The Paladin

I am a Paladin.

Or so I have been diagnosed by energy workers and psychologic experts alike.

In my ever evolving quest to understand myself in both strength and weakness I have often been coached over the years, evaluated and helped to see what is hidden to me. I am also an Empath tried, true and dyed in the wool.

It’s always interesting to find that in your strengths there are weaknesses. Some of mine are too large a heart with too few boundaries. This makes me easy gullible prey for the takers and con people out there.

I have learned that just as it is my nature to be kind, healing, giving and generous, it is their nature to create facades, lie, manipulate and take without giving. The only difference is I can help myself and prevent the abuse if I see it. They cannot stop being who they are and are not wired to see the damage they cause to themselves and others. And I can be happy, joyous and find my tribe whereas their kind will always be on edge, feigning happiness but never finding it – always searching for the control that cannot be had and having to settle for people and things they can dupe.

The core of a rotten apple! Turn on the news and you’ll see a lot of them!!!

My point in this little diatribe is not to call attention to myself but rather to help serve you. I encourage you particularly at this time to engage in some serious soul searching and ask if you are happy with the way your life is going.

I hope you are, but if not, I hope you will help yourself by taking care of your health first.

One of my creations is unique among supplements. Telokynase does not exist anywhere else but on my site. The data on “stemness” that is also on the site has not been replicated anywhere else. And, we continue to improve the bioavailability of the compound as our research directs us. The good thing is if you get on subscription now you will not be subject to the inflationary price increases that are unavoidable as a result of the Covid Crisis (this is 100% true for everything I sell, I do not raise prices on subscription customers)!

The Paladin marches out of the safety and security to minister to the world. He wears a suit of armor – in this case experience and logic to defend against the charlatans, naysayers and haters. So, at this moment I am in the field working on the next great invention.

It may rival Telokynase but it will address a different aspect of aging. As usual I am patient 1 and we are in the process of ferreting out things like dosage, stability, format and other supplement related things.

This next product will be very different and serve a very different purpose. It may indeed minister to those in need but of course like any supplement, there can be no medical claims.

Historically, the Paladins were solo knights who did their work by themselves. I do not have a lot of help in these difficult times in terms of finances, creation, finding the right labs etc. But I soldier on towards a brighter better future.

I hope you will join me. A small army never hurts!!!

Fighting the good Fight!

Dr Dave

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