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Immune Boost 2.0- The Time Has Come!!!

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I have been at my current mission of creating Anti-Aging Supplements that actually work since the turn of this century. It is my passion and a big reason for my existence.

I take what I make personally every single day, but sometimes I get a little too far ahead of the curve.

Back in 2005 knowing the importance of the immune system on aging as well as wellness I released a supplement called simply Immune Booster. The sole goal of this supplement was to inhibit viral attachment to human cells using a natural compound, Elderberry extract in a flash pasteurized form which preserved the anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties but also removed any bacteria and viruses from the mix since it was after all, all natural!

That supplement went through Bird Flu and H1N1 but it was too seasonal and expensive to continue, brilliance aside. Simply put, it was ahead of its time.

With the emergence of Covid and the likelihood of more year-round viruses in the future it was time to rebuild, revamp and re-release that supplement again.

Enter Immune Boost 2.0

Beefed up with additional Vitamin C and Echinacea the new formulation is even more potent than the old one.

I loved having that old formulation at my beck and call but in those days flu viruses were strictly seasonal. The explosion of summer time cases albeit mostly asymptomatic has underscored NEED for a YEAR-ROUND all-natural supplement.

We’ve stocked up in quantity, guaranteed as best as possible our supply chain so we can go ahead and do continuity and subscription orders as well as cases.

Naturally I’m keeping a case for myself just in case!

I could tell you a lot more but the reality of the situation is simple: believe it or not there will be more Covid and other new “novel” viruses in the future. Fortunately, there are some similarities between viruses in how they attach to human cells that have not changed even though the newer viruses appear to be more contagious and tolerate heat better than say, influenza.

Bottom line is THIS is the NEW REALITY (man do I hate that phrase!) and we have to be prepared, or rather it makes sense to be prepared.

So, stock up on toilet paper, latex gloves and Immune Boost 2.0!


Dr Dave

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