The Horrendous Diet With Matt Furey

I have told you often over the past 15 years that our dietary recommendations are all screwed up. Matt Furey has had a similar view for as long as I can remember.

Long ago and far away I wrote a blog entitled “Fat Dieticians Don’t Lie!”  A bit more recently I did a 14 email series on the ketogenic diet and what it has done for me and many clients over the past few years.

Of course, my dietary recommendations don’t mean a thing in the “real world” I am just a dumb ex internist with 18 years of clinical experience multiple board certifications who’s authored a book on telomeres before most people knew what the word was.

My most recent info product is an audio file called “The Horrendous Diet”. This title is the brain child of my longtime friend, mentor, and guru Matt Furey who pulls no punches on this recording and lets it all hang out as always!  Frankly I do the same but in slightly more gentile fashion.  Ironically Matt Furey and I share almost all of the same dietary views and came about them in the absence of each other’s input!

It’s a hoot and chock full of critical info if you are starting to think you may have been sold a bill of goods with the “low fat agenda”.

What could me and Matt Furey possibly know?

Well I would just summarize my dietary recommendations in simple fashion thusly:

  • Control and reduce your carb intake. While I stop short of saying “Carbs are evil” I can tell you that for me personally they are, and the degree to which I retain body fat is directly – I MEAN DIRECTLY related to how many grams of carbs I take in.  I have done this experiment many times.

It turns out this is true for a thunderin’ herd of other folks out there as well.

  • Reduce your calorie intake or at the very least have a true “break fast” where you allow 14 hours or more between your last meal and your first meal of the day. This will do wonders for your cellular health just by itself.
  • The trouble with high fat diets is they are not high enough in fat. I can’t tell you the number of “studies” I have read both in real live medical journals and on people’s web site that pan high fat diets and then go on to show a fat intake of less than 60% of calories from fat.  That ain’t high fat my friends. Invariably its high Carb!
  • More than one furious and often obese dietician has written me to ask, “How can you in good conscience recommend a diet that eliminates one of the most necessary and vital food groups!!!
    The answer is simple. It is virtually impossible to eliminate carbs completely.  Even meat usually has a little bit.  Next, as a food group, carbs are non-essential. If you stop eating fats and proteins, you WILL die.  If you stop eating carbs, you’ll just get lean and ripped. And unless you have some genetic deficiency, or bad family history independent of diet, your cholesterol is likely to get the best it’s ever been as long as you don’t pig out! By the way, high fat diets tend to suppress appetite so most people wind up “iso caloric” meaning they take in the same amount of calories or less than when they were on low fat diets!
  • Refined sugar, which is added to everything, and high fructose corn syrup which gets put in even more have only been around for a short span in human history. Our nutritional genetic and epigenetic make up has been around for at least 50,000 years or more so it’s not likely we have adapted all that well to high carb low fat diets.
  • We are in the midst of an obesity, cancer, dementia, and diabetes epidemic. If we had the right diet I promise you, we would not have nearly the number of these problems even though diet alone cannot be the only cause.
  • Finally, and this is a biggie!!! One of the world’s most well-known cardiologists Salam Yusef stated that there is no data to support almost all of our dietary guidelines especially with regard to low fat and high carb intakes. Finally, someone in the front lines of medical opinion is speaking what has been the obvious truth for the rest of us for 20 years!!!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what is on The Horrendous Diet with Matt Furey!

Now Matt Furey and I dish on all kinds of topics in The Horrendous Diet including our thoughts and practices on chocolate, alcohol, hormones and food and all kinds of other “Forbidden Secrets” that are fairly obvious to any conscientious doctor or scientist or any smart person who maintains an open mind.  Matt also weighs in on the Chinese Philosophical aspect of nutrition and how to add it to your thought and diet practice.  And of course, we couldn’t not comment on that vegetarian bible known as “The China Study”!

It’s all live, uncensored, and full of stuff you have always wished someone who knows what’s going on for real would tell you.  Well now you are getting it from 2 Horses’ Mouths who discovered it independently!

Don’t miss it!  It could change your life, your looks, your energy levels, your aging, and a whole slew of other things you value!  The Horrendous Diet is available right here, right now!


Dr Dave


You can check out more about Matt Furey here. Also, my Reference

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