Restocking Sale

Well, it was only 11 months since we ordered the production of and paid for Energy X Maxx.

Hurray for the Supply Chain/Covid Crisis!

Yeah, I know this is all old news but this was the actual excuse “they” used.

Here is the real situation: The product is made of some rarer things that have not been used in combination by anyone else. This means that it’s a special order that requires special handling and has a low profit margin compared to a GNC order, not that we use suppliers and labs that deal with GNC, but you get the picture.

As I have mentioned several times, being special and different is now a liability.

But for the moment, we are celebrating the return of our wonderful product with a buy 3 get one free sale for the next day only! Just add 3 to your cart to get the discount. This includes subscription orders (the 4th one will always be free for as long as you have the subscription!)

This also marks the potential return of a complete line up as Male Maxx X is due in a few weeks as well.

On the flip side, we have to raise the price of once again, and unfortunately have to put cases on backorder (except for our subscription customers) until we get new stock in.

That happens on the 15th so if you want to save and get the old price on the world’s best Fish Oil buy it now. If you are a continuity subscription customer your price will not change so you might want to consider that route now.

We have never raised the price on our continuity/subscription customers ever so there are people out there still paying 2004 prices and getting them.

We may lose money but in the long run our customer loyalty has been priceless.

Let me take a moment to Thank You!

So many small businesses have passed into oblivion in the past 2 years its scary. The exact figure varies but it has been placed at over 250,000!

Thanks to your Loyalty we have not been one of them!

With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Dr Dave

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