Way back ion the 1920’s…

When the first RDA’s were established there was serious talk about including fish oil (cod liver oil at the time) to the minimum daily requirements and classifying it as a vitamin.

That did not happen for unknown reasons but I really wish it would have.  This one action would have made people think very differently about the health benefits of fish oil and cleared up a lot of misconceptions.

Over the years I have taken a ton of criticism for suggesting “high dose” fish oil as a “panacea” for everything.  I have refuted this by saying that what I am suggesting is not high dose but just normal dose as found by the Omega6/3 ratios.  This work was pioneered by Dr Bill Lands and there is so much credible research backing up what he has told us.

The bottom line

Is the multitudinous benefits of fish oil have to do with what is essentially an epidemic lack of Omega 3 in the diet resulting in all kinds of things that you would normally associate with nutritional deficiency.

That means lots and lots of things go wrong.

I have also said that Omega 3 levels are the primary way in which the body decides to be inflamed or not.  Short sighted critics have said, “How can this be!! Omega 3’s have no anti-oxidant capacity except for what it takes to make them go rancid in the body!”  While the former is true, they have a zero ORAC value, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand inflammation is a pathway with a bunch of off/on switches along the way.  IF you flip the master switch to “Off” as in with high Omega 3 levels you suppress unwanted inflammation in the body.

Its no coincidence that inflammation a primary driver of aging in the body as well.

So now you start looking at all the places and all the pathways where inflammation is bad for you and you start to see the bigger picture emerging.

I have written hundreds of emails on this topic over the last decade and a half and none of it has changed one iota.

Using fish oil to raise your Omega 3 levels is safe, effective and all natural!

Get it!!!  Take it!!! And make sure you are taking enough!!!!



Dr Dave (DD)

Normally when I travel

I don’t make a big deal over it. After all I seem to always be going somewhere mostly for work or research these days.

But right now I am in Costa Rica doing a one week intensive session with an amazing Yogi named Pablo Lucero at a gorgeous place called Rio Chirripo.

If this sounds strange to you well, it sounds strange to me too since a few months ago I could barely touch my toes!

That said Life is for living and everything in its right time. Frankly the importance of body mechanics and posturology has become more important as anti-aging strategies with each passing year.

As I find myself

Growing younger,stronger,and faster and maybe wiser I also find that free range of motion or lack thereof accentuates or limits my strength and how well I control my body in space!

5 hours a day of strength based Yoga is a huge challenge for me.

The answer? The thing that allows me to recuperate? The thing that allows me to break for 3 hours and then dive back in?

Well it’s actually 2 things that each provides very different, but very necessary attributes.

First and foremost is fish oil. I am now taking 6 caps 2x a day. That’s right 12 caps a day total! This takes the aches and inflammation right out of my body and FAST! Without it I wouldn’t have made it out of the first day! I am also certain it makes me more flexible!!! If you’ve taken on a more intense then normal schedule, give it a try for a few days and see what it does for you!

Next is Energy X Maxx, obviously for strength and endurance, both of which I need buckets of during the hours and hours of training I’m doing.

At the end of my day today I have made rapid progress in the hand stand poses, something I’ve always dream of becoming proficient at. I encourage you, especially if you’ve ‘fallen out of it’ to jump back in. There is simply no better time than the present to start planning for your healthy future, and that planning needs to involve physical work, mental clarity, and a renewed focus.

Meanwhile in Costa Rica..

It did something it rarely does this time of year: It rained for hours, and the power has gone out leaving lots of time for simple contemplation. I’m not sure if it’s the Yoga, the rain, or my mega doses of fish oil but it’s been a long time since I’ve had this clarity of thought.

I’ll keep you posted for sure! Thanks for joining me!


Dr Dave

The strangest things come up in science. Every week there is a “new pathway” or a new “possibility of a drug that will help in the fight against cancer”. Sometimes it’s new dietary advice or a reiteration of some previous advice.

But what do we really know and what can we actually hang our hats on in terms of truly effective anti-aging therapy?

