Pro Life Ultra Probiotic

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Supports healthy gut bacteria and does not cause stomach upset or reflux.

10 Billion CFU per caplet | 30 Caplets

Endures stomach acid & bile | We stand behind our Potency | No Refrigeration Needed


Ultra-Probiotic contains 10 Billion CFU per caplet. With our patented BIO – Track delayed release delivery system supporting healthy gut bacteria formulated not to cause stomach upset or reflux. Pre-Biotic to help the growth of healthy bacterial strains contains turmeric as a natural preservative. No refrigeration required.


Unique patent protected formula.

$49.95 available on subscription from $41.31 / month

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Pro Life Ultra High Quality Probiotic

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Flipping the Switch on Your Health with The Highest Quality Probiotic on the Market Today

I have been asked over and over, “Dr. Dave Everyone else makes a Probiotic, why don’t You?”

Well, the short answer is I did not believe in what was being sold, and there was not enough HUMAN  data to formulate one that I could stand behind and feel good about because it would work in most cases.

There were 3 huge problems with probiotics up until recently

  1. The one I just mentioned- there have been probiotics on the market for years, but they were based on sketch science at best. Most of the data on the microbiome (the synergistic bacteria in your gut that help with all kinds of digestion) came from animal studies or specific overgrowth syndromes caused by overuse/susceptibility to antibiotics. These are not really “real world’ situations. They are specific to hospitals and labs, not to you and me!!! On top of that, there was not world-wide data that encompassed differences in human gut bacteria based on diet and geographic location. All of that has become available very recently.
  2. Stomach acid will destroy 99% of living culture bacteria almost as soon as you take it. Organic material like helpful bacteria need far more protection than other supplements (which may need acid for absorption) to make it to where they can do the most good. We have solved that problem with a patented BIO-tract system that assures delivery into the intestine without succumbing to stomach acid.
  3. Probiotics do far better when they are supported by a prebiotic. Prebiotics are food for the healthy bacteria we introduce via our newest product PRO Life Ultra PB. You used to have to buy them separately, but with the inclusion of the prebiotic into the mix, there is no hassle and no worry; you are feeding your gut right from the get-go with no additional supplementation needed.

How I Created a Truly High Quality Probiotic

So now all of the initial problems solved, it was time to look at formulating the next level of Probiotic, the one that works, a real high quality probiotic!!!!!

But before I did that, there were several questions to ask.

First, as you know, I am a doctor, a researcher, and the owner of a small business second.

My USP- Unique Selling Proposition is my knowledge of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. You know the big 4- Fish oil, Stem Cells, telomeres, and Mitochondria, and how they may be supported to improve both Life Span and Health Span.

Does a High Quality Probiotic “fit” in my overall concept of what is essential for these things specifically?

You Bet it Does!!!

Here’s why.

  1. Probiotics support healthy nutrition by facilitating absorption (yes, that includes all those excellent other Longevity Edge supplements you are taking)!
  2. Probiotics and Prebiotics improve intestinal motility, which is especially essential for colon health and may indirectly reduce the risk of Cancer* For people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, people who are cleansing, or have problems with gas this is an absolute MUST!
  3. Pro/Pre Biotics can help reduce constipation.
  4. A healthy gut is essential for a healthy immune system. The bacteria in the gut, e.g., the microbiome, is a primary defense mechanism for outside invaders as well as a primary presenter of antigens (things that your body would want to fight off). Imbalances in the populations of gut bacteria have been shown to change the ratios of immune response from “uninflamed to Inflamed” yet another source of inflammation that someone who is trying to resist the ravages of aging and time does not need!
  5. Gut bacteria health has a lot to do with weight management as well. Gut bacteria determines at least 20% of the amount of calories you ingest. They use what you eat as fuel and make Short Chain Fatty Acids (SFA) that supply calories from your food that may be less or above what you ingested. This is why calorie counting is not always that accurate- it does not take into account this step! It’s also why the “same number of calories” from high carb diets may make you fatter than the same amount from high fat or high protein ketogenic diets.
  6. Because of number 5 above gut bacteria are essential for healthy sugar metabolism- something to keep in mind as we face our diabetes epidemic. From the calorie aspect of number 5, you can also see the role in combatting the Obesity Epidemic and maintaining a healthy body weight
  7. SFA’s (again number 5) are baby food for the mitochondria. Sick mitochondria lose their ability to process the complex long-chain fats they are usually supplied with. It is thought that many diseases of aging are either started or facilitated by mitochondrial dysfunction- including Cancer. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, and Congestive Heart Failure** So, you can see why any self-respecting Anti-Aging Doc would want to try to not contribute to those diseases by supporting healthy metabolism.

Ok, that is the all-important science in a nutshell.

That is what I took into consideration when I chose this product and what is in it!!!!

Frankly pretty much everyone already knows they need a high-quality Probiotic.

With Pro Life Ultra PB, I finally have one I can feel good about taking every day, one that answers all the problems and issues that had kept me from making something like this “when everyone else was doing it.”

And I can feel good about it being the one YOU are taking too!!!!

