cells to the mucus membranes of the nose and mouth by some unknown mechanism. It does so without blunting the rest of the immune response, so it does not make your immune system weaker; it just kinda goes where you need it. Frankly, I am surprised Big Pharma doesn’t have a prescription version of chicken soup for sale!

Remember this: Flu season is right around the corner and this one unlikely likely thing has gotten unexpected results.

I would urge you to get on a daily dose of this, especially if you’ve decided not to take the flu shot.

Take Care and Stay Healthy!

Dr Dave

Mastering Metabolism

It’s been an interesting month from the metabolic stand point. Two major events have come to light that are very much game changers.

The first you may have noticed.

It is the shift away from low fat diets to high fat low carb diets. Now this may seem like nothing new because low fat diets have been panned in the Alternative Medicine community for several years now. But no one had the cajones to come out and say eat high fat. Least of all traditional medical authorities.

That has changed as several major figures have adopted the high fat low carb approach. For those of you who remember the 14 blog series I wrote a few years back on ketogenic diets that info has disappeared from the internet for all intents and purposes because of the events of the past year. However, don’t worry I will update it a bit and bring it back soon in a new format.
Now experience has taught me that every time you prove traditional power holders “wrong”, in this case the allopathic medical establishment and its brothers Big Pharma, Big Food and of course the insurance companies, you get a back lash that is “founded in true science”!

That means sponsored studies to discredit whatever is trending in the general public that might be threatening the status quo of our health care system.

And history has taught me that especially with diets things change back and forth almost as fast as they do with fish oil studies.

Speaking of fish oil, did you know that fish oil is one of the most potent ways to lower your triglycerides?

Did you know that triglycerides are now considered independent predictors of heart disease in some populations. Did you know they are inflammatory when they rise past certain levels and that generally speaking lower is better? Did you know that fatty liver from excess triglycerides is the number one cause of liver toxicity and cirrhosis today?

It is not wrong to call it a new epidemic.

Now traditional allopathic medicine and all power holders will tell you you must use prescription fish oil only to lower your triglycerides and improve the health of your metabolism. I will tell you to go to pub med and find out whether that is true or not since there are numerous studies with all kinds of fish oils there. It is true that ultra potent Omega 3 fish oils are probably the best for this.

It is also true that in order to increase potency you must increase purity as well. Trust me that is a good thing.
Here is a good thing.

My product is unique in potency, purity and formulation.

Accept nothing less for YOUR body!


Why You Might Need a Multi Vitamin!!!

There are several angles where using a multi vite has proven beneficial.

As an anti-aging doc who concentrates on telomere length as a biomarker of potential health span and longevity. There were 2 big studies that linked vitamin and mineral consumption with telomere length.

The first was a Chinese study that included things like Vitamin D and Green Tea, both of which are components in Young Life Daily.

The next was a fairly famous U.S. based study called NHANES. Now like all government sponsored studies NHANES is no friend to the supplement industry but they could not deny the positive effect on telomere length with multiple nutrients!

I suspect it was also a decent study because of the size and the reporting of negative conclusions such as fiber consumption does nothing for colon cancer and vegetable consumption has only a marginal effect on specific cancers, not cancers as a whole. These findings are not within the current agenda of the ADA or any other major allopathic institution any more than high fat ketogenic diets are!

And yet they were reported without bias.

There are also many many studies on vitamin consumption and stem cell behavior, specifically cancer stem cells.
And then there is the potential treatment and prevention of disease.

Finally add to this the nutrient poor toxin rich soils we tend to grow our food in and frankly it points to a simple statement: You’d be crazy NOT to take a multi vite!

My newest product is just that! A purpose built anti-aging multi to shore up what lacks you may have as a result of all the above factors!

It will never cost you less to put up a fight against aging!


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