Save Your Skin with Stem Cell Based Serum

Today I have something Brand Spanking New and on Sale for YOU! New Product Announcement!

Well, if you’ve been following my emails at all you know that I am a creative lad.  But creation takes manifestation and there in lies the rub! A lot of the deadlines I have been given by my scientists and manufacturers have come and gone and we are still waiting for my creations.

Except One!!!

We just took delivery of my all new and much awaited Stem Cell Based Skin Serum.

Now the retail price after the launch will be $129.95 + shipping but you can get it at the hugely discounted price of $99.95 with free shipping in CONUS.

This product contains no cells but rather the liposomes that are made by healthy young stem cells.

I have been using it along with our Beta testers for 2 months now and I love it. As a matter of fact, I personally ran out a few days ago so guess who snatched a few bottles from the newly delivered stock.

One caveat: This product is made by my scientists in labs near our stem cell clinic in Guadalajara. Because of the time it takes to grow the cells we have a VERY Limited Supply and we are NOT putting it on continuity subscription until our bio reactor is up in full force and can grow more cells faster to produce more liposomes in the media. So, the caveat is: If you want it at its lowest price and you want enough of it to last, buy it IN Quantity because its first come first served!

Like the many stem cell-based products I have released over the past 6 years this one will sell like hot cakes! So, don’t delay Save Your Skin Now!!!  And save Money Now!!!



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