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Are you feeling the brain fog? Need to Fuel your Focus & Concentrate while Boosting your Brains Nutrition and Promoting Mental Clarity, giving you Heightened Creativity? Then stop right there and look no further. The Longevity Edge’s Brain Force One formula contains Natural antioxidants with red wine polyphenols and bacopa Monier extracts, Lion’s Mane adaptogenic mushroom extract for the most potent boost available!

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Announcing the Next Wave In Brain Technology

One of my long-time patients and Vitamin Beta testers had a great phrase to describe my new Brain Force One.

Usually, a quiet bodybuilding type, this guy caught me completely off guard with his eloquent exclamation, “It’s like being on the Juice, but for your brain!”


He was referring to the old term bodybuilders used to use for steroids. At first, I didn’t like my product being compared to anabolic steroids! After all, they carry a bad rap.Back in the day, even the skinniest of young men could grow like weeds and experience performance enhancements never before dreamed of.


Then I started to think about it. Theoretically, under ideal circumstances, a brain supplement might indeed cause the formation of new nerve tissue. As a matter of fact, in laboratory conditions, this is precisely what one of the ingredients, Lion’s Mane, does.


But wait, there’s more!


Yet another carefully chosen ingredient, Bacopa Monnieri, has shown improvements in memory, speed of processing, and cognition. If it were a bodybuilding drug instead of a brain-building compound that would equate to bigger, stronger, faster, and of course, better looking!


Bacopa first came to my attention several years ago when I was asked to review a rather bogus telomerase activator. The premier ingredient was Bacopa extract. Frankly, that does not do squat (Oh boy, the bodybuilding puns keep on coming!) for telomeres.


But I was intrigued by the very first studies on how it may affect your brain in a significant way.

Moreover, some studies showed it speeds up the clearance of a toxic protein called Beta Amyloid.


Yep, that is the same toxin found in Alzheimer’s Disease. Now I would never stray so far as to publicly say a pure supplement, even mine Brain Force One could have an impact on so devastating a disease.

But I do always say it’s essential to educate yourself! So, you can go to Pub Med and type in Bacopa and Alzheimer’s and see what pops up!


Now, as far as Brain Force is concerned, the typical daily dose is 2 caps a day. But if you want “The Juice,” try a few days where you take 6 caps either all at once or in 2 divided doses.

Then you’ll see why it sold so fast. We had to order more immediately.


After all, what brain in its right mind wouldn’t want Bigger, Stronger, Faster, and Better-Looking LOL!

Dr. Dave


Please review the ingredients and make sure you do not have a sensitivity/allergy to any of them before you purchase:

This product and broadcast make no claims to mitigate diagnose or treat diseases, including cancer.

The government has finally seen fit to address the issue of whether aging can be considered a disease. The studies they are doing will take several years. Still, if they agree with myself and others in the field that aging is and should be treated as a disease, then the words “anti-aging” and similar words used in my writings will become cause for complaints against me from government agencies. Please be advised that while that has not yet come to pass, it very likely will and educate yourself and make your own conclusions directly or better yet involve your own personal physician in every decision you make whether or not they are versed in the topic. Please try and be as responsible for your health and aging as possible by educating yourself!

Here’s the deal. In today’s litigious society, there isn’t any way around the fact that everyone, just about everywhere, needs a disclaimer. I’m certainly no different. I offer genuine, wholehearted advice that I personally always follow myself, without exception. I take a great deal of personal pride in being my own “guinea pig” and sharing my successes with the public. With that in mind:


Disclaimer – The FDA has not evaluated these statements. None of the products or ideas listed or mentioned should be used as a substitute for medical advice or to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness. Always consult your physician before consuming any new supplements and never change any medications without his/her expressed permission. References used in this broadcast are publicly available at the links mentioned but do not constitute proof or endorsement of any of Dr. Woynarowski’s opinions or products or their efficacy. No medical claims of any kind should be interpreted, inferred, or acted on based on this information, which is for educational purposes.


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2 reviews for Brain Force One

  1. Rachel

    I feel focused and calmer I’m really happy I found this product it’s worth the price.

  2. John Hoffman

    I honestly cant say enough about Brain Force One, I have 30 custom wine cellar builds that I’m managing right now and I work long hours along with being a father of 4 kids and husband and trying to balance a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise routine, doing all that on a daily basis was leaving me feeling mentally beat down and not able to focus, but since I started taking Brain Force One daily I am able to balance my jobs, family life, and daily routines without feeling brain dead at the end of the day, I can make level headed decisions as well as think clearly all day long!! I highly recommend this to any and everyone !

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