Well let me tell you something I hear a lot:

It goes like this:” Doc you can’t prove anything you do has any effect on aging. Nothing has been shown to work so far and all of it is speculation!”

Truth is this is usually someone who is pissed off about how much things costs and is justifying not using it for that reason.

Now the speculation part is partly true.

There is absolutely nothing out there at this very red hot moment that will work for every single person on the planet under every single situation. The bottom line is that you probably need to do a lot of things to get the maximum benefit out of any anti-aging program. It’s also true that most people are not going to go to the extent I do or spend the money, time and effort I do or pursue staying young and healthy with the same passion I do. There are people out there who are trying but most of them are following some guru for advice and frankly most of those gurus are wrong. Many of them will die younger than they should and in an unhealthy situation.

I just read about one of the icons in the alternative medicine world who just passed away. He influenced a ton of people and tons more quote him or follow his advice or the advice of one of his “disciples”.

He died of a chronic age related illness and was at least a few years younger than the average age of death for most men. Adele Davis one of the early pioneers of healthy diet and vitamin supplementation died at age 70 of cancer. Famous health publisher (Clean Eating) died of cancer at age 73. Jim Fixx who along with along with Kenneth Cooper MD probably started the running revolution died in his 50’s of heart disease.

My point is we need different advice than we have been given because as it stands now most people are probably going to die at about the very age they would have had they simply done nothing special.

Also I would be careful who you follow and manage your expectations.

Personally I do expect to live a long and healthy life.

I do expect that the advice and life style I am giving will work for many if not most people.

But you will notice it is not “typical” advice in any way. Telomerase upkeephigh dose fish oil  ketogenic diets and most of the other stuff I advocate have been panned by every major alphabet agency out their including those representing my field of traditional allopathic medicine (the MD kind).

No one can prove anything for human longevity

For one very simple reason: no one has done a lifelong study on a cohort of people and controlled for every single variable that there ever was. If you are getting the idea that no one ever will do this kind of study, you are right. So it will always be correct to say “I dare you to prove anything you say works”.

But since it can never be done it’s basically a cheap shot. The converse is true as well. If you do nothing you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to not have anything different happen in your life or death.

I am not one to sit on my ass and let the years pass by gently accepting the same fate as my parents or of the rest of my species. Frankly you should not be either since neither of us have anything to lose and much to gain.

More life and more health!

What a wonderful concept and what a wonderful desire. But you can’t follow someone who is not making that the center of their lifestyle. My whole goal has been to give a step wise program for anyone who wants to do SOMETHING!

I don’t expect you to do what I do. There are very few other people in the world who do and I think I know all of them!

But you can choose something simple like taking more and higher quality Omega 3.

And you can now even try to maintain your telomere length.

As to the more complex things, I am working on them. Those things are what is the healthiest way to eat, how much should we sleep and how much should we exercise and what kind.” Those questions will be a lot harder to answer than what you should be taking!

But don’t fret. I will get you that answer before I shed this mortal coil!


Dr. Dave

Sometimes it’s fun to be me – at least on occasion.  One of the most enjoyable things is when people ask me about the “latest” article or study on aging.  Sometimes it’s a press release, sometimes it’s a blog, sometimes it’s a new text.

Now I am a busy person, and I am guessing you are too. So, the first rule of expertise is knowing where to focus your energy and your time. I have said so many times that time is your most valuable resource. This is why I have dedicated a huge chunk of my adult life pursuing extended life span and health span.

Part of my job is to save you time by leveraging my expertise in this field.  And a big part of this separating the wheat from the chaff.

Trust me there is a lot of chaff. 

Even people who are decorated scientists are producing a ton of chaff under the “publish or perish” mantra.  I understand why they do it but it is both scary and embarrassing.

It’s scary because it is at best over blown, and at worst just plain dangerous and wrong! Worse is what I call the chain reaction of toxicity!  In biologic terms this occurs when free radicals attack a molecule, damage it and then move on to the next and the next and so on and so forth until they finally burn out.

