Dr. David Woynarowski

Episode List

EP 1: Will you live longer than your parents? With Dr. David Woynarowski
EP 2: How To Use Essential Oils During Cold and Flu Season with Miguel Cisneros
EP 3: Training and Nutrition Secrets with Connie Sol PhD
EP 4: Peptides & Immunity Are they the New Fountain of Youth with Dr. Edwin Lee MD
EP 5: Part 1 – Coralie Carrier Truth & Lies about Hydrosols & Skin Care
EP 6: Part 2 – Coralie Carrie Truth & Lies about Hydrosols & Skin Care
EP 7: How to Reverse Your Biological Age an interview with Kris Gethin
EP 8: Secrets to staying lean with Dr. Luiza Petre
EP 9: Using Stem cells to Change Human Aging & Fight Covid with Dr. Rafael Gonzalez Ph.D.

How to use Essential Oils to Stay Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season!

The Truth and Lies About Hydrosols and Skin Care Part 1.

I interview the “Queen of Hydrosols” Coralie Carrier to find out more about their sues in all-natural skincare, aromatherapy and health. 2 parts and loaded with critical facts about the health of your skin and your health, in general, covering this often ignored and misrepresented topic!
Skin Care Bundle

Training and Nutrition Secrets with Dr Dave and Connie Sol PhD

More about Connie – Experienced Exercise Physiologist with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Clinical Research, Wellness Coaching, Fitness Training, Athletics, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Strong healthcare services professional with a Ph.D. focused in Clinical Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami.

In this episode diets and nutrition are covered for optimum physical performance. A tip of the hat to the role of mitochondria in human health and athletics as well.

Using Peptides to Boost Immunity in the Virus Season, and Are they the New Fountain of Youth?

Fellow Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Expert Edwin Lee MD joins me for an enlightening discussion about the new frontier in Staying Young- Peptides. Learn about specific peptides for skin regeneration, hair growth, boosting immunity and more..
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