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“I got my latest order of Dr Dave’s Products today. Given my past sucesses with Regenerizer ( weight loss, fat burning, and much more energy) I really tore into the box, I could hardly wait to get at it again. I had foolishly tried Stacker 2. what a joke compared to REGENERIZER! Also thanks for the great Fish Oil. There is no other fish oil like it out there. Omega Brite and Sears labs don’t come close! My allergies are much better and so are my migraines. You are saving me hundreds in prescription bills and wasted trips to the vitamin store.”
Joan Wise
Austin, TX

I am a police officer (Los Angeles County Police Department), obviously in California. I have always maintained my fitness through the years. As I had been experiencing a higher level of stress due to my assignment (Patrol FTO-Field Training Officer) and I was about to turn 40, I began to wonder if I was really doing as much as possible to maintain my health.

I used the Combat Conditioning Course and in turn was introduced to Dr Dave’s Website. Due to my investigative nature, I read the information in the website and the daily e-tips for a month before I began to purchase Fish Oil Capsules from him. It wasn’t until the 3rd month of taking Fish Oil that I began to notice significant changes in my physique, attitude and stress level.

They all changed for the better. I recently began with my 10th trainee in less than 2 years. I also began to preach the benefits to my partners and most importantly my parents and family who could use the fine products offered by you, Dr. Dave. I started on the fitness path a long time ago and now with your help, I will stay fit for life!
Vince Fontes

I can’t begin to express my gratitude. I have written before, but I still have to gush!! I began taking your supplements many many moons ago. I started with the Fish Oil, spread my wings with the Instant Brain Power, Regenerizer and Instant Endurance. Eventually I made my way to the Hercules Factor.

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference your knowledge and commitment has made in my life! I have lost a ton of body fat and gained a ton of self esteem and motivation in my life. I recently competed in my first figure competition! I didn’t place very well, but damnit I just turned 40 and I look fabulous!

This afternoon I just received bar exam results. I took the exam this past July, 15 years after graduating from law school and 10 years after quitting work to stay home and raise my two beautiful daughters. I passed the exam!!!!!! I would like to think that your Instant Brain Power had some part in that. Thanks Dr. Dave!”
Pam J.
Flower Mound, TX

No more stress, no more headaches and no more colds!

I was seriously lacking energy and the stress from running my own business was getting me down. I found that Regenerizer gave me lots of extra energy, so mush that I even hit two home runs at our church softball game, which is unusual for me. The Regenerizer took care of the queasy stomach that I know was from stress.

Sleep wizard took care of my sleep issues and the winter flu fighter pack took care of the flu bugs. In fact, I went off the flu fighter pack one summer for a few weeks and wouldn’t you know that I picked up a summer colds from my friends. I then made the decision to take the flu fighter pack all year and I’ve had hardly a sniffle since!

I think I am calmer and can think better since my energy level is up and the fish oil and Regenerizer help me manage my stress. I’ve noticed very little fish taste and no problems whatsoever with digestion. In fact, I think my digestive system improved…these supplements work plain and simple, no imagination needed to see and feel the improvements.

A few added benefits to share with you:
I no longer need pain pills for my headaches
My wife had warts for 12 years and after a few months on your products they all disappeared!
Who needs drugs or Big Pharma when you have Dr Dave’s Best!?
B. Strunk

I’ve been telling everyone I know how much I love Sleep Wizard and I thought it was time that I tell you too. I take fish oil and I know it is improving my health long term and I can see the difference in my skin and hair but it is the Sleep Wizard that I love! I don’t have a chronic problem with sleeplessness but like most people work and family sometimes leave me feeling stressed and unable to sleep as I replay the day or worry about tomorrow. On those occasions where I just can’t relax and get to sleep I call on the Wizard to rescue me. Unlike any other sleep aid I have taken before, Sleep Wizard doesn’t put me in a drug induced coma it just helps me relax and have a great night’s sleep. In the morning I wake up refreshed and ready to go, not groggy and “hung over”. Please never stop making this because I know I sleep better just knowing it is in my medicine cabinet when I need it!

All my life, the one wall I have consistently hit has been my personal energy level. Nothing I’ve tried… exercise, diet, meditation, even prescription drugs from my personal physician… have helped me get the energy level I need. See, I often have ideas that are bigger than the energy I have to implement them! Regenerizer has solved that for me. Not only am I able to follow through on what I intend to on a consistent basis, but I actually feel better after working hard – or playing hard – than I ever have before. What a terrific product!

“If I didn’t know that there is a scientific basis behind Instant Endurance, I would be tempted to call it ‘magical!” As an entrepreneur and creative person, my most valuable time is when I can get ‘in the zone.’ Meaning, totally focused on what I’m doing. That’s true whether I’m working one-on-one with clients or by myself developing new material. Instant Endurance somehow gives me the option (actually, the INSTANT option) of slipping into the zone and easily focusing totally on what I’m doing. You could write a story about me called ‘How the Guy with the Grasshopper Mind Shifted to Laser-Beam Mode,’ and the hero of the story would be your product. Thanks so much.”
David Garfinkel
Business Mentor, Author, Copywriting Templates
San Francisco, CA

“Hi, my name is Gary and I started using Dr. Dave’s Fish Oil supplement about a month ago. I am 54 years old and have energy I have not seen for over 8 years. I lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks and expect to lose a lot more, but more importantly I have the desire and confidence to do so. I have since reordered more Dr. Dave’s Fish Oil and added his Regenerizer and Instant Endurance supplements to the order. Dr. Dave’s Fish Oil is truly remarkable! Thanks, Dr. Dave.”
Gary Sarver
Covington, LA

“First and foremost thank you for taking the time to respond to my email queries. An extreme rarity in any business. Anyway I felt the need to write and tell you about the results I felt when I started taking your Pharmaceutical grade fish oil and I must say I was amazed.

To start with a noticed an increase in appetite, endurance and mental focus as well finding it easier to sleep at night. I no longer go thru the old toss and turn business I used to experience, now I hit the sack and am out like a light. But I feel the more amazing results I have received apart the ability to drop the pounds and rebuild my six pack 🙂

On top of this I feel so much more calmer and energetic. I now have my wife and kids taking them and the in laws are soon to become your new customers too.”
Paul Almeida

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  1. Dr. Dave,
    I saw your video from the Longevity Conference. I am intrigued. I am 51 years old and very young at heart. Unfortunately, my body shows my age. My skin is my greatest concern. It is so wrinkled, with age spots, stretch marks and sagging skin. It looks much older than my age. My question to you is what can I take to improve my skin? After losing over 100 pounds, I am 25 pounds from my goal weight. The thing is that I am afraid to lose more due to my skin. I know there is help for this. Please help me.

    Debi Darshan]

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