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Supports Heart Health | Brain Development | Reduces Inflamation

TOP SELLER for nearly two decades. We are committed to delivering the most effective, pure omega oils on the market today. This is the Fish Oil all others are measured against!

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Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

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I call it weapons grade Fish Oil – super potent 85% minimum content, molecularly distilled to remove toxins – the pinnacle and culmination of decades of research.

My name is Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD, and I have been around the fish oil scene for over 20 years. I have seen, read, listened, and debated with some of the great minds in the field. I have lectured to doctors all over the world on the topic of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil and Human Health.

I have seen the industry grow from a small boutique cottage type thing into a virtual juggernaut of human health.

And while you may never have heard of me, you have read my words copied, plagiarized, and otherwise all over the internet. I am confident I have had a large hand in the growth of the fish oil industry.

As you might have guessed, there are stories to tell you about what is real and what is lies. What is scientific fact, and what is marketing hyperbole? What will help you, and what may harm you.

 And no matter what you believe or who you listen to understand this:

Having an adequate amount of Omega 3 in your body is the most critical step to a better, healthier life that you can take.

Now pull up a chair and let me tell you how it all started!

Back in 1976. I was getting ready to head off to college. I will never forget the day my dad came home with a big jug of fish oil. He had just read the work of one Dr. Dyerborg who found that the Inuit had minimal heart disease even though they ate a high-fat diet*

So, my dad, being a family physician, decided to try it for himself. Of course, the rest of the family was enlisted as guinea pigs. Now I have to tell you this stuff was awful. It smelled horrible. It gave everyone terrible belching fits, and lord only knows what else we did not talk about.

 Finally, after about two weeks, I sheepishly admitted to my Dad that I had stopped his precious fish oil!!!

I will never forget how he giggled when he admitted to me that he had lasted exactly two days on the stuff!

It turns out I was the only one who persevered and stuck with it that long. Little did I know then that the seeds of my future had been planted. Little did I know that for a significant portion of my adult life, I would be named “DR. FISH OIL.”


Little did I know that FISH OIL would save my life!!!!

That happened many years later but still a long time ago.

It was the year 2000, during one of the worst flu epidemics I can remember in my area.

All the doctors in my office were working overtime and easily seeing 60+ patients a day. Now remember this was back in the days of private practice long before hospitals owned everyone, and insurance company bean counter stood in your doorway to make sure you were “being productive”!


During one of these visits, I experienced one of the strangest phenomena of my life.

I was listening to what had to have been the 50th flu patient that day.

Headaches, muscle aches, lightheadedness, intolerance to light, the list went on and on along with the upper respiratory symptoms. Those I did not have, but it seemed like as the very words came out of this gentleman’s mouth, I was afflicted with those exact symptoms. I had to put my head down. I felt so close to passing out.

Somehow, I managed to finish the visit, but not before the patient said, “Hey Doc, you look worse than I feel!”

I immediately went to be checked out by the nursing staff, expecting to have a blood pressure that was bottoming out and causing my lightheadedness.

I was shocked and surprised when my nurse announced that my blood pressure was 220/110!

That is super high. One of my partners wanted to put me in the hospital for fear of a stroke!

When I left the office that day, I became a patient, and man did I get my comeuppance! I started on two different blood pressure pills. That did not touch my pressure.

When it was all said and done, I wound up on five different blood pressure pills plus a water pill and a potassium supplement.

It was all I could do to finish a day of work. Otherwise, I just ate and slept. I was so tired from all the pills. That is when I realized what many of my patients had been telling me first hand. Prescription drugs have side effects not described in the package inserts.

The fatigue and exhaustion were awful. The worst part of it was my blood pressure was still way too high.

I knew I had to get off these pills or face a life not worth living. But I sure didn’t want to have a stroke in my early 40’s either.

That is when I remembered the beneficial effects of fish oil. At the time, the results of Omega 3 on blood pressure were not well described, but it was worth a shot. I read everything I could find on fish oil and realized that no matter what happened, I was probably Omega 3 deficient. A simple test to define this had not yet been invented, but I decided to go “high dose” for a while and see if it helped.

