Toco Q Case (12 Bottles)

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Toco Q CASE (12 Bottles)

The Missing Link to Your Anti-Aging Therapy?!!!

Dear Friend,

I have researched the topic of anti-aging and regenerative medicine for almost 2 decades now and I can tell you it gets better and more exciting with each passing year.

I can honestly say that we are no longer just asking important questions but there is now enough evidence to suggest that the pathway to a longer and certainly healthier life is clear.

The players have been identified, the territory mapped out and some real progress has been made especially lately.

One area that I have been writing about for 5 years or so that has sorely lacked attention in this field is a little sub cellular organelle called “the mitochondrion” (mitochondria pleural).

There are all kinds of stories about how this little powerhouse organelle came to be but the most likely appears to be a fusion of the cells that eventually gave rise to the “animal kingdom” with some other cell or organelle that it either ate or got infected by!

Either way it was a happy occurrence because it lifted cells into the realm of being able to use a fairly extensive more or less inexhaustible oxidizer called aptly enough- oxygen!

The oxidation process is both our enemy and our friend. You have heard me prattle on over the past decade and a half about that very issue.  Oxidation is at the root of many of our cellular and body processes that get played out as we age.  It’s also at the root of many diseases that eventually kill us.

You may recall all the information about fish oil and inflammation.  Well all of that has its root in oxidation and reducing oxidation as well.

Oxidation is Always part of Inflammation

What I have said less often is the role our little friends the mitochondria play in oxidation. I will get to that soon but you may ask, “How important are these little double-edged swords living in our cells?”

The simple answer is they provide the bulk of the energy most cells use of internal and external movement.

If it moves, divides, exports, imports, ejects, ejaculates, swims, wiggles, flexes, swells, secretes, grows or repairs, it requires mitochondria!!!

Now that is at the cellular level.

Let’s look at the “macro” level.

Thinking- Your Brain uses more oxygen for its size than any other organ in your body. It’s got more mitochondria than most other tissues for that very reason.  Oxygen is burned (usually with fat) in the mitochondria to make fuel for you to think, remember and create.  Speaking of thinking- start thinking of diseases of the brain that show up as defects in thinking, remembering and creating.

Get the picture?!!!!

Blood circulation- Everything from your heart, your lungs and the blood vessels that carry that oxygenated and deoxygenated blood through your body require mitochondria to supply the power to beat, propel, and exchange.

Sugar balance- The internal cellular actions of insulin require mitochondrial energy. The external secretion of insulin from the pancreas requires mitochondria to package and secrete that vital hormone. Now multiply that times the 50 other hormones and all of the little “paracrine” hormone like substances you have in your body and your see the vital importance of mitochondrial energy to your endocrine system.

Voluntary and involuntary muscle movement- Yep you guessed it! All muscles are absolutely loaded with mitochondria. No mitochondria, no movement!

Sex- maybe someone has found a way to have sex without moving but I hope that person(s) has nothing else to do and all day to do it because sex without movement is well-nigh impossible!

Are you getting this picture?!!!!!

Now here is the flip side of mitochondria.

They are an intimate part of cellular destruction both orderly and disorderly.

The orderly removal of sick dead and dying cells has all kinds of fancy names some of which I have shared with you over the years. It requires a similarly orderly and repeatable process to remove these cells and recycle the usable components.  Waste not want not and it is said that the bulk of the human body recycles over a 7-year period.

But as we age this process, which requires inflammation and oxidation can go haywire and create too much inflammation and oxidation. I have said to you many times:

Aging is a self-fulfilling inflammatory process!!!

The defects in the structure and function of the mitochondria are a main reason this happens.

Less usable energy is produced and the cell can begin to leak inflammatory messengers into its fellow cellular community causing more and more damage.

There is even an ever-growing body of work showing that mitochondria are one of the main and most underappreciated epigenetic drivers in our body.  One theory of cancer has shown that all cancers have some mitochondrial respiratory defect that precedes all of the genetic changes that are commonly seen in cancer.

And, of course free radicals also accelerate the loss of the biologic time clocks known as telomeres.

Shorter telomeres mean shorter and sicker lives!!!!

Ok so now comes the REAL QUESTION: Whaddya gonna do about it?!!!

Well mitochondrial science is in its infancy since it is not a “genetic organelle”. *

But I promise you, in the next decade you will see more and more evidence of how centrally mitochondrial health is linked to your overall health and aging.

In the meantime, it’s a case of what I have been calling “Buying Runway” for the past 5 years** WE need to do what we can to help our mitochondria stay young, vital and healthy for as long as possible because there WILL be Breakthroughs down the road.

How do I do it and how should you?

In addition to exercise and low carb/sugar diets you can help your mitochondria restore optimal function.

One way to do this is to take a supplement containing reduced Co Q. You may remember I used to make just such a supplement using the world-famous Kaneka brand of Co Q.

But I have gone one better this time

Introducing Toco Q

Toco Q is my first purpose built “mitochondria specific supplement”.

