Minding Your Mitochondria!

There is a lot to look after..

In the body when it comes to healthy aging.

One of the most common yet most overlooked places for improvement is in the cellular powerhouses known as mitochondria.

Several years back I read a book written in Germany and translated into English that convinced me we are way way behind over here in understanding the role of mitochondria in health and disease.

The mitochondria are the powerhouses that determine how much energy each cell, and thus each of us has to do the things we want to do. They also determine how we “feel” about them. In other words, can we do the thing without exhaustion and do the thing to completion. I will leave you to fill in the blanks but whether its yard work or sex the mitochondria have a huge role.

They also have a huge role in determining the fate of the cell because as the cell ages certain signals (many originating from the telomere) influence how much and how well the mitochondria can participate in repair jobs, or whether they behave like a “phaser on overload” from Star Trek and blow the cell up.

They play a gigantic role

In what is known as the senescent activated phenotype which is a kind of domino effect where one cell poisons another and that cell poisons another and so on and so forth making aging a self-fulfilling prophecy!

If this sounds vaguely familiar its because you’ve heard variations on this theme since 2010 when I first wrote the Immortality Edge. Nothing has changed although just like the book, things have become “more true” as the science and research has advanced.

Now for the “OK Doc what do I do about it?!” Well one thing we know happens in the mitochondria is a loss of its ability to generate power due to some key ingredients that lead to increased oxidation and free radical signaling (in this case damage!).

Key player here is COQ 10 in its reduced form.

A Key anti-oxidant here is tocotrienols which also have telomerase activating ability. I have combined these 2 things into a unique, easy to use supplement called Toco Q that has everything you need and nothing you don’t

Unlike so many “latest and greatest” these supplements are not rushed to market because of a single rat or mouse study. There are human studies and some countries use CO Q 10 as a drug for heart failure and stroke.

We don’t yet but again we are way behind on applying mitochondria biology and as of yet Big Pharma has not bothered to make a drug out of the above (thank god!).

But whether it’s gardening or sex I bet you could do with more energy and healthier mitochondria for healthy aging!

It’s easy to forget them but the consequences are not fun.

If you are not on daily Toco Q sign up now and try it for at least 3 months! There is a huge reason I put this into my Daily Dose Pack, it can benefit just about everyone!!


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