Boy did it*

Eventually, I was able to stop all of my blood pressure pills and have never had anything remotely resembling high blood pressure again! But all was not roses in fish oil land! The oil was of low grade, and frankly, even the “best stuff” caused all kinds of problems with burping and having to take 20 pills a day just to get a decent amount in my bloodstream.

That is when I decided the world needed a better fish oil. At the time, I came out with my original Pharmaceutical Grade Formula. Since that time, there have been several upgrades and improvements until the product you see now- The Longevity Edge Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, which is among the purest and most potent products anywhere in the world.

I call it weapons-grade fish oil.

The 2 significant advantages of taking my Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil:

  1. It is super potent at 85% minimum content for the essential oils EPA and DHA (pharmaceutical grade!)
  2. It is molecularly distilled to the point of vanishingly small amounts of toxins. The toxins are so small that a “less than” sign exists in front of many of the measurements. This means we can’t say “zero” because the instruments do not measure any farther down. So, we can only legally say “less than”!

I believe this product is the absolute pinnacle and culmination of over a decade and a half of research.


Thousands of people have taken this Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil with enormous benefits and continue to do so.


The best news is that while most Americans and people in Western Society will still require a couple of pills a day (I recommend 4 to 6 caps a day for most people), you don’t need the handfuls I had to take back in the day.

So that is the story of how this came about. You now know everything you need to decide if you are worth the BEST there is. But I have other stories for you about Omega 3’s that I think you should know. These are things I have learned from years in the field.


So here is everything else and more you could want to know about Ultra Potent Fish Oil in a FAQ format:


What is the correct daily dosage of fish oil, and how should it be taken?


Answer: The typical dosage is between 4 and 6 capsules a day. This is based on populations based studies invoking what is known as the “Land’s Ratio” after Dr. Bill Lands, the scientist who pioneered the blood tests for Omega 3 and its counterpart Omega 6. 

The primary issue body size is not the correct dosing for Fish Oil is the amount of opposing Omega 6 intake of your diet. Some foods high in Omega 6 levels are Vegetable oils like corn and safflower. Avocado has one of the top single Omega 6 doses around. Most processed foods are loaded with inflammatory Omega 6’s. While we do need some, we do not need nearly as much as we are getting.

Fish oil is an essential fat and is often absorbed better with food. It is not necessary to take it with food, but if you are prone to things like fish burp or loose bowels, this will help a lot.


What are the typical Side effects of taking Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil?


Answer: Many people will experience transient or no side effects. The most common stem from the effect of Omega 3’s on the Gastro-Intestinal tract. These can include burping, reflux, or loose bowels. This has nothing to do with the freshness of the fish oil. Fish oil is causing the release of some gut hormones that speed up gut transit time to a small degree, and some people are more sensitive to these effects than others. In general, it is wise to build up to the recommended doses slowly over a few weeks rather than dive right into six a day if you are not used to it.

Also, putting fish oil in the freezer often helps to decrease or eliminate these side effects. We use a unique proprietary flavoring to reduce unpleasant tastes.

Fish oil can act as a blood thinner. If you are on aspirin or other blood thinners such as coumadin, you should consult your doctor about dose and potential interference with your medicine.

If you are scheduled for surgery, stop your fish oil two weeks prior and do not restart until your doctor has permitted you.


Is it possible to take too much Pharmaceutical grade fish oil?


Answer: Show me a population of people, and I will show you someone who has to take too much of anything. It is possible to take too much of anything. If you find you bruise very quickly or it takes a long time to stop the bleeding from minor cuts, you are taking too much.

That said, there is an easy commercially available Omega 3 blood level test available online from various sources. It is a good idea to test now and again to see if you are where you should be.


Isn’t krill better than pharmaceutical-grade fish oil?


Answer- It’s only better if you sell krill. 

