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Dear Friend,

If you’ve been out of sorts over this past year and you’re questioning whether or not it’s still possible to make something of your life, much less something miraculous or amazing … then hark onto me. Why? Because what you are going to read in this letter is about to change your life in positive, dramatic ways.

Although you know me as Dr. Dave Woynarowski, one of the world’s top anti-aging physicians and pioneers, the guy who popularized the daily use of pharmaceutical grade fish oil almost 20 years ago, and wrote the definitive book on telomeres, The Immortality Edge,  there’s a lot more I’m involved in that will probably be of great interest to you.

For starters, not only am I an International best-selling author who has spoken before sold-out audiences on the subject of longevity, I also advise many world-renowned celebrities who have accompanied me on my many voyages. 

On top of that, in addition to the numerous anti-aging supplements I have scientifically formulated over the years, I was awarded the Internal Medicine Best Teacher Award two years in a row.

I also put my body to the test on a daily basis. Although how I train has gone through many changes, I can proudly say that I have run marathons and ultra-marathons (one of them, the Canadian Death Race, a 125-kilometer jaunt through the Canadian Rockies).

Over the years I have also trained in powerlifting, practiced mixed martial arts, various flexibility and mobility systems, as well as yoga. In fact, when the world is in panic mode, I have calmly added a 1200 square foot wooden exercise deck to the back of my home. Building my exercise deck was a major project that took me weeks to complete – and what’s special about it is that I had zero help and zero carpentry experience prior to beginning and literally used my intuition to figure out how to build it. On a daily basis I received intuitive downloads telling me how to build the deck – and I followed these hunches to build something that serves me and my clients well.

To simplify the process, I formed a vision and worked until I brought it into being – something I will be teaching you as well.

What I’ve Learned in My World Travels

In addition to the above, I have traveled the world in search of the best information available, not just on anti-aging, but in the fields of self-development and healing as well. I have learned from the best in their respective fields, including those who teach you how to form a vision, use your intuition, eliminate fearful, worrisome, nervous thoughts and clear emotional trauma with various forms of exercise and meditation, while taking action to finish the job with far greater speed and ease.

Perhaps my greatest skill, though, is my ability to have a heart-to-heart with others, looking into their eyes, examining their level of energy, then telling them where they are going in life – or where the truly want to go if they want to enjoy their life.

I first became aware of this skill when I was a teenager, but I suppressed it for many years for fear of being labeled a kook or weirdo.

But due to the success I have had when I’m working with clients who are open-minded and are ready to go for it, I was able to permanently break the chains that were holding me back. Now with this skill set turned on full throttle, this is going to be a huge benefit for you, if you are someone who will allow me to mentor and guide you.

The Day I Lost My Older Brother

Speaking of healing emotional trauma, something that’s definitely needed in today’s day and age, one of the core experiences of my early life that shaped my destiny was when I lost my older brother, John.

From a young age, John, and I were groomed to follow in my father’s footsteps. We were to become medical doctors. It was our family tradition.

It would be impossible for me to ever forget the day when I received the horrifying news that John had died in a car accident. He was 27 years of age; I was 21. To say that I was shook as well as shocked by the news would be an understatement. The pain and grief I felt was unimaginable.

I don’t know how my father was able to go on afterward. I guess it was all the medical training he had, where you regularly had to break the bad news to people in an unemotional way.

My father didn’t speak much about John’s death, or what might have led to his fateful accident, but I could feel the pain in his every move, word and gesture. Each day he would keep himself busy, not only seeing patients, but working in the garden at home.

When a tragedy such as this happens in a family, oftentimes the other children can live with survivor’s guilt. We ask ourselves, why him and not ME?

In my case, I stifled the grief and trauma and doubled my desire to make my parents proud. John would not be able to fulfill my father’s dream – but I WOULD. And by becoming a doctor, harmony would be restored to our home, and this would give my father and mother something to feel good about.

Yes, I became an M.D. It was an achievement my parents were proud of, and one that I should have felt good about as well. To a certain extent, I did, but in many other respects, I DIDN’T.

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why. And then one day the answer was obvious. It wasn’t MY GOAL; it was my father’s. And if I was ever going to be happy… and FREE, I had to come up with a goal that was 100 percent mine.

From that moment onward, I worked as a physician by day and studied a new and emerging field that I could intuitively foresaw was going to be HUGE. That field was “anti-aging.”

Almost no one had heard of it in the 1990’s and when I spoke to my father about it, he dismissed the idea. I tried to tell him about all the research I had done on fish oil and other superfood supplements, but he showed no interest. Even so, I would not be deterred. I silently kept studying while envisioning that one day, somehow, I was going to break free of the chains that bound me. Eventually, I was going to stop seeing patients in the clinic. In place of it, I was going spread the enormous benefits of anti-aging medicine around the world and do so from the comfort of my home.