You can see how this would accelerate aging.

But  if you just read that..

You may be wondering what that has to do with the internet. Well, you’ve heard me mention internet factoids. Once they get started by an expert they get picked up and move on down the chain of non-experts until they are all over the internet.  Worse, they often stay there for years and resurface over and over again even after they’ve been disproved.

Want some examples?

All wrong, all disproven and all still around!

Even more interesting is the degree to which non medical people are weighing in as experts on aging.

I just saw a guy who has a PhD in Mathematics and has a blog on aging. Imagine my surprise when I discovered he just wrote and published a book on aging.

Now maybe it’s me but how does mathematics qualify you as an expert on human aging? How many lives have you saved? How many sick people did you heal?

One of the things I love about my life now is my colleagues are experienced in both academics and health care.

I need to remind you that experience counts. In most cases it counts more than book knowledge. In human health it ALWAYS counts more than book knowledge.

Lately I have seen

An anti-fish oil campaign burgeoning in the academic press.  Fish oil doesn’t work, but eating fish does.  Sorry, that has not been my experience.  I have met no one who eats enough fish to reverse the inflammation in their body. I Have however come across several people who got mercury toxic trying.

My experience has taught me that Omega 3 is the single most important supplement for the support of healthy aging.

Once you’ve mastered that habit you can move on to taking care of your telomeres.

Do that and you are ahead of the game no matter what the internet experts tell you! Remember they are like blind men describing an elephant!

Dr. Dave

You’ve probably heard that over 60% of your brain is fat.

You may have heard that a large amount of that fat is DHA on half of the Fish Oil Equation.

Let me remind you of an old adage right now that is often forgotten in the marketing hype to distinguish products.  There has been a recurrent tendency to focus on only DHA for brain health because the other half of Fish Oil EPA is not found in the human brain.  

There is at least a small amount of EPA converted to DHA right at the blood brain barrier. About 20% of the Brain’s DHA comes from this conversion. So if you have no EPA in your system, this conversion cannot take place.  The other bigger reason is if you take just DHA, you are pretty much neglecting the non-brain portions of your body. also known as everything else which runs on EPA!!!!

So if you haven’t today…

Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Take a nice big dose of fish oil (4-6 caps a day of my stuff, 12+ elsewhere) and you’ll serve both the head and the body!

Now there are a ton of other reasons that Omega 3’s are great for your brain that transcend just membrane biology – as I mentioned above the oft cited “much of the fat in your brain cells is DHA”-we’re talking about cell membranes. There are neurotransmitters, inflammatory and anti-inflammatory chemicals, hormones and much more that rely on Omega 3’s.

Did you know that skeletal muscle is also highly influenced by the amount of fish oil you have in your system. Muscle is one of the main places where sugar can be cleared from your body by the action of insulin and other hormones.  Fish oil improves that uptake. In today’s world of rampant diabetes that is pretty darn important. It’s also critical for muscle recovery if you are an athlete!

There’s a huge reason I harp on fish oil all the time, there are countless area’s a proper dose will help you with. People literally write to me everyday telling me their story, how the right dose of the right stuff changed their lives. I look forward to hearing from you!

So, take your fish oil and get the best of brains and brawn all at once!


I am laughing, at once angry and simultaneous shaking my head in somewhat near resignation! Just a few days after the “fish oil may prevent schizophrenia” another article came out saying “fish oil no good for memory”.

A couple of things to note. What is good for one aspect of the brain is not necessarily good for another. That said with the absolutely essential nature of Omega 3 makes it unlikely to be likely!

The first thing I noticed

Is that the major articles were automatically picked up by all the major news outlets, Time Chicago Tribune etc. etc and the words “may not help memory” to “no good for”.  If you read the study and the authors’ comments what you find is that the initial study was designed to evaluate macular degeneration as in the last email I sent you.  I could not find one word on the outcomes of that part of the study but I am guessing the data is not fully collated yet.

So why double dip?  A chance to make headlines or a chance to actually add to our knowledge?

