Daily Dose Pack

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Daily Dose Pack

Over the years, I have been asked, “Doc, what if I only want to take the essentials of your products?”

Usually these inquiries come from people who are fairly healthy, not extremely athletic and not too hardcore in their personalities- but they ARE hardcore about their desire for quality nutrition! They’re looking for the best quality supplements to put in their bodies on a daily basis, and to fit that need, I created the Daily Dose Pack.

The practical, versatile Daily Dose Pack contains:

At retail, this would cost you almost $200, but in order to make the essentials available to you at the best possible price we offer this discounted bundle.

If you are looking for what you need to cover all your nutritional bases, this pack contains the essential Omega-3 fatty acids, and all the vitamins, minerals and age fighters I could think of for optimal health, as well as a whopping dose of those ever-so-important purple antioxidants from Mother Nature’s most potent berry.

For daily health maintenance, this is the one you can count on!

P.S. Please note that if you are already on continuity (our Subscribe & Save Plan) for some of these products, you may be getting redundant orders of product if you do not notify us of your desire to change your order. Please contact us to make sure.


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