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Keto Comes of age

Back in 2012, I started my personal journey into ketosis for the second time.

I say the second time because long before that, Dr. Robert Atkins released his version of the ketogenic diet, which frankly was just that, a Ketogenic Diet Called the Atkins Diet. I was a teenager then, which really was a long, long time ago!

My point in telling you all this is to disabuse the typical internet nonsense that Atkins started “10-15 years ago” as some thought leaders in the field state! That is not at all accurate as it was at least 45 years ago that Atkins released his version. It indeed became popular for the second time approximately 20 years ago.

Ketogenic diets were codified (written down) way back in the 1920’s and used to prevent seizures, especially in children before anti-seizure drugs became available. This was the beginning of understanding the benefits of ketosis and the diet for neurologic disorders. They are now used for early to moderate Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other mitochondrially based neurologic disorders.

Final point: ketogenic diets have existed since humankind existed as hunter-gatherers e.g., 10’s of thousands of years ago, especially in Northern climes were herd animals and fish were the primary source of food. They are still used in precisely those situations and to control seizures and keep dangerous brain tumors at bay.

The main feature of the Ketogenic Diet is a massive shift in metabolism towards using almost exclusively fat for fuel. When this shift occurs, the primary fat break down product is called Beta Hydroxy Butyrate, and it becomes the most sole fuel source for the body.

This is a very efficient fuel source and lowers the need for the body to use sugar as the primary fuel.

Basically, you eat fat to Burn Fat!!!

Before we get too deep into that, let’s look at a typical “regular” (high carb) diet and what it does.

Our current accepted Dietary Guidelines suggest 225-325 grams of carbs per day.

The Key Words Being Current and Guidelines!!!

I can guarantee you the average American easily exceeds those guidelines and that 500 grams per day is probably a conservative estimate since barely anyone ever reads the Guidelines, let alone follow them!

For the record, adherence to a typical Ketogenic Diet requires 50 grams or less of daily carbohydrates. That is about one and ½ pieces of bread, and you have hit your target.

Now take into account the amount of “hidden sugar” and carbohydrates that are added and used to make almost everything we eat; you can see there is a huge gap both in how we think and how we eat!!!

Our Big Food Industry understands addiction very well. It understands that while fat and salt are addictive, SUGAR, and the carbs that become sugar are as addictive as cocaine.

You might intuit from that statement that if you go from a high carb/high sugar diet (pretty much the same!), you will go through a withdrawal from sugar. The physical withdrawal lasts 3-4 days and is easy to overcome with just a little discipline. The habitual emotional eating of certain things at certain times takes about a week to overcome.

In addition to addicting you to high carb and sugar foods, what else does the typical high carb diet do?

Here’s a shortlist:

  • Increases Insulin secretion which increases appetite and fat storage
  • Can lead to pancreatic burnout and Type 2 diabetes (we have an epidemic of that now thanks to 45 years of High Carb Dietary Recommendations
  • Causes Obesity
  • Increases inflammation in the body the root cause of many diseases of aging including heart disease and stroke
  • Can accelerate aging
  • Damages the body’s ability to recycle needed cellular compound and create new cells (apoptosis)
  • Contributes to Metabolic Syndrome and Cholesterol Abnormalities
  • Reduces the ability to generate the most important anti-oxidant in the body, Glutathione.
  • In susceptible patients can precipitate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

You might Correctly Guess Ketogenic Diets Have a Hand in Reducing and in some cases Reversing these Conditions

Now there is something I deliberately left out because, without the proper kind of disclaimer, I could wind up in jail. So here is the disclaimer: the following is my opinion based on scientific research but is not widely accepted and is currently vilified by the powers that be that make the rules, enforce the laws, and decides who needs to be shut up.

Here is the disclaimer statement: There is evidence that cancer is a metabolic disease that starts in the mitochondrial powerhouses before it ever affects the genes. A Calorie Restricted Ketogenic Diet has been associated with significant increases in cancer, especially Cancers of the Brain. Do not believe this statement of change anything you are doing unless YOUR doctor tells you to. If you want to read how this might work, then get Tom Siegfried’s Book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease or view some of the podcasts that suggest a Ketogenic Diet might fight cancer.

There is one final thing going Keto does for almost everyone: You lose body fat, and you look incredible. If you ever wanted a sixpack, this is the Key. I am in my 6th decade, and even in my 20’s, I did not have a sixpack!!!!

Now let me Introduce You to my Secret Weapon!!! 

It’s Called KetoGen and it takes advantage of the fact that supplementing with Ketones (in this case Beta-Hydroxybutyrate- BHB) can get you into ketosis much faster, start the fat loss cycle much sooner, and squash your carb cravings and allow for longer times between meals.

