Did YOU ever count Calories?

And if you did, did it give you the weight loss or diet results you were looking for?

Truth be told I did this many times over many years and it never ever helped with weight  management. I will admit that for a small percentage of people it is actually necessary because otherwise they would truly be clueless as to how much they eat.

But for most of us its a complete waste of time! Here’s why!

When you look up the calorie content of something you are getting the results of what happens when you blow that food up (literally) in a container called a bomb calorimeter. The amount of heat generated is measured and translated into calories which is in itself a measure of heat energy.

If this already sounds a bit inaccurate, you get the Gold Star!

Your body digests things – it does not blow them up!

In order to digest them

We are populated with billions of tiny helpful gut bacteria known as the microbiome.

This microbiome is responsible for many things in our body, one of which is helping us properly digest our food. As a matter of fact it’s responsible for around 30% of the calories we take in. That’s right!!! It’s not the food, it’s the bugs!!!

Our microbiome takes a lot of what we eat and digests it for us releasing what are called short chain fatty acids. These are like baby food for our cells, specifically the mitochondria- the cell power houses.

A poorly performing microbiome can affect your weight, your energy levels, and even your hormone levels. It can contribute to unwanted weight gain for sure!

I have designed a purpose built all encompassing Microbiome support supplement called Pro Life Ultra PB.

It has a special release system that other probiotics don’t use. This system protects the bacteria so they get exactly where they need to be, and a pre-biotic to feed them once they get there. After all, if they are destroyed before getting where they need to be, they can’t do you any good!

This unique product can really help your digestive health and all of the things that are tied to it.

Don’t neglect your gut!!!! Order today and feel better tomorrow.


Dr Dave

Ok since specials are popular here is one for the AGES.  Specifically one for your age and helping to keep you healthy while it happens!  I am offering a one-time  free bottle of Sweet Sleep Z to anyone who signs up for 3 months of our Pro Life Ultra PB probiotic/prebiotic combo.

The probiotic is something you will want to stay on for a bunch of reasons including gut health “support”, and getting the most out of the nutrients and supplements you eat/consume.

Nothing supports healthy digestion and absorption better!

Now you may be thinking, “OK I get the probiotic, but I am not sure about the sleep thing!”

Think about the past year.  Odds are there were a bunch of occasions when you could have used an all-natural, non-habit forming, non-drug sleep support aid to get a restful night’s sleep. Now read on and learn a bit more about:

Sleep and the Gut- the Brain to Brain connection

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As a male I have to be careful about talking about the “second brain” lest I be misinterpreted.  For our purposes today, we’ll call the first brain the one inside your skull and the second one your gut!

Now it may be a bit of a stretch to connect the two but you may be surprised at the relationship.

First there are a whole host of holisticky terms for the aging dysfunction of the gut.

The one you are likely to hear about most goes by the term “leaky gut syndrome”.  The word syndrome is a tip off. It basically means there is not a clear single definition or a clear single treatment.  It also usually means a very wide spread and nonspecific batch of symptoms that are not usually useful to your doctor since they point in numerous different directions.

Antibiotic use (and according to the leaky gut web sites this means any, ever, at any time for any reason justified or not).

Things like ADD, Carb Craving, fatigue, arthritis and or joint pain are typical of the protean symptoms of leaky gut. The prevalence of a batch of other symptoms actually related to the gut in the complete absence of any diagnosable abnormality often leads to physician/patient frustration and the all too common article on someone health blog stating that “finally I figured out what the doctors couldn’t- I have Leaky Gut!”.

Pathophysiologically leaky gut is caused by damage (and inflammation) to the intestinal cell adhesion points that then allows particles from gut bacteria (ingested and or already part of your microbiome) to get into the bloodstream and cause low grade chronic inflammation.  Said inflammation can then cause problems in the nervous resulting in “brain fog” and fatigue and sleep disturbances.

It’s also suggested that via hormonal mechanisms poor sleep habits can cause or exacerbate leaky gut.

