Making the Most of Your Mitochondria

If you believe the science stories, once upon a time a hungry anaerobic cell (one that did not use oxygen efficiently for fuel) came across an oxygen user and decided to make a snack out of it.  Yum!!!

A short while later the anaerobe got what would be the equivalent of tummy aches and began to belch.  This was a new experience because not ever having consumed much oxygen there was no air to burp!

In the meantime, the oxygen user was so used to high oxidative stress that the belly of the beast that ate it seemed more like a home than a death trap.

Eventually through biochemical adaptation the 2 organisms lived in harmony-each recognizing strengths and weaknesses and giving up things so a perfect symbiosis was born.

The new hybrid organism could thrive in the rapidly oxygen enriching atmosphere of Earth over 2 billion years ago. Or so the story goes.  Eventually more and more of these organisms realized they could talk to each other and form more complex systems if they shared the load.

Humans came along much later but the basic symbiosis that centers around the mitochondria still lives and thrives in each of us.

Until we start to age that is.

Slowly but inexorably the dangerous friend wins the contest and the mitochondria begin to leak free radicals and become inefficient at handling energy.

We get older, slower and less efficient.

Worse, we feel it!

I have created 2 supplements to combat this age old feeling of old age.

The first is designed to give your mitochondria a leg up on free radical damage by providing it with High Potency Co Q and the fantastic oxygen scavenger, tocotrienol.  It’s called Mito QE and its unique among Co Q containing supplements.

The second is Energy X MAXX which supplies the end product of mitochondrial respiration, ATP for increased energy, increased physical performance and recovery.

Try them both together for maximum benefit and get rid of that Age Old Feeling of Feeling Old!

Here’s to staying younger longer!


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