The Law of Energy Conservation in the New Reality of 2021

The Law of Energy Conservation states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Now depending on how “holisticky” and metaphysical you want to get this can be used to explain all kinds of things including psychic phenomenon and the Law of Attraction.

But today I’d like to focus on YOU! YOUR energy is the most important resource that you have even more so than your time.

But there is one huge parallel between time and energy. You can spend them wisely or waste them. It’s impossible for anyone to be 100% productive all the time and efficient all the time. Understanding this and parsing out your energy is a huge step in increasing both productivity and efficiency.

But life is also about joy and fun – neither of which or BOTH of which may prove productive and efficient.

“Do Be Have”, the old paradigm fails often because of the complete focus on “doing”.

The Art of Play is essential so I hope that no matter what your situation is in the current environment is (I’ll spare you mine since I’ve not made it a secret!) you find a way to enjoy yourself.

That said there is much joy in achievement and I personally believe that we are put here to create!

This takes ENERGY, so here are some tips.

  1. Take care of your body with regularly scheduled exercise preferably a kind that shows you you are improving. Positive feedback goes a Long Long way!
  2. Manage your Sleep especially during the winter. The short days and long nights along with cool or colder temperatures can wreak havoc with proper sleep. If you need help with this, try my all natural sleep aid- on sale during this holiday season.
  3. GET RID OF TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS! Energy vampires are by far the most common cause of low energy situations especially in Empathic people. They will be diagnoses as CFIDS and other “metabolic derangements” some of which actually result in mitochondrial dysfunction, Epigenetic shifts and lower respiratory capacities! Talk about TOXIC!
  4. Finally, ALL of us can benefit from Energy Substrates such as Energy X MAXX!

You may have noticed that when something is precious to me, I go all in and all out to maximize it.


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Remember: Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People DO!!!

All the BEST NOW and in the coming New Year!

Dr Dave

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