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Yes it’s finally here! After what seems like forever in the editing process my latest book with co-author Dr Oksana Zagorodna PhD is finally here. To say this book was 8 years in the making would not be an overstatement!

I became Keto (I’d say 90% of the time!) in 2012 as an experiment and research project generated out of all things – cancer literature. This book details my journey through the science. My co author has a PhD in free radical biology which is especially fitting considering the anti-aging properties of the Keto diet.

If you just want the PDF you can grab it right here. Or for the same on Amazon Kindle store if Kindle books are your thing!

 If you want BOTH of my books (The Keto Edge AND My Deep Dive into Telomeres and Telomerase Activators) get them TODAY ONLY for free.

With Keto coming from everyone and their brother these days I thought it was time for an authentic version based on the physiology aesthetic and anti-aging benefits of this diet. Dr Zagorodna did all the photos and made all the recipes in this book for us to try out. In addition she did a tremendous amount of research on the individual ingredients and highlights what we call the “Keto Edge” ingredient for each and every recipe!

We live on this stuff and love every minute of it. Also because of Dr Z’s proclivity towards vegetables and less meat this is not a typical steak and bacon carnivore book. Its clearly not Vegan Keto either but strikes a nice middle ground that does not seem to exist in most Keto Books today.

Bottom line, like everything else I create its UNIQUE!

It will absolutely change your life!

Help Me Spread the Word!!!

Dr Dave

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