There have been no studies on clinical outcomes that show the superiority of krill to fish oil. There have even been ad campaigns that have been shut down because of false claims to that effect. The usual argument is that krill is a phospholipid, and this is the membrane storage form of Omega 3’s. This is true, but it does not mean anything. Omega 3’s go through all kinds of healthy and natural conversions in the body to become numerous other essential intermediates. To assume that one form is better than the other is not to understand how Fish Oil works in the body. Also, my testing of some famous krill brands has revealed high levels of arsenic and other heavy metals that are considered toxic. You will rarely see a purity or toxicology report on krill for this reason.


Isn’t krill or natural triglyceride form better than ethyl ester?


AnswerOnly if you are selling krill or “natural triglyceride.” Ironically the ethyl ester form of fish oil has been on the market longer than the other types, which are hyped as more natural. Some have even gone so far as to say that the ethyl ester form is not natural and not fish oil. Again, this is pure marketing hype. There is a species of shrimp in the North Atlantic that is harvested for food called Calanus. This species has almost exclusively ester forms of Omega 3 in its “natural” form. The cleaning and distillation process indeed changes the triglyceride nature of fish oil to the ethyl ester form. This also allows it to be concentrated to stronger doses and cleans out the toxins. What do you want? Lower doses and more toxins or something that is “natural,” according to the people that sell it.

The ethyl ester form is the most studied form of fish oil out there in terms of thousands of medical and scientific studies. This is invariably the form of fish oil they are describing in the studies unless they specifically mention otherwise. If I had to guess, I would say there are 100X more studies on ethyl ester forms of fish oil than any other, including natural triglyceride, phospholipid, or triglyceride forms. Also, many of the studies on the less popular types have to be sponsored by the companies that make them because the scientists have used the ethyl ester form as the gold standard for so long they see no reason to look at the others.


Dr. Dave, I saw on the internet that ethyl ester fish oil melts Styrofoam. Isn’t that bad?!!!


Answer: Only if you regularly consume Styrofoam as part of your diet. 

Styrofoam is a human-made non-organic material. Any organic oil will melt it, including olive oil, lemon oil, and oregano oil. Triglyceride Fish oil will generally NOT melt Styrofoam because it is too low in concentration (33% is the most fish oil you can get from triglycerides) as opposed to the higher potency ethyl ester. Many triglyceride fish oils have a sizeable amount of Omega 6 in them. That is like driving a car pressing on the gas and the brake at the same time!


Isn’t it true that Pharmaceutical Grade Fish oil goes rancid in your body?


Answer: If by rancid, you mean “oxidized” that happens to any fat in the body. Fish oil is “polyunsaturated,” which makes it more susceptible to oxidation in the body. But it’s not like you are going to smell like rotten fish. Many components of the body have to be either recycled or replaced. Essential oils like the EPA and DHA that makeup fish oil are imperative because you MUST get them from diet- they are not recycled in the body. Thus, when they do “wear out” as they will, the main thing that determines whether you are less healthy is the ability to replace them with non-oxidized fish oil. It’s not like some permanent rust settles into your body that damages it the way some internet marketers have suggested. Just remember to take your fish oil daily, and you need never worry about having an adequate supply of non-oxidized or “rancid” fish oil in your body. My fish oil comes in so low on the Toto (total oxidation standard) and the KOH standards that it is at least 4X lower than the norm.

This gives it a minimum shelf life of about 18 -24 months if stored in a cool, dry place.


What medical conditions has Pharmaceutical grade fish oil helped?


Let me start with a disclaimer here. The following (or the above!) does not constitute medical advice and should not be interpreted as such. The following conditions have scientific studies shown to benefit from fish oil. Medical consensus does not exist for all of them

  • Vascular heart disease
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis both Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
  • High triglycerides
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Auto-Immune disorders
  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Multiple Personality Disorders
  • Dementia both Alzheimer and Vascular
  • Schizophrenia
  • Pregnancy-related disorders
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Many many more!!!!


What about all the old stuff you wrote, where is that?


