Emu Oil Sugar Scrub

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From the very start we wanted our Emu Oil Scrubs to only use healthy natural ingredients.

In fact, JAMMs (the maker of our Emu Oil Scrub) co-founder Amanda was pregnant at the time of their first formulation so everything we tested had to be healthy and safe for our bodies and her growing son.

Our sugar scrub will leave your skin silky and smooth. 

The sugar acts as an exfoliate, safely and gently scrubbing away dead skin to provide a way for the emu oil to soak into your skin. 

As an avid follower of Dr. Dave, I have used many of the supplements with amazing results, and wanted to create something that could live up to his high standards.  I have greatly missed the emu oil scrub because my skin tends to be very sensitive and this is one of the few products I found that not only worked but did not leave my sensitive skin irritated after using it.    When Longevity Edge lost it’s supplier, I started working to re-create the product I loved so much.   

I enlisted the help of my sister who is currently pregnant to help me come up with a formula that was even better than the original sugar scrub.  We wanted a product that was natural, worked, and was safe enough to use even for an expecting mother.   We tried dozens of combinations of oils and sugars to come up with the perfect blend to exfoliate and allow the various benefits of emu oil to soak into your skin.  This is by far the best combination – you’ll find it’s even better then the original! 

Jillian – Creator of JAMM Emu Oil

After a great deal of trial and learning, we found the perfect formula.  Did you know that Emu oil is proven to be non-comedogenic?  This means despite it being an oil it will never clog your pores or cause blackheads.  We want to fix skin problems, not create them! There are also many scientific studies that show Emu Oil is effective at:

  • Reducing Wrinkles
  • Minimizing Acne & Rosacea
  • Correcting Scars & Stretch Marks
  • Eliminating Eczema & Psoriasis flare ups
  • Decreasing Healing Time & Scarring after Surgery
  • Alleviating Arthritis & Inflammation & Pain

Emu oil also contains active ingredients that have been shown to provide fantastic benefits: 

  • linolenic acid- Temporarily relieves joint pain
  • oleic acid- Has a local anti-inflammatory effect
  • vitamin A, E, & F
  • and Omega 3, 6, & 9

Next, we wanted to come up with some new fresh scents:

The Refresh Blend was created for a clean, mild, and pretty smell in mind.  Refresh showcases the Essential Oil Blend of Lemon, Bergamot, & Grapefruit that will leave you feeling fresh and restored.

  • Lemon has been shown to promote concentration as well as calm you
  • Bergamot elevates mood and alleviates stress
  • Grapefruit – spiritual up-lifter, purifier of oily and acne prone skin, may reduce the appearance of cellulite 

Our Energy Blend provides a burst of mint and the clean scent of citrus  that will wake you up and have you ready to go!  Rosemary, Sweet Orange, & Peppermint come together for a blend that will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to start your day.

  • Rosemary – research indicates increases in concentration and memory and helps perk you up
  • Sweet Orange – shown to increase the ability to absorb vitamin C and collagen production (essential for anti-aging). Widely reported to promote  feelings of happiness 
  • Peppermint – Promotes awareness and concentration

These essential oil blends smell amazing while offering spectacular benefits when applied to the skin and inhaled!

The bottom line is that you don’t need filler, questionable components or toxic ingredients like other skin care products out there. JAMM Emu oil sugar scrub proves just that, giving you hydrated silky smooth skin from basic ingredients you can actually read and understand!

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in

Unscented, Energy, Refresh

6 reviews for Emu Oil Sugar Scrub

  1. Rosie H.. Buda, Tx.

    I have an oily skin type and when I used Baileys Magic Touch Sugar Scrub on my face and shoulders my skin felt very clean and plump. I was so worried because of the oil in the product that my face would be oilier like with other products but this was not the case! The sugars exfoliate and the oils feel and smell great and made my skin baby soft! My face was oil free all day and I looked and felt amazing!

  2. Christiana F., Kyle, Tx.

    I am 16 years old and I have acne. Bailey introduced me to Magic Touch because I was looking for a facial scrub that would not irritate my acne or make it worse. My skin was so soft after I used it and it did not hurt my skin in any way, actually it felt great. After using it for 2 weeks I saw my skin clearing up a bit, I cant wait to get my next jar.

  3. Brian J., San Antonio Tx

    I started using Bailey’s Magic Touch Sugar Scrub with Australian Emu oil because I read how great emu oil was for stretch marks. I apply the scrub to my arms and I really do see a reduction in redness. I feel so much better and super soft, I would recommend this product to everybody!!

  4. Dr Dave W

    First off I am super excited/proud of Bailey for her phenomenal self initiative in creating her own “cure” and going from idea to manifestation to market! She did it with no prompting from me and if I were not 100% convinced this product will help you have clearer, better looking more healthy skin it wouldn’t be here on this web site! I have had the chance to use it for over 2 months as have several of my family. We all love it and it does exactly what Bailey says it does- its magic for your skin! Best, Dr Dave W

  5. Rachel

    Smells amazing and left me with soft skin I’m using it as I shower and will continue to. Add to cart friends its amazing! Thanks for another great product!

  6. Charis

    So good! And it works so well!

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