This Week’s Omega 3 Headlines

This week had a plethora of new fish oil headlines- again fish oil, or in one case fish not krill.

Here are a couple:

New Study: This Common Oil May Harm Your Liver

This one is by a certified Health and Happiness Coach, Believer in Magic, and Life Coach. Google of course blasted it all over the internet- one more reason the internet becomes the world’s worst and best source of information all in one. No one is looking at the validity of anything on the internet!
In this one I suspect this individual should simply read more carefully as they completely misinterpreted this study which did not even use fish oil! Sign me up for the coaching by all means!!!


There is Absolutely No Scientific Proof That Fish Oil Reduces Heart Disease.

This one is classic and I reviewed the study  they are referring to in another emailand showed all the reasons why it was weak at best including: a) it’s a meta analysis which allows the ‘researchers’ to quickly publish “original research” without doing anything other than using a computer and feeding in pre selected data that for the most part was already negative and using statistics to make a conclusion. In addition the doses were far too low in all but one of the studies (that one showed a positive result) and no one bothered to do an Omega 6/3 ratio to see if the doses were adequate.

It’s a simple finger stick guys and it would add negligible amounts to the cost. Of course you would actually have to touch live people instead of feeding data into a computer. Not popular among our youthful scientists who are enamored of technology and desperate to publish whatever the validity.

By the way even this crappy excuse for a study showed a 7% improvement in the incidence of heart disease- which the above media outlet decide should be told as “absolutely no proof”.

You want “phoney news” this is it!

Next: Lawsuit Filed Over Trident Fish Oil Pills sold by Costco
Since this one is not yet in the courts and there is not yet a determination of which way the courts will rule I will simply remind you, you get what you pay for and we test and publish our results from 3rd party labs every now and again

And a few more:

Omega3’s Tied to Reduced MS Risk

Study Suggests Fish Oil and Probiotics During Pregnancy May Reduce Risk of Allergies in Children

Fish Oil During Pregnancy may Prevent Diabetes in Children of Overweight Mothers

Fish Oil May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Now, I am not going to comment on the positive studies because I do not want the FDA and FTC coming at me saying I am making medical claims. But you can read them and decide for yourself.

I recommend you use Pub Med and not some Life Coach’s Website.

Remember much of what is on the internet is simply catchy headlines to grab your attention and get you to pay attention to someone in particular who often should do the world a favor and remain silent!

I can tell you that taking high dose fish oil has improved my life dramatically and is one of the best ways to improve my own health.


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