Why Dr. Dave’s Best Has Nothing To Do With Dr Dave Woynarowski

Ok the first thing I need to make clear to you and will undoubtedly repeat more than once in the coming months is this: On September 29th 2016 BioStem Technologies, the company that purchased certain assets of Dr Dave’s Best the year before, elected to fire me.

So as of that date anything that comes from Dr Dave’s Best has nothing to do with me. I do not endorse their products, answer questions about their emails, do customer service or in any way shape or form contribute to Dr Dave’s Best any more.

Please be 100% clear on that concept: Dr Dave’s Best has no Dr Dave Woynarowski.

As of this writing there is no chief medical officer and no chief scientific officer at this biotech company either – although if they do elect either one it is possible that individual may comment on all of the above.

For the exact same reasons ( I was fired by BioStem) I can not be involved/endorse any advertisements, offers or statements issued by BioStem Technologies. Please be clear on that as well as we move forward because if you are on Dr Dave Best email distribution you may get something from Dr Dave’s Best. That is not from me either! You will know when something comes from me because it will explicitly have my name attached, like at my new facebook page:

As you will see I will be covering many diverse topics nutracuetical, anti-aging, and health at this blog site. But there will be no product endorsements here of any kind.

I have a bunch of stuff already written so you will be getting notifications on a regular basis that a new blog has been posted.

Just be sure you do not confuse Dr Dave’s Best broadcasts with me, Dr Dave Woynarowski!!!! They are NOT RELATED any more.

As a matter of fact if you do not see Dr David Woynarowski MD on the broadcast it is not coming from me!

Ok with that in mind be ready because here it comes!

The one and only Dr Dave!



2 thoughts on “Why Dr. Dave’s Best Has Nothing To Do With Dr Dave Woynarowski”

  1. Christine Frost

    Hi Dr Dave!
    So if you are no longer affiliated with Dr Dave’s Best, where can I get supplements from you ?

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