Answer: I have been writing on this topic for 15 years. I have written over 17,000 emails, 6000 blogs, 100 podcasts, and numerous interviews on the subject of Omega 3 Fish oil. If you want to look for it, it’s on the blog. You will note I have toned down the rhetoric quite a bit these days. This is because the FTC and the FDA have increased their scrutiny of people like me who challenge the traditional medical dogma.

I make the Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish oil you can buy. There is none purer, none more meaningfully potent and none better anywhere. I have taken what I make for 15 years.

All the Best in Your Health and Happiness,

Dr. Dave


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12 reviews for Ultra Potent Fish Oil

  1. Nadine Logan

    My journey with Dr. Dave began in 2010, with a single bottle of his Ultra Fish Oil. It literally changed the way I view supplements. Not only does Dr. Dave insist on manufacturing responsibly, in a sustainable fashion, but he makes the best supplements I’ve been able to find. You know when your supplements from longevity edge show up, you are getting the highest quality ingredients that have a lifetime of doctor research behind it. Dr. Dave is truly a scientist at heart, and his emails explain his research in an easy to read (for a non medical professional!) manner. There is no other fish oil on the market that works as well as this one does, at least for me.

  2. Mariam Maral

    Absolutely no reflux after taking capsule, unlike the product I was using before. This is the only way I’ll ever take fish oil from now on

  3. Ari Daniel

    My wife and I have been on Dr. Dave’s fish oil since 2006 and we love it. I certainly can feel the difference when I am on Doc’s fish oil. We’ve done tons of research (not near what Dr. Dave has, but we’re only mere mortals!) and we know how important DHA and EPA are for our health especially as we get older. We are both 71 now and would not be without our fish oil. Best of all the website is easy to use and the customer service has always been great. You are a true life saver Dr. Dave!

  4. Mindy Fowler

    Been taking Dr. Dave’s fish oil for almost 8 years now. Fantastic product WITHOUT THE FISHY AFTERTASTE!

  5. Rosie

    This is the best omega product out there.There is absolutely no comparison to this product and the other ones out there. I feel light years better when I take this. I’ve been on it for almost 10 years now, and wouldn’t trust anything else. It’s important to me that this is made in the USA, unlike the chinese garbage you’ll find in the supermarket.

  6. Randy Howell

    We didn’t want just another omega 3, but wanted one that would be the best for our age group (in our early 60s). While it’s not the cheapest, the value for the ingredients is certainly there. Plus it’s made right here in America, unlike just about everything else out there.

  7. Phyllis Roy

    I take this brand because I cannot swallow pills. It doesn’t have any ‘fishy’ taste even though I’m biting into the capsules. It has a pleasant orange flavor that makes it very paletable. I never dread biting into the capsule in the morning unlike the stuff I used to get at Costco. A+ Dr. Dave!

  8. Becky Manning

    Both me and my husband have been taking fish oil for years now, and around 2 years ago a friend in our community suggested Dr. Dave’s fish oil to us, and wow what a difference! We both are enjoying improved memory and more energy! It’s truly an amazing product and recommend it to our friends now.

  9. Carla Brooks

    My husband had been suffering from lower back pain for the past year or so, and after doing piles and piles of research into a natural remedy for this I came across Dr. Dave. He’s been on this fish oil for the past 6 months or so and hasn’t looked back! Thank you Dr. Dave!

  10. Phil Leonard

    I love this product. I shopped around for fish oil for quite some time, and this fish oil ticks all the right boxes..it has one of the highest EPA and DHA levels out there, it’s made in the USA, the fish the oil comes from are sourced in a sustainable way from Alaska, it’s purity is the most potent I can find, and even my kids love the taste.

  11. patdavidse

    The best there is!


    The Woynarowski Family, father and son, have devoted their life’s work to the study of Longevity Medicine. Their products are both safe (they have the highest level of purity testing, and effective (Their stuff works!!!). All of their effort has led to a loyal fan base following. These people want to lead very, long productive lives in very good health i.e stay out of the doctors office. Keep up the Good Work Dr. Dave!!!!!

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