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The Immortality Edge Packs CASE (6 Month Supply)

Dear Friend,

Before I launch into the story of my latest product, I have been reminded by several customers that they already want it and have already followed my 18-year career. So, if you are one of those thousands of people who already know my story and you want to buy the product right off the bat, here it is.

In the following piece, I want you to understand one Big Thing! I believe you can alter the course of your aging, possibly live longer, and indeed live better than you might otherwise do if, and ONLY IF you take specific steps. Those steps are not included in standard medical advice, however.*

There is an ongoing debate regarding the concept of time and aging.

Some People Seem to Age Very Slowly almost as if They are Commanding Time to Stand Still!!!

They remain attractive, active, involved, and evolving during the decades they are given than their same-aged counterparts!? If you ask them what they “do” to stay young, you get a potpourri of answers.

Some have health rituals involving sleep, meditation, exercise, or eating they have followed for years. Others say it’s just feeling good about life and enjoying every minute. Some even point to daily alcohol or sex as their savior. With all this information, what are you supposed to pick for yourself?

Sadly, you get nothing or at least nothing specific as an answer.

Scientists have used sophisticated genetic testing and other types of measurements to look for “Longevity Genes.” They have even looked at the extremely aged populations-people who live over 110 years.

They have found no such genes. What they found was that most of these people were “genetically average.” No magic genes we could cite and maybe try to infuse with gene therapy. No magical chemicals or even methylation patterns that would identify these people as “special”.

And what they also found was that the extremely well-aged had plenty of mutations in their DNA and got pretty much the same diseases as everyone else, including the ones that kill them- they just got them 30 years later!

Bottom line: genetics is not the key to YOUR Future of longevity!

So, where does that leave you and I as we try to navigate the aging process?

Well, TWO major things emerge from our study of aging.

  1. Controlling inflammation- the bottom line is that the biomarkers of inflammation are the biomarkers of aging. Even the very healthy old, older adults have lower inflammatory biomarkers than the rest of us. For those of you who want a bit more science, inflammation is an essential controller of epigenetics, the probable real culprit in the aging process.
  2. Longer life requires longer telomeres, if you have any experience with my writings over the years, you know that telomeres are considered the biologic time clocks for the cell. Studies have repeatedly shown that to get to old age healthily; you need longer than typical telomeres. But this is not the whole story. At some point, telomere length becomes a rather poor predictor of aging. How can this be? Well, read the next point!
  3. The most important thing for telomere length is not the average telomere length- it is the presence or absence of very short telomeres.


Now at this point, I need to remind you- telomeres do not contain genes, and GENES are not your Future!!!

What appears to be the accurate measure of your Future is the number of short telomeres and the amount of inflammation you have in your body.

Now I have been asking all of my clients to combat inflammation with what I consider is “normal dose” fish oil of 4 -6 grams of EPA and DHA for years. I also make a multivitamin that contains some phenomenal anti-oxidants. Even my Sleep Z formula has a potent anti-oxidant as part of its make up.

But in the past, I had several “Telomere Specific Products” on the market. Remember, I did write the very first book on Telomeres for the lay public way back in 2010 called “The Immortality Edge.” (Wiley and Sons).

When my business changed hands, all of those products went away, but I continued to learn and grow in the knowledge of how to combat and hopefully reverse aging. More importantly, I wanted to help myself, and you specifically focus on the things that matter, because there is more and more noise out there concerning the aging process and what is essential.

Speaking of noise, I should remind you of a couple of things that drove me to create a new Telomere Centric supplement.

First were the words of one Lenhard Hayflick father of the Hayflick limit, which states that the ability of the cell to continue to repair and reproduce itself depends on the effect of the telomere on cellular biology. Ultimately this translates into how long you can live because it turns into how well you can repair yourself as time goes on.

Dr. Hayflick was asked about the effects of things like calorie restriction (mTor inhibition for those of you who know about those kinds of things) and gene methylation patterns on longevity.

I am paraphrasing his answer from this conference. Still, it was this: All of this stuff is only about discovering the maximum natural life span of the organism- not extending it!

Now that is still pretty important, but you get the picture- the birth father of the telomere theory of aging is telling all of us that telomere health and function are needed for extreme longevity.

More importantly, I believe they are critical for extreme health during our later years.

Next, I want you to remember (or be aware of if you are new to my writings) the animal studies done in 2012 by Maria Blasco telomere scientist extraordinaire. Maria was able to extend the life span of middle-aged mice 20+ percent longer by lengthening their telomeres (and decreasing the number of critically short telomeres in the process). Old, old mice treated with telomerase lived 13% longer.

Now that might not sound like much but if you do the math in “human years” you are talking about adding to the natural maximum life span of 122 years (Madam Jean Calment) by those amounts. That puts us into true Life Extension territory.

But I want to stress to you the more important factor is health!