I will let you be the judge but ever since the ridiculous Brasky publication linking prostate cancer to “higher doses” of Omega 3 in 2012 it is apparent to authors if you say something bad about fish oil you get headline coverage.  YAY!  More eyeballs, more “impact” and more grant money.

You think I am kidding!?!!! That is exactly how scientific publishing works.  That is why I read all the stuff that is indecipherable to most people without a medical and biochemical background. At least I know the authors are not grandstanding for more eyeballs!

So what is wrong with this study?

Enter the usual suspects.

  • Dose: 1 gram a day. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times- this kind of dose is not going to do a whole lot for someone whose Omega 6/3 ratios are far out of range, or just about everyone in the modern world.
  • Next, what about that ratio?  No mention, no measurement.
  • What about follow up serum values? None
  • What about testing for any interaction with the other supplements given. OK that is highly unlikely but no scientist worth their salt would ignore this.
  • And of course they don’t tell you after their shocking headline that the real end point of the study was after the headlines get a hold of it.

Was it memory? Was it cognitive function?

All we know and see is the prestigious and very anti-supplement journal called JAMA says “No Good!”

I guess it must be so right? The weight of the medical world is voting against Omega 3 supplementation. Of course no one puts the good stuff on massive media outlets.

What to do?

Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Get it, take it and be smart enough to do some research on your own.

Some of my friends would say it’s in the government’s best interests for us to be stupid, gullible and easily led.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Dr Dave


If you want more on this kind of “scientific” writing see my blog “As I lay dying” or “Flaws Failures and Successes for Fish Oil“. What you will see is how to poke holes in some of the nonsense that has got to be in my opinion designed to grab eyeballs with negative sound bite headlines.

It’s incredibly sad but I have to start with a disclaimer

In addition to our usual disclaimer. The concept of longevity frosts a lot of people. It irritates scientists and government agencies alike. And of course there is the practicing physician making incredible personal sacrifices to do what is becoming an ever increasingly thankless job.

They will not agree with what I am writing to you. They do not condone it. It angers them and frightens them. And in their own minds it threatens their very existence. Now the truth is “they” have the power and they control most of where the money in science gets spent and on what.

They quickly and efficiently and legally squash any threat to the status quo and to their own control.

So as you read this understand that this is not medical advice.  It is simply my experiences and the experiences of others. When I mention others please understand that they are not endorsing my products, only my point of view.  Yes, its sad how careful I have to be these days!

So, I had a conversation with one of the top telomere scientists the other day.  If you don’t know what a telomere is I’ll tell you in simple terms.  It’s the biologic time clock found on the ends of your chromosomes (genetic material).  It effectively determines how well those chromosomes and the cells that contain them reproduce to make new cells to replenish old ones.  It effects the mutation rate and behavior of the cell at the very core of its existence.

Some people call it the key to immortality.

I simply call it a key to the possibility of longer and longer lives with attendant better health.

I had the opportunity to discuss both science and personal choices with this super scientist really getting down to nuts and bolts with what he does for his own health and longevity.

When I asked him the “favorite thing” question he answered I do everything!!!  He like me takes a bunch of supplements including Omega 3’s and telomere agents of various kinds.

He is an avid long distance runner and fitness fanatic.  He applies the literature and science to his own life and follows the same credo I do: Do as much as you can!!!!

That does not mean going overboard of course but it means doing a lot of different things.
Now this gentleman was not there to endorse my products but the words “omega 3” did hit a chord as you can imagine!  So did the consumption of telomere active agents.

The problem for most people is they do not want to do everything I do.  Or everything this guy does either.  So here are the keys that any one can and should do.