So, this is our first brain gut connection.

The second is caused by neuro toxic microbiome metabolites.  That is a mouthful but here’s how it works.  If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while you know that the gut bacteria provide at least 20% of our calories by producing short chain fatty acids and other metabolites.

This is one of the reasons why calorie counting and different diets seem to yield different results.  Simply put it’s the REAL reason why what I said 12 years ago “Calories are Calories” is fundamentally incorrect.  The different types of bacteria yield different metabolites with different calorie content!

Now the next part of the story is NOT a stretch.

If you have the wrong kind of bacteria (or maybe even just disrupted sleep!) you can produce the wrong kind of metabolites or too much of one kind or another.

The result is toxicity to your brain and nervous system.  Now this is not the kind that will kill you, at least not right away.  But research suggests (see below) it is possible to have brain gut linked dysfunctions that impair your neuro cognitive (brain function!) ability.

I need all of that I can get on a daily basis and I suspect so do you!

So that is the reason I’ve decided to offer the special buy 3 get one free special as detailed above.

Remember this is a one time offer so take advantage now!


Dr Dave (DD)



Suggested reading:

J Med Food. 2014 Dec;17(12):1261-72. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2014.7000.

The gut microbiome and the brain.

I’m not sure if you’ve even keeping up with my extensive travel schedule

But you might see the gorgeous scenery shot I sent you. That is one of the many rivers in this area of Costa Rica known as Rio Chirripo or on a larger scale simply “Rivas” for the seemingly endless rivers of pure clean water that flow off the mountain.

But even in this kind of environment there are challenges for your gut bacteria so it got me to thinking I hound share another of my ‘travel secrets” with you.
This one centers around taking care of your microbiome.

No matter what your travel environment things are always different “elsewhere” and your gut could stand a little help. That pure clean water you see has a different mix of bacteria that may not exactly match and support your own microbiome. Now understand I am not talking about pathogens although no one has ever proven you can’t beat back infections with a healthy well populated gut!!!

So that’s the water now what about the food?!

Chances are when you travel your diet changes and not always for the better.

I have been “forced” by circumstances to eat more of a Vegetarian diet and I can already see a little roll of fat accumulating around my belly!!! But I mean isn’t fruit and vegetables healthy?!

I have no beef with vegetables whatsoever (get it?!) but this morning’s “healthy‘ breakfast started with a large offering of ultra ripe super sweet papaya, watermelon and kiwi fruit which I declined other than a small mouthful to confirm my suspicions-pure sugar.

The next healthy items were pineapple bread, banana jam, blackberry jam, margarine (nope not butter!) and non gluten free bread.

Next was granola with plenty of raisins and added sugar no doubt.

The sad part is this is considered healthy in lots of places around the world even though it’s PURE SUGAR and Carbs!!!!

When the omelette came I tasted it to make sure there was not sugar or syrup added and ordered a double.

Still since the main fare is vegetarian the lack of dairy and meat has changed my microbiome and certain other habits which I’ll leave to your imagination-in a way that I would not call “good”.

Once I added Pro Life PB.

Now if you are like me you try to take only essentials along on trips.

Pro Life PB is one you should take on every trip.

Consistency isn’t optional when it comes to healthy routines- its essential!!!!


From the Jungles and mountains of Costa Rica-


Dr Dave

As I enter my first 200 hour Yoga teacher training..

There are 2 things I know I am going to need for sure- lubrication and stamina!

Obviously this is a big load on joints and connective tissue, that’s the lubrication part. I know of know no better, safer way to lubricate the body than Omega 3 fish oil.

Fat, especially essential fat is such a critical element in all areas of the body but joint health has to be up there in the top 3 for sure. The other thing a lot of people miss is the role of Fish Ol in controlling inflammation. I can guarantee you the fine balance between too much and too little inflammation in YOUR body is one of the big keys to aging successfully and preventing long term damage from activity.

Now what about stamina?

