Billionaires Who Practice Gratitude

I’ll never forget reading this statement in at least one possibly more self help book: “90% of all Billionaires practice gratitude every day!”

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it!

If you practice gratitude, you may be adopting the habits of a billionaire and thus may become one!

And if you don’t do it every day woe unto you.

Here’s the thing(s).

  1. I highly doubt the author of these statements (who is now as a result of his best selling books at the very least a multi-millionaire) knew a whole lot of billionaires!
  2. I highly doubt he did a door to door canvas with that question: How often do YOU practice gratitude?
  3. I highly doubt he was given an audience with at least 10 billionaires (do the math that’s the minimum number to come up with an even 90%)
  4. I’ve personally never heard an interview with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or any other billionaire where the word gratitude was mentioned.
  5. If you queried the author of said statement, I bet he would stumble over thinking of even 10 people who were bona fide millionaires.
  6. I’ve only ever known one billionaire. That person is on trail for some awful human rights violations and will almost certainly spend the last days of his miserable life in jail and with far less than a billion dollars!

Why am I telling you this?

Mainly because I want you to be skeptical of claims by people who are not accountable for what they say, sell, spew or otherwise emanate!

The supplement world is rife with these kinds of people. The Anti-Aging and Regenerative world is rife with these kinds of people

Social media is rife with these kinds of people.  We used to call them entrepreneurs now we call them “influencers”. That very term should make you cringe!

In my humble opinion people who do not take care of people’s health and are not accountable for virtually anything can say and sell virtually anything.  The recipe for slick advertising is so common on social media now it’s gotten boring.

Make a big (impossible) claim, back it up with testimonials (not studies) and then stagger several upsells to layer on top of the initial offer which usually gets discounted 5 to 10 seconds after you’ve been on the “landing page”.

It still works, it always worked and whether its on paper (gasp) email (boring) or Soc Med (the only thing that matters) people continue to spend billions!

I’m sure I should be doing all that but honestly, I’m too busy inventing things! In addition, the Longevity Edge product line is STILL one of the best things you can do for your health anywhere.

Best Sellers include fish oil, Telokynase and The Immortality Edge Packs.

And guess what I do say “thank you” for your support to my customers everyday even though I’m nowhere near a billionaire.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  I encourage to show appreciation for the people in your life as often as you can. I encourage to be thankful for the real things that will help your health!

I encourage you to be skeptical of “new” and “bold” advertising and spend your energy and money on things you know will help you!

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 21 years of business I have had with you and for surviving all the recent supply chain and inflationary nonsense that has been foisted on us to take our hard-earned cache of cash away!

I hope to serve you for another 21 years!

Dr Dave

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