Reverse Aging Naturally with Telomere Support Supplements

Longevity Edge™ Immortality Edge Dietary Supplement Packs

3 capsules per pack, 30 packs per container

Whether we like it or not, we all age. What truly matters is what speed we age at. Don’t miss out on a crucial anti-aging element that directly impacts your DNA — telomere support supplements!

The Key to Anti-Aging

Telomeres are the last part of your genetic material. They are often referred to as the Biologic Time Clocks because of their huge influence on life span. When those telomeres shorten, it has a negative effect on your health and longevity.

To help protect the length of your telomeres, you can utilize a telomere support supplement such as Dr. Dave’s Immortality Edge. With just one packet (3 capsules) a day, you can begin to build up your telomeres’ defense and potentially slow down your biological clock!

Studies using telomere elongation in animals have shown an extension in life span and produced remarkable health benefits. Because of fear of government intervention, the only studies done in humans have been in those infected with chronic viruses like HIV and CMV. In those studies, telomere length was restored and the virus were cleared from their systems.  Studies in humans looking at aging biomarkers also showed improvements!*

More and more scientists are understanding and pointing to the telomere as a major key to human health and longevity. Now, there is something simple and inexpensive you can do to take advantage of those findings!

Both revolutionary and innovative, Dr. Dave’s Immortality Edge telomerase supplement utilizes all-natural ingredients including Panax Quinquefolius (American Ginseng), royal jelly, Angelica, Ashwaganda, and NAC. These nutrient-rich ingredients work together to reduce inflammation. They also give your telomeres a fighting chance against the ravages of aging.

Other Benefits May Include:

  • Receive daily antioxidants that help your body break down food and unhealthy chemicals
  • Reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Help to support and activate the Immune System Defenses
  • Better health and less impact from several diseases of aging including heart disease and Alzheimer’s

If you are not taking a telomere support supplement, then you are not doing everything you can to fight the aging process! If you are ready to have a fighting chance against Father Time, then harness the power of Mother Nature with these Immortality Edge Packs. Place your order now! Don’t delay because Father Time is not waiting!

Disclaimer: The Immortality Edge Packs contain supplements, not drugs. No disease mitigating, diagnosing, modifying or other claims are made or implied. No studies have been done with any supplements or drugs in large human trials that have shown improvements in longevity, so none are claimed or implied here. As with all drugs and supplements, your results may vary.

Are you ready to take control of your body’s aging with our all-natural telomere repairing supplements? Place your order today!

“Hi Dave,

Hello!!! Haven’t talked in awhile. I am glad to see that you are still the smartest telomere doctor there is. I just read this mornings email blurb from your company and you are dead on!!! As always!!”

— Dr. Bill Andrews, American Molecular Biologist


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