I have detailed the effects of my buffered ATP compound EnergyX Maxx in many emails to you but here is a brief recap:

It took approximately 4 weeks of regular usage to see the benefits but at that point some rather dramatic improvements in speed, stamina and strength started coming in.

I eventually knocked over a minute off my mile times and 6 minutes off of my 10 K (over about 5 months with consistent training). Most of my lifts increased by 15-20% over baseline in that same time frame (baseless being defined as where I was with training at the time, of course I wasn’t starting from scratch!). Coupled with eating Keto this led to some amazing aesthetic changes!

I’ll touch base with you over the coming weeks as I continue to fine tune my supplement use in the crucible of what is a totally new discipline for me.

But I can tell you this!!! There is no way I could survive without the amazing stuff I make!

How about you?! Even if you are not doing something out of the ordinary you can still BE out of the ordinary in your daily endeavors.

Talk Soon!


Last time I wrote you a sorta scientific article about Keto Diets and introduced our brand-New Product Keto Gen.

I had no idea and I’m super gratified to see a lot of people immediately scarfed it up!

Today I want to give you a bit more scientific detail on why Keto is a longevity diet

Especially when coupled with calorie restriction and intermittent fasting.

Recall that tends to happen naturally because of the appetite suppressive effects of a high fat diet.  Its pretty easy to restrict yourself to 2 meals occurring within an 8 hour window. Its also easy to eat one bigger and one smaller meal within these parameters.  Eventually it gets easy to get down to one meal with or without a snack and find a really nice low body fat and lower body weight without getting to catabolic (eating muscle!)

I have a few extra tips for you today in terms of supplements that really help crank ketosis but Keto Gen is the central one.

OK now onto the science.

The real gem of Keto is called autophagy or self-eating of sick dead and dying cells to recycle and rebuild healthy ones.

This is facilitated by the fasting and calorie restriction above that naturally happen when you suppress insulin secretion (sugar storage fat storage and inhibition of autophagy).

Read that part about inhibition of autophagy again.  Yes, insulin suppresses autophagy so keto and avoiding carbs helps foster it.  When you look at longevity and health span strategies this is a big one but no one has ever tied it to Keto until me now as far as I know.

There is another thing that autophagy is responsible for: amino acid homeostasis.  That means the provision of essential and non essential protein building blocks (amino acids) during the fasting state.  Are you beginning to get the picture?

Keto suppresses insulin and fosters autophagy which should help life span and health span and to maintain amino acids.

Wanna guess which amino acid is most important?

Cysteine, the sulfur containing amino acid that is used to make the most important anti-oxidant in the body next to Omega 3.

You’ve heard of it – it’s called glutathione

And without it or with lower levels your body starts to accumulate oxidative damage from free radicals.  This should all sound familiar if you’ve been reading my stuff for a while. It’s just that no one linked it to Keto.

As you age autophagy goes down and so does glutathione levels.  Both of these lead to decreased Repair Ability and increased free radical damage via inflammation a central cause of aging and disease! There is even a term that is getting used more and more for this- Inflammaging coined by one Dr Franceshi in his seminal work Handbook of Immunosenescense back in 2012.

Yeah, I read all 2000+ pages. Twice!

Ok now you know the role of intermittent fasting and Keto in this here are a couple of things you should consider.

Obviously keep your Omega 3 levels up.

But most of you will not link the wonderful supplement I make called Sugar Balance Support Formula (I know I need a better name) to suppression of insulin and facilitation of Ketogenic Diets!!!

When you suppress insulin you suppress fat storage, facilitate fat usage as in Keto Diets and improve both amino acid homeostasis (glutathione production) and autophagy (cell recycling equated with longer life spans and health spans.)

Now I have given you just the facts in a very direct non embellished form but I hope you can see the neat and simple picture this presents for some of the almost never mentioned effects of Keto Diets.

You can bet you’ll start seeing these facts on other web sites and by other Keto “thought leaders and experts” very soon as they realize they missed the boat on the real benefits of Keto.