  1. Exercise aerobically on a regular basis at a level you can maintain for years to come! This stresses the fact that most scientific studies look at life long behaviors for benefit, not just 6 weeks although it does appear the benefits to your telomeres and your health may start in just a few weeks.
  2. Maintain your body weight and control your insulin levels.  I am not going to give you a diet lecture here.  You can peruse my blog and find a bunch of articles there on the effects of diet on telomeres, longevity, and health.  Just keep those things, insulin and body weight (of course body fat too!) down and you are doing the right thing,
  3. OK I promised the one thing, the single most important thing you can do.  Understand this intervention has to be simple enough that even sicker older people can do it.  It is: take your fish oil every day. Here is an example of that. I am not going to badger you about high dose versus low dose.  I take high dose but that has not been specifically studied with regards to telomere health.  It has been looked at in a lot of other populations so in my opinion it’s a dose dependent phenomenon.  Some is better than none so even if you only take one or two a day you should still see some benefit.  Of course I still take on average 6 a day.

By the way the fish oil “debate” will rage on for a long time and may never end. It doesn’t have to – as long as you are alive to see the truth!



One of the more common complaints

I get from my readers is, “How can I find the time/motivation/energy/money to do it all. The usual attached phrase is that it’s easy for me to tell you what and how to do because this is what I do all day every day.

That is in point of fact true.

It boggles my mind to see the limitations people put on their lives in terms of dedication and value. The attendant feelings of powerlessness and then “blame” as in I don’t have your resources, your knowledge, your health, your money, your access, etc etc.

There are many reasons why you may chose to “do less”.

Still some is better than none and that is what I want to remind you of today.

Most doctors would say that no doctor worth his or her salt would ever just tell you to take a pill.  Most will dutifully hand you diet sheets and make appointments with dieticians and the like.  Most know in their heart of hearts the information while generally condoned and socially accepted is not likely to help you achieve your goals.

And THEN they will hand you a pill.

So here is one thing that I am sure will help you if you do it.

Take your fish oil and take enough of it to matter meaning 4 to 6 caps a day.

In spite of all the bias against the just take a pill approach everything I have read studied and seen in my career has led me to believe that taking a few pills of fish oil will help you whether you do all the other things you should or not.

Mainly this is because fish oil is so deficient in your diet that you have a vitamin deficiency in the truest sense of the word.  Problem is 70 years ago the government agency decided Omega 3 was not among the vitamins we should pay attention to.

Well I move that we should call it Vitamin F and there should be a serious minimum daily requirement based on the epidemiologic evidence that it reduces disease incidence!

I have been saying that for 14 years now and it is easy for me to keep saying it.

t is also easy for you to do it while you decide on all the other things I recommend that you may or may not chose for yourself based on how much you value you.

If I didn’t value you I wouldn’t bring this up! That’s also why, for today only, my Ultra Potent Fish Oil is at the lowest price of the year. I strongly encourage you to subscribe, not just to lock in the savings, but to motivate yourself to lock in a commitment to fix your Omega 3 deficiency once and for all.



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So, stock up and refill your coffers with the Best Fish Oil on the Planet.

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One word of caution.  Some of my dedicated readers have told me that the imposters are out there selling outdated fish oil! If the manufactured date is anything past mid 2017 it is probably outdated and well past its best.  It’s up to you if you want to risk rancidity but I wouldn’t advise it!

Go here instead.

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And while your at it don’t forget to order some for your friends and loved ones.


The real Dr. Dave

You may have noticed I haven’t written to you in a couple of days. I have been a busy boy at our stem cell clinic in Guadalajara. Last night I was able to be the human Guinea pig for 3 new inventions I have been working on for the past year or two as well as some new stem cell techniques.

A number of you have asked about coming down (or back down) for cell therapies. I will most likely do a telecon for everyone early in 2019.

As far as the inventions go the time for finish development will be a few more months so you can look forward to them soon. There will also be a keto gen product coming out soon after the Christmas holidays.

So, I am skipping Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc., keep working on the new stuff that needs needs needs to come out for better and better Health Spans.

But I have to tell you the basics are still key and even though I have access to these new cutting-edge things (you will too!) I still rely on my foundation.

Remember to take your Fish oil.

And while you are at it remember my Young Life Daily as an Insurance Policy against poor nutrition.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr Dave