The whole world became my clinic; a clinic without walls.

As these profound insights about anti-aging medicine came to me, I was gaining confidence in my intuitive ability to look into the future and see what was going to be hot. I continued to keep most of my abilities under wraps, until a sunny June afternoon in the summer of 1999.

I was walking along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with Matt Furey, when he was in the beginning years of what would be a gigantic leap forward as one of the original Internet Entrepreneurs.

I had gone to Matt’s grappling seminar in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, the summer before, to clear my mind of the trauma from going through an agonizing divorce. Matt knew nothing about me at the time. He didn’t even realize I was an M.D., but like myself, I noticed he had an ability to see things before they happened.

In this particular case, when a fellow attendee, who was much more experienced than me, was getting ready to put a vicious arm-lock on me that would have dislocated my elbow, Matt stepped in and stopped the action one-hundredth of a second before it happened.

I was stunned that I wasn’t the only one in the room who could see something coming before it manifested.

I wrote Matt after the event, thanked him for protecting me, then poured my heart out to him on paper. To my surprise, Matt called me back and we talked and talked about the invisible factors that make for a successful life.

The following summer, I attended Matt’s camp in Edinboro once again. Before the camp began though, I asked Matt if I could meet him in person for some private coaching.

Matt obliged. And that’s how we ended up having our walk and talk along the Monongahela River. Matt spent several hours with me, showing me various martial technqiues, how to put them on and how to get out of them. And then we began to walk around the park to take in the fresh air and view.

As we walked and talked, I saw something in Matt’s future and blurted it out. “If I were you,” I stated, “I would look at putting out a book and videos on all the bodyweight exercises you teach. These are going to be hot one day soon. There’s going to be a resurgence of this type of exercise in the near future and you will be a pioneer in making it happen.”

To my surprise, Matt didn’t say a word. He just listened and nodded. That was all he appeared to be doing.

Yet, six months later, when Matt published his international best-seller, Combat Conditioning, I knew he did more than listen. He took action.

The Day I Lost My Dad

About a year after Matt and I walked along the Monongahela River, my father passed away. I was 40 years of age at the time and felt that my father could have lived a lot longer if he had listened to a few of the ideas I was trying to tell him about anti-aging medicine.

I called Matt again. By that time, he was living in Florida. I asked if I could come down and train with him for a few days. He agreed.

This scenario of me going to see Matt repeated itself several times over the next several years.

When we trained together, Matt would always guide me through a series of standing Qi Gong postures. We would go out on his back deck and stand in the shade as we gazed off into the distance, breathing deeply and relaxing.

One morning, at the completion of the standing portion of our training, I told Matt how I was seeing the future. He nodded. That was it.

At first, I thought Matt might disapprove of what I said, but as I learned, “He’s just that way.”

Over the years, I came to realize that just as I saw the future of Matt’s book, Combat Conditioning, I also saw the future of anti-aging medicine, including pharmaceutical grade fish oil, mushroom supplementation, telomeres, ketogenic dieting, intermittent fasting, and much more…

Now here’s the stunning truth: All of the above, although great, means less to me than my ability to pass the secrets I have learned and discovered on to YOU, so that you, too, can break free from the chains that have been holding you back.

Everyone Needs a Coach

One of the key realizations I have lived over the years is the importance of having a coach. In fact, although I have mentioned one of my coaches in this letter, the truth is I have had many, many coaches over the past thirty years, and I continue to seek even more instruction than ever before because I want to continually grow and expand.

I’ve had running coaches, strength coaches, mobility coaches, yoga coaches, tennis coaches and more.  

I’ve even added a guitar coach, and this one is a dream come true because the coach is someone I have admired, from afar, from the day I picked up my first guitar. He’s helped me improve way beyond anything I could have previously imagined.

My point is this: Without coaching, I’d be running on a treadmill to nowhere. The coaches do far more than spoon-feed me; they open and expand my mind so that I can come up with ideas on my own, such as the deck I built, and complete them.

The most important coach of all is the one who teaches you how to break free from your former self, the one who knows how to help you heal from the trauma of your past, the one who helps you become all you can become in any area of your life.

And that’s why I’m telling you about the coaching program I have specifically designed to help you shatter and break from anything and everything that may be holding you back.

This all-new coaching program is called Breaking the Chains and it will take you from where you are from where you want to be.

There are two levels of involvement, each of which are designed to make your life into the masterpiece you want it to be. You can begin by getting your feet wet – or you can jump into this experience with me.  

Please take a few minutes to fill out the application shown below and I’ll be in touch.

Dr. Dave

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