I have to count on you to remind people where you heard it first LOL!

More importantly I hope I have given you some additional reasons to consider the “Keto Fad” since it is not a fad at all but a very viable way to improve your health!!!

And you’ll look great with low body fat too!!!!

Don’t forget to try Keto Gen while its still on sale and for added Keto punch take 2 SBSF one to two times a day with your fish oil.

Dr Dave

It was predictable a few years ago.  The current “Keto Craze” was bound to happen.

Back in 2012 the phrase I heard most often was, “Oh it’s like Atkins!”

In point of fact while the oft maligned and dearly departed Dr Atkins did pretty much repackage the Keto Diet under his name, he eventually reduced his moniker to “low carb lifestyle” which continues today under the Atkins name.

Also predictably there are a lot of people who are no longer afraid to go hard core keto, embracing a higher fat lower carb diet.

Rather than recount the numerous blogs I have written that explain the particulars of the Keto Diet, let me just say that I am a big fan because of its potential anti- cancer effects, especially when combined with a lower calorie intake.

If you “can’t” do Keto then I would certainly advocate reducing your carb intake to a much lower level.

For Keto you need to stay under 50 grams of carbs a day (one and half pieces of bread if you even eat that!).  For low carb I would say anything under 100 grams is acceptable.

Focus on reducing anything with sugar in it, breads and pastas, etc.

Now I do want to mention we are “soft launching” our newest product which is indeed a Keto Drink designed to help you get into ketosis, suppress your appetite and carb cravings and destroy your body fat in the process. If you are reading this closely enough and carefully enough to see this sneaky announcement then you deserve the best intro pricing!

Believe it or not that is all I am going to say about it for the moment

I do want to tell you a super important dieting strategy that I use with my Keto routine and recommend for anyone who is adjusting their nutrition in any way: Intermitant Fasting!

It turns out that Keto naturally fosters this kind of “eating window” which is- a 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour window for one or two meals.  If you are doing 2 meals in this time frame than one (usually the later one) needs to be considerably smaller.  Remmeber that just because you “got to be hungry” does not mean you wake up hungry. Usually its remarkably the opposite!

Allowing a more prolonged fast between meals stimulates something called “autophagy” which literally means self eating!. This is a critical process of cellular recycling especially for the mitochondria- the power houses of the cell.

This process has been linked to a bunch of interventions that have been shown to prolong life and health span. Contrary to what some “thought leaders” are saying, you do not need mTor inhibitors like Rapamycin or autophagy stimulants like the chem drug dasatanib, you just need to eat less and less frequently on a long term basis!

Our society loves drugs but this simple dietary intervention is far safer and just as effective if it is followed!

Now again the appetite suppressive effects of a high fat Keto Diet make this all that much easier.

And if you want some help with this while avoiding expensive and toxic drugs try my new Keto Inducing product!

A lot of people are interested in Keto for the weight loss aspect.

A noble desire to be sure but there are so many wonderful metabolic, brain and hormonal effects as well a a real potential to control if not prevent neurological disease and cancer.

But for most people there is still a gap between trusting the process of Keto as healthy and truly effective.

As a matter of fact the number one case of failure on any diet is NOT lack of will power, its lack of Faith that the diet will actually work for them. Strange as it may sound most people who have tried and failed to lose weight feel there is some magical inhibition that pertains only to them… it works for everyone else just no for them.

If you do Keto it will work for you.

Here are Seven Steps to make it easy.