It even helps with intermittent fasting, something I advocate.

KetoGen is pure Fat Burning Magic

and is the answer to avoiding things like the “keto flu,” and habitual cravings brought about by the eating routines we keep,

What is so special about this particular BHB? Well first off, it’s a salt containing a moderate amount of sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Salt is the ideal rapid delivery form of ketone bodies like BHB. It also combats the Saluresis (obligatory salt loss that comes with Ketogenic Diets).

This salt loss can cause light-headedness, fatigue, and laziness (keto flu) It does have one positive effect, though, and that is if you are hypertensive and salt-sensitive, this effect can lower your blood pressure. Generally, the amount of salt in KetoGen is not considered harmful for hypertensives but ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before using it or any supplement and do not stop any meds without expressed permission from your Health Care Professional.

Finally, there is a little bit of caffeine in Keto Gen as well to help combat any Keto Flu.

Simply put, I made it as easy, fast and painless as possible for you to get into ketosis and reap the Amazing visual benefits as well as the potential health benefits as well.

And of course, since it’s Brand New, We Have Special Pricing as Well for a Very Limited Time Only!!!!

Keto had finally come of age because all the naysayers had to eat their own words when real scientific studies were applied to a true high fat (minimum 60% fat diet) with true carb restriction (50 grams or less daily). So much of the negative reports on high-fat diets before this were using diets well below 50% fat and often with 50% carbs!!!!!

I can direct you to a large body of information I have written for the past seven years on Ketogenic Diets, but for now, you get the idea and probably have a least an inkling of how good you’ll feel and how amazing you’ll look.

I made the hard part easy for you.

Order Now and Get Started Creating the Newer Better You!!!


  • What is the typical dosage of KetoGen??
    •  For most people, one scoop daily in the AM on an empty stomach works well!
  • What level of Ketosis should I expect, and when should I see it?
    • Using KetoGen alone and following a reasonable carb restriction, you should get to a level of 1.5 millimoles or “mild to moderate” on a urine dipstick within 24 hours. Ultimately it would be best if you shot for 3-3.5 or moderate “nutritional ketosis.” Above this and you are in starvation ketosis for which there is no need, and you will lose muscle mass fast here!
  • Is it true that Keto Gen and Ketogenic Diets suppress appetite?
    • WE do not make that claim, but we hear it all the time. The diet itself suppresses appetite, which makes intermittent fasting (2 meals a day in a 6-8-hour window) much easier!
  • How much weight and fat can I expect to lose and over what period of time?
    • The rather rapid initial weight loss that is seen with Ketosis is due to your body using stored sugar called glycogen and the significant amount of water associated with it. This is the infamous “water weight” that everyone talks about. This happens in the first 4-5 days and is often 5 to 10 pounds! The thing I never understood is why is that looked at as a “bad thing” you still lost a lot of weight fast!!!! Once this passes, your weight loss will slow down, but your fat loss will speed up, meaning you will look better and better leaner and leaner even though you may only lose 25 pounds a week depending on how hard you curb your calories and how long you wait between meals. Remember, ketosis usually cuts appetite, making skipping a meal a day pretty easy and making eating smaller portions (even though they are mostly fat!) also easier.
  • Are there any side effects to KetoGen?
    • Yes, the one side effect that no one has yet been able to fix is the lousy taste of BHB. No matter what brand you buy, mine or there’s the taste is well, something that has to be tolerated. Also, ALL HMB salts that have enough ketones to help you into ketosis can IF OVERDOSED cause painless watery diarrhea in susceptible people (about 20%) To avoid this possibility, do not exceed one scoop every 12 hours.

To help mask the taste, add extra cold water or branched-chain Aminos, or a little zero carb protein powder like J Robb, etc. Do not go wild on protein supplementation during Ketogenic Diets because protein can theoretically increase sugar production during the fasting state (when all the keto magic happens to your cells!). This is called gluconeogenesis.

Does Keto affect Mammalian target of rapamycin levels? Mammalian target of rapamycin is a series of protein complexes that are critical in metabolism. Lower levels are linked to longer life, and better health. Inhibition of mTOR is thought to be a longevity and health strategy. Increased mTor triggers insulin secretion, fat storage, protein anabolism (laying down of new protein) stimulation of the Growth Hormone messenger IGF-1 decreased Glutathione, and decreased apoptosis levels all of which can have negative health consequences. Keto inhibits mTOR increases apoptosis and restores glutathione levels, all of which make it a great anti-aging diet in my book!!!

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