Then and Now

Not so very long ago I got what is known as a BFUH (Benign Follow Up Hoover- google it!) from someone I had not heard from for quite some time and no doubt will never hear from again. I have little to say about that specific situation except that all things happen for a reason and that reason may not always be obvious. As a matter of fact, depending on how much bandwidth you’d be willing to give it you might actually never know why some things happen.

Truth: It doesn’t matter in the long run!

I believe that all things are well – even now, following the divine flow of the universe. Sound airy fairy? So be it. In the long run we all have the right to think and believe what we wish. But I will tell you this: You do leave things behind!

You leave your deeds both “good and bad”. I put that in quotes because sometimes the good and bad things seem to reverse in meaning during time. Better to channel your energy into the things that really matter don’t you think?

Anyway, back to the BFUH. It opened with something as benign as you could imagine, “Hey how are you? The world is a crazy place, no?!” Now my response was a non-response. Some of it was because frankly we had had our time and there would be no more, plain and simple. No avarice no anger no bitterness, just no reason to spend the time or energy on something that no longer matters.

The other reason was because I choose to just “Not go there” to quote the very same person. I do not really want to engage in any more negativity and add to the current creation of FUD, Fear, uncertainty and doubt.

There is a wonderful T-shirt that says something to the effect that “Tough times don’t Last, Tough People Do!” To be mentally tough you really only need one thing: a sense of your own worth independent of feedback from the rest of the world.

That will be where you find your truth and your legacy – in the knowing that what you know and who you are is enough no matter what the world tells you. That applies to most people except of course those who engage in the BFUH lol.

Your actions, deeds and the good (and bad) you do for others will be existent in some form long after you are not here anymore.

It’s an interesting thing to watch death, fear of death and rampant, rapid change that is mostly false and forced upon us by the environment if we allow it.

Don’t friggin’ allow it to change who you are because nothing has really changed in the human life cycle. In spite of all of this fear and uncertainty we all start and end the same place.

What are you going to do with the time you are given?

Move forward in your creativity, your health and your determination to be what you were put here to be independent of all the hoopla. Some days are easier, better and more creative than others. But every day counts and until your day is done you MUST NOT GIVE UP on yourself for yourself AND for the ones you love!

With all I have seen, done, experienced and created that is enough for me!

Now there is a little secret weapon I use on a daily basis to help push forward on the good stuff.

Now it does not change everything I do but it sure makes it easier and more voluminous.

I watched death visit both my family and my patients of course on a daily basis. So, I do not need reminders about the finite nature of this existence.

I do occasionally however need a boost so I can lay my head to rest at the end of the day satisfied.

Honestly it has been a long time since I had doubt about what I am doing and where I am going.

Want to come along? Start here!

Then as now, I promise to continue my work every day for you, for me and for those who may not ever know me in this world.

That is my legacy.

What is yours?

With Love to and for all- and thanks for spending time with me!

Dr Dave

R.I.P. Bud Jeffries

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