  1. I would strongly suggest you do not do Keto by just avoiding carbs and eating a lot of fat to start with. Here is how I induce ketosis: Get some low sugar vegetable juice and drink one large glass 3-4X a day for 1 to 2 days. That is your sole food source and drink nothing else other than water.
  2. For the next 2 days dilute the juice with 30-50% water. Again this is your sole source of calories. You can and should drink a fair amount of water (1 liter minimum) and add one teaspoon of salt to each liter. Your body will get rid of water and salt on its on so if you need more salt use it as long as you are not on a salt restriction from your doctor.
  3. Count your carbs! Do not exceed 50 grams a day
  4. Hit the fish oil hard– minimum 6 grams but you can even shoot for 10 grams for a few days in a row.
  5. Reduce your strength training and endurance training by 50% during this induction phase
  6. After 5 days or so of the above, start to add in fatty meats or cheeses unless you are dairy or lactose limited. If you want to accelorate your trip into keto and stave off the “keto flu” you definately want to use KetoGen, especially in the first month or two. Ultimately depending on your current body weight and mass you should ultimately shoot for 1000 to 1500 calories with a proportion of minimum 60% fat 25 % protein and 15% carbs. You can go higher on the fat and lower on the rest of the proportions as needed. You need to get to at least 60% fat to really see the fat loss kick in. Remember carbs make this diet super unhealthy so be committed not to cheat.
  7. Remember to get adequate sleep- 7 hours minimum. If you need help with that I have an incredible supplement for sleep


It’s more than just a fad. Use it to lose weight and look great, or do what I do…. make it a lifestyle!

Dr Dave

Today’s Super Holiday Sale Item Pro Life PB is on sale with free shipping TODAY!

You may be wondering the role the microbiome plays in your health.  The obvious role is in your gut health but the effects of the microbiome reach far and wide in your body.

Let’s start with absorption of all those Great Longevity Edge supplements you are taking!

The microbiome is responsible for maintaining the acid/alkaline content of the gut, the way things are absorbed and even metabolized (metabolism starts in the gut with the initial processing of what you take in happening BEFORE you absorb anything!).

Then there is its’ role in obesity.  The microbiome processes food and makes short chain fatty acids which then are taken in by the intestines and feed YOU. Specifically, you are at least 20% fed by bacterial metabolites that are affected by the specifics of what you take in! Certain foods including the artificial sweetener saccharin produce MORE fat even though they have zero calories.  In other words, you bacteria can make calories by processing foods you cannot! This is the reason why some people eating diet foods/sodas etc get fatter on their diets!

Another huge huge role is immunity.  The bacteria help with what is known as antigen processing to the gut immune system which is in direct contact with your over all immunity. Poor gut bacteria health, poor immune health or even possible an auto-immune disease.

I could go on and on with the science but hey, it’s the Holidays and you get the picture!  In this picture should be a super well-designed pro/pre-biotic like Pro Life Pb on sale with free shipping in CONUS so Act Right Now because it’s going fast and we pull the sale tonight!

Here’s to your (Gut) health!


Dr Dave

Ok so we are back in action with all the great stuff that we didn’t get to before the Holiday!

Today’s featured Item will help you “wash” down some of the Holiday excesses you may find are all too tempting.

Pro Life is the Probiotic that keeps on giving.  Packed with all the right cultures, enterically coated to get past the stomach without upsetting it, and with pre-biotics to feed those good gut Bacteria it stands alone in quality.

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Rebalance that belly and feel better about the Holidays!


Dr Dave

OK if you want the benefits without the science click here.

If you want to learn a bit more here goes:

Humans did not consume nearly the amount of carbs and sugar they do now until around 10,000 years ago.

Three Big Things have led us down the path to where our Carb intake is causing problems with our health.

  • Agriculture featuring mostly grains (carbs)
  • The introduction of refined sugar in the west (carbs)
  • The excessive focus on cheap fast hitting carbs in the post WW2 era by Big Food.

There is no time in the year where refined simple carb consumption does more damage to you health than now in the Holiday Season.

Let’s face it we may all want to cheat a little…or a lot.

You can however cover yourself and support a healthy blood sugar with Sugar Balance Support Formula using Mother Nature to combat the ravages of Big Food.

It wouldn’t hurt to avoid cookies, cakes, pies, sugary drinks and of course alcohol.

But if that sounds like wishful thinking get some help with SBSF which is on Sale Right Now at super low super easy pricing!

Break the cycle!!!!



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