Longevity Edge™ Immortality Edge Dietary Supplement Packs

3 capsules per pack, 30 packs per container

Whether we like it or not, we all age. What truly matters is what speed we age at. Don’t miss out on a crucial anti-aging element that directly impacts your DNA — telomere support supplements!

The Key to Anti-Aging

To help protect the length of your telomeres, you can utilize a telomere support supplement such as Dr. Dave’s Immortality Edge. With just one packet (3 capsules) a day, you can begin to build up your telomeres’ defense and slow down your biological clock! The proof is in our research and testing, and we’ve seen a 25% increase in longevity in individuals who have taken the supplement as prescribed on a regular basis.

Both revolutionary and innovative, Dr. Dave’s Immortality Edge telomerase supplement consists of all-natural ingredients such as Panax Quinquefolius (American Ginseng) and royal jelly. These nutrient-rich ingredients work together to restore your body.

The Benefits of Telomere Support Supplements

In addition to telomere protection that slows down the signs of aging and may extend your lifespan, Dr. Dave’s state-of-the-art telomere supplements have numerous benefits. With Immortality Edge, you can:

  • Receive daily antioxidants that help your body break down food and unhealthy chemicals
  • Reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Enhance therapies that treat physical and mental disorders
  • Slow down the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and early on-set heart disease

Are you ready to take control of your body’s aging with our all-natural telomere repairing supplements? Place your order today!

“Hi Dave,

Hello!!! Haven’t talked in awhile. I am glad to see that you are still the smartest telomere doctor there is. I just read this mornings email blurb from your company and you are dead on!!! As always!!”

— Dr. Bill Andrews, American Molecular Biologist