Super Male Max X CASE (12 Bottles)


Formulated to increase your test levels naturally, Super Male Max X is a complete solution designed to provide your body with the nutrients needed to deliver a natural test boost. Toxin-free and made with only natural preservatives in a Vegetarian encapsulation.

 Benefits of Super Male Max X

  1. Increased muscle mass
  2. lean body mass
  3. Increase strength & endurance
  4. Naturally increases test levels
  5. Sexual performance
  6. Improve your Mood
  7. Boost Self-Esteem

$598.64 available on subscription from $571.88 every 6 months

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Super Male Max X CASE (12 Bottles)

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Introducing Super Male Max X- For the Man in Your Life

If you pay any attention to the news lately you know that manhood is under attack!

I am not making political or sexually charged statements- lord knows I get enough hate make from the government and various people who don’t bother to read what I say but simply read a headline or some such other and fire away.

Such is life on the internet.

This stuff is all nonsense of course but manhood, no matter how you define it is a necessary thing for both men and women.

The attack(s) I am talking about are from lack of sleep, job stress, too much or too little exercise, lousy diet choices and environmental toxins!!!

And then there is the ubiquitous problem of hormone levels falling off “naturally” with each passing year as we age.

NO MATTER how you slice it that stuff is out there killing of testosterone levels, feminizing men, and reducing fertility and maleness.

And that my friend accelerates your Aging!!!

I first came across this problem about 16 years ago. As a very busy Internist who was running and Anti-Aging practice that in those days was primarily based on hormone replacement, I saw, interviewed and treated literally hundreds of men (and women) who were suffering from hormonal imbalances.

Now many but not all were over 40. And body builders who were seeking anabolics aside, there was a surprising number of younger men who to have their masculinity fail.

The hormone replacement part was relatively easy.  I was skilled at this from my extensive training on the topic.  The hard part was convincing my colleagues that I was not a quack!

I famously predicted that when Big Pharma took over hormone replacement for men especially, it would all be “OK”.  That in fact did happen, but by that time I was focusing on nutraceuticals, telomeres and stem cells.

Still I was always aware that a lot of men would have done more about their hormones if they did not have to go on testosterone with all its implications and side effects.

I always wanted to create and all natural effective testosterone booster that your body could use to the degree it needed without incurring side effects or risks.

But it still had to crank up testosterone levels safely and legally.

As you know I have had a very long, interesting and fruitful career.  Time and money were bigger issues than creativity but the time has come RIGHT THIS MINUTE to introduce MALE MAX X.

Part of these reasons are personal but many are alluded to above.  The level of testosterone killers out there has only grown exponential since the turn of this century.

But there is another reason why I delayed so long.

For most of the 1990’s and certainly the early 2000’s the supplement industry continued to improvise on testosterone boosters.  DHEA, androstenedione and a whole host of other hormones and hormone mimetics came along.

They all actually worked but one by one they were picked off and labeled illegal by the FDA.

Shady supplement manufacturers trying to score big bucks on the 19-25-year-old testosterone driven males (the kind who believe the giant misshapen individuals on the covers of bodybuilding magazines are “natural”) introduced all kinds of hormonal aberrations trying to stay one step ahead of regulatory agencies.  They even used hormones from bugs to get temporarily around regulations.

Others simply snuck illegal pro hormones or hormones in until they were busted.

None of this inspired confidence in my male patients and it left them in a quandary.

They did not want to take steroids but there were literally no effective testosterone boosters left on the market. Things like Tribulus do not work in the absence of testosterone boost. So, it became a well known thing that testosterone boosters do not work.

Eventually a legal raw material, pine pollen, became available and tested but this is a pretty recent event.

And I will not bore you with the details but getting a reliable organic source of real pine pollen in quantity to put into my Super Male Max X took over 2 years!

Now Pine Pollen is only part of the story

But without Pine Pollen all of the other stuff will be pretty much useless.

When used in combination as shown on the label above this stuff simply kicks Butt!!!

So, who is Super Male Max X for?

  • It is for anyone looking for a natural legal testosterone booster who wants avoid topical or injectable steroid supplements.
  • It is for anyone who wants to maximize lean body mass.
  • Its for anyone who feels they need increased “male mentality” as testosterone is very very much a brain supplement.
  • It is for men, young and old who may be experiencing declining hormone levels and want to do something about it!

The Bottom Line is Most of Us could use a Boost and Mother Nature can provide it safely and naturally!!!


Order now and remember what it feels like to be a MAN!
FAQ’s and Caveats:

DIRECTIONS: 1-3 capsules daily with meals or 2 capsules 1 hour prior to sexual activity on an empty stomach. Do not exceed 3 caps daily. Do not take if you are under 18. Not for female use.* Do not take if you have known allergies to any of the ingredients and do not take at the same time as other sexual enhancement products or prescription drugs.

Do not take if you have had any hormonally driven cancers.

  1. Question: Will it help with Body Building? Answer While this is not strictly a body building supplement our testers have reported increased muscle mass, lean body mass, strength and endurance.
  2. Question: Will it accelerate hair loss? Answer: if you stay within the dosage guidelines, no.
  3. Question: I have an enlarged prostate- can I take this supplement. Answer: Hormones like testosterone may drive prostate enlargement if they are converted into estrogen or other testosterone derivatives so it is best not to take this supplement if you already have an enlarged prostate.
  4. Question: Will it help with my libido and sexual performance. Answer: Otherwise what’s the point!!!!
  5. Question: Why can’t women take it? Answer: Testosterone supplementation in women while common is not straight forward and should be supervised by a knowledgeable physician.
  6. Will it help my mood and the clarity of my thinking? Answer:  Highly Likely!

*Remember no medical claims are being made, no claims of modification, mitigation, treatment or diagnosis of disease are stated or implied and while the ingredients in this supplement have been tested and found to be effective in certain laboratory studies with human subjects, this specific supplement has not been tested and therefore cannot be assumed to behave as the sum total of its parts according to the FDA, The FTC, the AMA and other bodies in power.

Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 9 × 4.25 in


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