Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer (Part 2)

testosterone decline over age Continuation of:

Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer Part 1


In actuality the hormonal changes in men are not nearly as universal as they are in women. Some men can maintain healthy testosterone levels into their 80’s and presumably beyond.

Some men but not most men!

Most men begin to have some decline in their Testosterone levels when they hit their late 30’s for one of 2 reasons. First their brain may simply stop producing a hormone called LH that stimulates the testis to make testosterone.  This is often called Secondary testicular failure because if you give them back the LH, their testis works just fine. Primary Testicular failure occurs when the testis themselves fail to make testosterone no matter how much LH is present.

The youngest case of low testosterone I have seen because of either of these causes is age 27. I also have 70+ year olds whose Testosterone is in the upper 80%. By that time and usually far before that however the average male begins to drift down in his testosterone levels. He may not actually get higher DHT or Estrogen levels, but they become RELATIVELY high due to the declining level of Testosterone and the steady or increased levels of DHT and Estrogen.

The worse this situation, the more likely it seems to be a set up for Prostate Cancer. Again prostate cancer is a disease of aging in most cases.  It has been said that if all men lived long enough, all men would get Prostate Cancer.

Thus, as an Anti-Aging Doctor prevention becomes one of my primary objectives.

Fish Oil Blocks the conversion of Testosterone to DHT which is why it has become so popular among athletes who want to maximize their testosterone levels legally. You already know it improves Growth Hormone response too. Fish Oil also blocks the formation of Tumor Angiogenesis Factor (TAF from the breast cancer emails) and thus may prevent prostate tumors from growing enough new blood vessels to keep growing. Fish Oil inhibits the genetic step that promotes tumor metastasis (spread of the tumor).

In interventional studies with men who had Prostate cancer already (remember we don’t give people cancer just to see if the drug or vitamin works!) showed marked outcome improvements when Fish Oil was used as an adjunct to therapy.

So what is the traditional Party line from “Modern Medicine”?

Same B. S.  as usual.  No enough data. Data from fish consumption only,( some magic and as yet unknown part of the fish might possibly have an infinitesimally small chance of being the real active ingredient other that EPA and DHA), can’t use this during therapy or it will interfere with the REAL treatment. While traditionalists cling to this nonsense, people continue to die unnecessarily of this cancer. As with Breast Cancer, high intakes of Omega 6 fatty acids and low levels of Omega 3 Fish Oil is a risk factor for Prostate cancer.

I am sure all of you men out there know someone who has prostate cancer.  Please share this information with them.  But warn them the FDA would rather not admit any of this because there is no big DRUG COMPANY that stands to benefit! Also remember even if you don’t have prostate cancer yet, An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure!



P.S. Remember, do not stop or decrease any drugs you may be taking without the expressed permission of your doctor!





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