The Horrendous Diet

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Dear Friend,

You may have seen the previous information I have written on diet and weight loss for a health body.

As usual it flies in the face of almost all of the traditional diets and recommendations out there.

But I came by it honestly and it has served me well for several years now.

So I got together with my friend and mentor Matt Furey for an unscripted, unscheduled, no holds barred dietary smack down. It was so informative and so much fun, we happily recorded it.

Now Matt and I come from 2 very different angles- he from the Chinese philosophical angle and me from hard core allopathic medicine. Ironically we came to the same place (almost) with our dietary practices.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why the diet really is horrendous and how that term came to be (Hint: its not what you think! The foods in this diet are incredibly tasty and if managed properly can propel your health and energy to new levels while you lean out and look younger in the process!)
  • Real world advice on what to eat and when to eat and how to avoid mistakes in your dietary habits
  • The skinny on alcohol, coffee, tea and of course chocolate!
  • How a traditional diet may actually worsen your health and why no one wants to tell you about the Horrendous Diet
  • What the research shows about this type of diet
  • A section on fasting including the real basis for the effects of intermittent fasting.

This recording is almost 90 minutes long and its got stuff you will not hear anywhere else said in ways no one else has the courage to say it!!!!


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