Are we not Men?!

OK if you are old enough to remember Devo, you get the joke. But here’s the thing. When you’ve been around as long as I have you have a very different perspective on a lot of things, not just viral outbreaks!

For instance, in my early childhood there were not routine color photos. Black and white Polaroids became all the rage in my adolescents and I still have some pictures of my first pets in that format.

Color TV was a luxury we did not have until later and why bother- all we had was ABC, NBC and CBS!

While I got and learned my first computer language (Basic) in 1982 I still maintain a healthy mistrust of IT in general because quite frankly it doesn’t work as often as it should, the operating systems are never bug free, the design and implementation is stoopid (why do we need 6 off/on buttons! Buried in the menus?) and something about my “field” winds up destroying most computers and devices in a few months. Sometimes I help them along with a 30-pound sledge.

I look at this stuff as hammer and nail- tools to achieve my goals. I don’t think I should have to learn another “language” to make the things work.

Some things however do not change much, or at least shouldn’t.

I’m sorry to say that men have been under attack for quite some time now. I’m not talking about the rise of the Divine Feminine which I wholeheartedly applaud. I’m not even talking about the demise of the Sacred Masculine- so apparent in the under 35 crowd- I’m talking about the environmental assault on male hormone balance and virility.

Now there are a lot of places to look for this since xenoestrogens run rife in so many of our products, foods, and chemical exposures.

Then of course there is the “natural aging process” in which we allow for steady drop in most male and other hormones with the exception of the stress hormone cortisol!

I can fight for the environment, but I can’t fix it overnight. I can look for all-natural skin creams like my rejuvenation serum but I can’t fight Big Pharma or Big Cosmetics either.

What I can and have done is design and build a purpose-built male hormone enhancer called Super Male Maxx X which contains the only legal way to give male hormones naturally. For the record I have several post-menopausal women using it once a week.

Guys you use it once a day!

I didn’t make the world I just live in it like you.

But I’m not afraid or embarrassed to Max out my manhood! These days its needed more than ever.

Dr Dave

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