None of us are born with an expiration date stamped on our forehead. So, we cannot know how long we are destined to live. This is one among many reasons why the FTC and the FDA will always attack “longevity products.” It is truly impossible to do a study on specific individuals without knowing how long they would live if you did nothing. But we do have population-based studies on people and animal studies as well that show that telomeres are a critical key to healthy aging and long life! Pretty much every week that goes by leads to the release of yet another study that shows us just how essential telomeres are to life and health.

Now I have a confession to make!!!

I used to make a good telomere centric product; You may have been on it. It was called the Telomere Edge pack.

But the very same day my business changed hands, it became the perfect chance and reason to reformulate and improve upon everything I learned in the past ten years about aging well, aging slowly, and maybe just maybe aging in reverse!

My entire product line is different now than it was a few years ago, all based on new knowledge and new understanding of what is essential. I saved the best for last, and it’s taken me all of 2 years to finalize and release my latest telomere product- The Immortality Edge Packs.

I will let you have a look at the ingredients panel below, but it might be even more important to remember what we are trying to achieve with a telomere support pack.

Go back to the above- inflammation and telomere lengthening. Now telomere lengthening is challenging to prove, and while I am doing studies to show that it will take quite a bit longer because there are multiple ingredients in the compound that have to be accounted for. Let’s say that I believe that somewhere in the mix, there is a compound that I cannot point to for proprietary reasons that very well may act as a telomerase activator. I will say no more until I have proof.

But what I can say unequivocally is the compound is a great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory that is specifically designed by me and is unique on the market- there is nothing else like it out there at the moment and when there is it will be because they copied my formula.

Of all the things I have created, the Longevity Edge Packs are my crowning achievement to date.

I can hardly wait for you to start them and tell me about how much they are helping you in your quest for feeling and looking great!!! But act now to get the Best Ever Pricing on Subscription/ Continuity

Dr. Dave

P.S. You may have noticed I have avoided my usual long-winded scientific explanations about why telomeres are so important, which studies prove this and what you might expect based on the science.

I have done this for two reasons:

  1. I have spent the last ten years of my life writing about this, including the book published eight years ago. I have hundreds of blogs on the topic and many more on the way, so if you are not convinced yet, by all means, read the book and check out the great blogs.
  2. The FTC has ruled against a company that makes telomerase activators citing them for false advertising in terms of reversing cellular aging and any effects on disease this may have. Please, not I am not making any such claims for this product. I will refer you to Pub Med, where you can do your research and make your conclusions if my experiences as an anti-aging doc are not good enough for you.
  3. Be aware of the following. The FTC judgment against said company was very harshly worded and painted them to be charlatans and evil, but no money was awarded. That should tell you something. The judgment cited a lack of studies (go to pub med, and you will see the very same studies are indeed published) and also lack of scientific validity based on what “acknowledged experts in the field” have decided is the truth. Calvin Harley, one of the study authors, was a senior scientist at Geron for many years and is responsible for the FDA approved drug Imetelstat. Maria Blasco has published dozens of studies in peer-reviewed journals and is the head of the Spanish National Cancer Institute in Madrid. But these are not established, experts!!!???? Go figure. I will leave you to draw your conclusions on this as well, but as of this minute, aging is not considered a disease and, therefore, should not be subject to “false disease claims.” Wait until Big Pharma usurps the field after all the hard work is done, and then all of this will become OK in my non-medical opinion.

In the meantime, please read the disclaimer below and understand I am not making any anti-aging claims, claiming that my compound activates telomerase, lengthens telomeres or changes, mitigates, diagnose, or treats anything anywhere for any reason.

*Also remember! Purchasing a product from my web site does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship between us, and nothing I say should be interpreted as “medical advice.”

*Remember no medical claims are being made, no claims of modification, mitigation, treatment or diagnosis of disease are stated or implied. While the ingredients in this supplement have been tested and found to be effective in certain laboratory studies with human subjects, this specific supplement has not been tested. It therefore cannot be assumed to behave as the total of its parts according to the FDA, The FTC, the AMA and other bodies in power.

Here’s the deal. In today’s litigious society, there isn’t any way around the fact that everyone, just about everywhere, needs a disclaimer. I’m certainly no different. I offer genuine, wholehearted advice that I personally always follow myself, without exception. I take a great deal of personal pride in being my own “guinea pig” and sharing my successes with the public. With that in mind:

Disclaimer – The FDA has not evaluated these statements. None of the products or ideas listed or mentioned should be used as a substitute for medical advice or to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness. Always consult your physician before consuming any new supplements and never change any medications without his/her expressed permission. References used in this broadcast are publicly available at the links mentioned but do not constitute proof or endorsement of any of Dr. Woynarowski’s opinions or products or their efficacy. No medical claims of any kind should be interpreted, inferred, or acted on based on this information, which is for educational purposes.

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