Not only does it contain the reduced Co Q the way my old supplement did, but it now boosts its efficacy and power with a very special anti-oxidant known as Tocotrienol.

You may recall I used low doses of tocotrienols in my telomere support supplements in the past but now I am really harnessing the anti-oxidant and telomere power of this compound by boosting the dose to 100mg per capsule.

So, you have 100 mg of Ubiquinol boosted by 100mg of Tocotrienol.

This supplement was designed to supply your mitochondria with the most likely missing ingredients in their power chain- reduced Co Q but in addition to quell the unwanted free radical oxidation energy that comes with aging mitochondria.

Obviously, it has been a big hit with our athletes testers and our testers who suffer from fatigue or not enough energy in general.

For the anti-aging devotee there is research to support the pro longevity effects of both of these compounds!

 I want you to take back your Power!!!!

And this is the best way I know how to do it.

Yes. DR Dave I want to take back my Power!!!

Toco Q CASE (12 Bottles)


  • What is the dose?
    • Depending on your needs and activity level you can take anywhere from 2 to 4 a day and there are 60 soft gels per bottle.
  • What might I be allergic to in this compound?
    • It is highly unlikely you’d be allergic to the Co Q aspect of things and still be alive as this is an essential nutrient. It is highly unlikely but not impossible to be allergic to Annatto seed extracts which are used to generate the tocotrienols. Keep in mind these are seeds NOT NUTS!!!! So, nut allergy is not an issue here.
  • What about PQQ and the other supposedly superior mitochondrial supplements that use it?
    • In the supplement industry it is common to try to be the first with the most. PQQ has only ever been studied in rats and one study in humans.  There is no data to suggest that it is in any way superior to reduced CoQ. Keep in mind Kaneka’s Co Q is prescription in Japan and is used for heart disease, strokes and dementia associated movement disorders.  PQQ is not.
  • What is so special about Tocotrienols? Aren’t they just another form of Vitamin E?
    • OH PLEASE do not say that.  Pretty much everywhere Vitamin E has failed to show benefit Tocotrienols have. The source we use, Annatto is 100% delta and gamma tocotrienol and no tocopherol! It ain’t just Vitamin E!!!!  In addition to the potent anti-oxidant effects tocotrienols turn on telomerase, and have been study and shown to have positive effects in various cancers including colon breast and prostate. Studies suggest cardioprotection, improved metabolism, antioxidant, NF kappa B In the meantime it’s a case of what I have been calling “Buying Runway” for the past 5 years ** inhibition, bone health, vascular health and pro longevity, none of which have been sufficiently shown by any form of simple Vitamin E!****
  • Can I take them with other supplements and what is the best time to take them?
    • I recommend the basic 2 a day dose to be taken with the evening meal for best absorption and nocturnal coverage of oxidation and hormone action.  Other doses should also be consumed with food OR WITH YOUR DAILY DOSE OF FISH OIL which will act well enough as a food substitute in this case.
  • Can I take them with medicine or if I am having major surgery?
    • If you are on any drugs that interact with lots of things like coumadin and MAO inhibitors you should not take this product without strict supervision and permission from your doctor.  If you are having major surgery stop all supplements at least 2 weeks prior and wait until your surgeon gives you approval to restart.

* Well mitochondrial science is in its infancy since it is not a “genetic organelle”.*

We are currently inundated with the fascination of our genome left over from the human genome project.  While genetics is very important it has been disappointing to learn how little our genes actually do.  For instance, most of the diseases caused by gene alterations are relatively rare and have low impact on the general population. The Famous BRAC genes are an example.  They account for less than 8% of breast cancers.  The rest of the breast cancer predisposing genes account for another 2 % leaving 90% of the cancers as “non-genetic”.  Could it be just haven’t discovered the thousands of other cancer-causing genes out there that we all must carry since most of us will get cancer?  Not likely. Far more likely it’s an epigenetic phenomenon.  Now go find that word in my writing above and you’ll see how it relates to Toco Q!

** In the meantime, it’s a case of what I have been calling “Buying Runway” for the past 5 years.

I never craved credit for anything but I am sick and tired of seeing people use MY words to sell THEIR products and info.  So, remember you heard it first here!

****While studies suggest the benefits of tocotrienols in many illnesses including cancer they have not been tested in human trials and where they have they have not been accepted by the medical community so please do not interpret this or any other statement said here as a diagnosis, cure, preventative or mitigator for any disease especially cancer and the not yet accepted disease of aging.  Specifically, the FDA, FTC, AMA and most other alphabet agencies would send anyone they could to jail for even suggesting anything remotely useful for human illness in the supplement world so as always consult your doctor, the FDA, the FTC and any other ruling alphabet agency for accurate accepted and real information on anything to do with your health. This information is for information purposes only. You and you alone must assume the responsibility for its use, misuse or non-use, even if you do consult everyone I mentioned above!

God bless freedom of thought!

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