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Houston Methodist Identifies New Way to Stop Aging!

Researchers at the Houston Methodist have identified a new way to stop aging. The target the end cap of the chromosome called the Telomere with a genetic signal that turns on telomerase by introducing a telomerase activation sequence. They are encouraged by their findings which right away improved cellular function in aging cells. The next …

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Hidden Benefits

Over the 2+ decades I’ve been writing about the health benefits of fish oil I have seen an interesting but predictable shift from skepticism to acceptance and eventually to enthusiasm on the part of science. I’ve also honed in my focus both for my company and my personal mission to help mitigate the sad declines …

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Reckoning Sale

I have been hinting at this for over a month. For the next 48 hours Fish Oil will be offered on continuity/subscription at the “old” pre crisis prices. As you may know we do our best to serve our continuity customers first although everything is indeed subject to “supply chain issues”. As you also know …

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Oh! Happy Day

Short version: Fish Oil is here and if you are on backorder or continuity your order should already be on the way (you can check to make sure there isn’t an issue with your order here!). The time delay is due to the huge volume of people patiently waiting for their orders! If you are …

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