Managing the Magic of You Microbiome

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You may be wondering the role the microbiome plays in your health.  The obvious role is in your gut health but the effects of the microbiome reach far and wide in your body.

Let’s start with absorption of all those Great Longevity Edge supplements you are taking!

The microbiome is responsible for maintaining the acid/alkaline content of the gut, the way things are absorbed and even metabolized (metabolism starts in the gut with the initial processing of what you take in happening BEFORE you absorb anything!).

Then there is its’ role in obesity.  The microbiome processes food and makes short chain fatty acids which then are taken in by the intestines and feed YOU. Specifically, you are at least 20% fed by bacterial metabolites that are affected by the specifics of what you take in! Certain foods including the artificial sweetener saccharin produce MORE fat even though they have zero calories.  In other words, you bacteria can make calories by processing foods you cannot! This is the reason why some people eating diet foods/sodas etc get fatter on their diets!

Another huge huge role is immunity.  The bacteria help with what is known as antigen processing to the gut immune system which is in direct contact with your over all immunity. Poor gut bacteria health, poor immune health or even possible an auto-immune disease.

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Here’s to your (Gut) health!


Dr Dave

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