The Only Original

Dr. Dave

** This product description does not imply insinuate or state that ANY Disease Especially Cancer and or Diabetes, will be diagnosed prevented or otherwise affected!!!!

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Here’s the deal. In today’s litigious society, there isn’t any way around the fact that everyone, just about everywhere, needs a disclaimer. I’m certainly no different. I offer genuine, wholehearted advice that I personally always follow myself, without exception. I take a great deal of personal pride in being my own “guinea pig” and sharing my successes with the public. With that in mind:

Disclaimer – The FDA has not evaluated these statements. None of the products or ideas listed or mentioned should be used as a substitute for medical advice or to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness. Always consult your physician before consuming any new supplements and never change any medications without his/her expressed permission. References used in this broadcast are publicly available at the links mentioned but do not constitute proof or endorsement of any of Dr. Woynarowski’s opinions or products or their efficacy. No medical claims of any kind should be interpreted, inferred, or acted on based on this information, which is for educational purposes.

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11 reviews for Pro Life Ultra Probiotic

  1. Nadine Logan

    There is so much hype and buzz surrounded probiotics, that after some extensive research I felt I had to share my opinions in this review.

    First of all, there are hundreds of different probiotic strains being sold, and a small group of really common ones. Lots of these already naturally occur in your body just from eating a combination of foods (yogurts and cheeses to name a few). If you’ve ever traveled and gotten sick to your stomach, it’s typically foreign organisms taking out the good bacteria in your gut that causes this. I’ve researched this extensively because I spent most of the year traveling to third world countries and I typically have issues the first few days (or sometimes weeks) of traveling to a new place.

    What I like about ProLife Probiotic is that it has the most strains (by far!) of the probiotics on the market today in it’s price range. If you do a bit of research on the internet you’ll see that most of the popular (and cheap) products have 1, or 2 strains, and 1-5 billion organisms. This is important because with competing products you’ll need to take a fistfull (or more) capsules to get the same net benefit.

    A small reccommendation:
    If you’re going to be traveling the globe (even places like Europe instead of the places I travel to) the bacteria found there will still be different then those found in the US (or wherever you call home) you should really start taking Pro Life Probiotics at least a week in advance (if you aren’t on a regular regiment of them). It’ll ensure that when you arrive at your destinations your gut and stomach will be protected.

    Last but not least, make sure to store this in a cool, dry place so your probiotics stay alive!

  2. Becky Manning

    Pro Life PB helped significantly with my IBS-D symptoms. I won’t be without it now! I take it every day without fail, and it’s been literally a life saver.

  3. Randy Howell

    Very efficient probiotic that ticks all the right boxes for me. My gut seems much happier overall while I’m on it. Things seem to be “flowing” much more smoothly if you catch my drift. Foods hardly ever upset my stomach now, unlike when I was trying out some of the cheap stuff at my local CVS. Not all products are created equal, and this one is superb.

  4. Carla Brooks

    After a week on this, I noticed less GERD and bloating. I read good things about probiotics and using them to replace the ‘bad’ bacteria with ‘good’ bacteria to keep us healthy, so I starting trying them about a year ago. I took a chance on this more expensive probitoic because nothing else seemed to be working, and it was a good move on my part. I literally feel the difference, my stomach feels like it’s working as it should and I’m not afraid to eat out anymore. Thanks Dr. Dave, while I’m sure it wasn’t intentional you’ve help fix a big part of my social life.

  5. Phyllis Roy

    I feel so much better since I started taking this probiotic. It’s the best one I’ve found to day. I travel for work (alot – my second home is sitting on an airplane) and I love being able to take this with me because it doesn’t require refrigeration. This product is so effective I’ve been able to get a bit more adventurous at trying out the local flavors instead of seeking out what passes for American food when I’m abroad. Excellent product!

  6. Rosie

    I have been taking Pro Life Probiotic for a few months now (since it came out in December). In the past I always suffered from bloating and irregularity. That is until now! There aren’t a lot of products I can say this about, but I’m a customer for life. I can’t see myself going back to the way I felt before I was on this. As always Doc, you hit it out of the park.

  7. Michelle Burks

    These are by far the best probiotics I have tried and I have tried several over the years. I recently had major surgery and was feeling loaded with medication and bloated. Everything seemed to upset my stomach. I got these and have been on them two weeks and feel like new. I am pretty sure these will be on reorder from now on. Great product highly recommend!!! Thank you!

  8. Michal Russo

    I was blown away by the passion that Dr David Woynarowski has poured into his career! ⁣

    In addition to study and research, Dr. Dave began the development of a new category of nutritional supplements, formulated from his expertise as a physician, and made from only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. ⁣

    I could not be more excited to embark on this life-long journey of my “best self” with #thelongevityedge

  9. Casey

    This great probiotic from 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐄𝐝𝐠𝐞 has a patented BIO-Track retakes release delivery system formulated to not cause stomach upset or reflux – and IT WORKS! What a difference from what I was taking!

  10. Charis

    I love it great product! It dose not taste bad at all. So good!

  11. Ted

    I noticed less bloating, less heart burn and it kept me regular… i am very impressed with this product. Would totally recommend especially if you’re having heartburn or issues with gerd.

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