Fish Oil Returns!

After a short hiatus of less than a month Fish Oil has returned and is back in stock!!

To celebrate we are going back to turn back the clock to Christmas Sale when we still on back order-so for the next 48 hours Fish Oil is on Sale like it’s Christmas all over again! If you had a back order and were waiting, Thank You! Your fish oil is on the way (or probably already delivered)!

If you were waiting to order instead of backordering NOW is the Time! It actually does look like we have solved the bulk of the “Covid Induced Supply Chain Crisis” but the nature of that beast is unpredictable and may still serve to grind things to a halt so I would not wait!

Once again, my thanks to everyone who patiently waited for this amazing product. It’s a testimonial to its superior quality and its superior effects. Remember our continuity/subscription customers get first dibs on it when it comes in so consider that if you, like me, take it every day.

I counted the caps in my last bottle. Only 24 left! At 6+ a day that is not a lot, so Hallelujah!

Another piece of good news: Our Very Popular (because it works!) Super Male MaXX X is being shipped as well and should be here by the time you read this. Look for your subscriptions to be filled and possible a reverse Christmas sale on that product as well depending on how many bottles we actually get!

That may sound funny, but with custom products and scarce raw materials, we place an order, say for 5000 bottles to our vetted and trusted source. They get back to us weeks later telling us “how much” of the order they can actually fill. This is part of the “New Normal”.

You get whatever they can give you and like it! Same thing happened with fish oil. We got about half of what we ordered in spite of the Minimum Order Quantities being doubled. They could not enforce that because the custom nature of the raw and the processing only allowed for half!

Making the best and most unique formulations on the planet is worth the additional hassles. Considering how few people cancelled their subscriptions over the past 2 years and am both fortunate and honored.

Thank you for realizing our value – Yours and Mine!

Dr Dave

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