Question & Answer with Dr. Dave Woynarowski

Well my friend its telecon time again!

It’s certainly been a while and I very much look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and of course I’ve got something new to tell you about!

I am focused on customer appreciation for this one, and helping you so reply to this email with your questions and I will answer them.

The event will take place Monday night October 30 at 9 PM EDT.

I am having it a little later than usual so you can get the kids out trick or treating, you’ll know the likely outcome of the football game, and if you are west coast, you can get home from work!

The format will be a brief lecture on a very important anti-aging and regenerative medicine topic and a new product intro (Yes! There will be introductory savings as well!)

I’ll give you a brief update on the stem cell and telomere stuff as well so you can know what I’ve been up to to help stave off Father Time!

The rest of it is all you and I will stay on for as long as I can to answer everyone’s questions.

So, sign up here and join me on Monday night 9 PM EDT

See you then!!!

Dr Dave

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