It Might Be Time to Admit It!

Recent data from the U.K. point to shortened telomeres in midlife as a predicter of increased Alzheimer’s in later years.

I always wonder when we are going to say “OK these things keep pointing in the direction of almost every disease of aging there is. When are we going to admit they should be a health priority?!”

The easy answer is the same as “When are stem cells going to be allowed to be expanded and given in this country”.

Which is the same answer as “When are we going to admit inflammation is a major cause of aging?!”

The answer to all 3 and more is, “When Big Pharma sees a low-risk high profit drug or other that can be given to mitigate (never cure!) the progression of aging and the diseases that the disease of aging causes.

And that will all happen much later from now. Meantime instead of telomerase activation we have to put up with tons of money being funneled into telomerase inhibitors that have minimal promise for cancer treatment except to perhaps select out resistant cancer cells and allow them to run amok.

It reminds me of the fairly recent ad touting “more life” for stage 4 lung cancer patients from a new drug.

It turns out it added 4 months fraught with side effects and cost $110 thousand dollars a treatment.  But it added more life!

Like so many things you are on your own when it comes to deciphering the truth.  As I pointed out the information is out there but the going is not easy because power structures hate it when they are no longer power structures.  Some might even say they’d kill to prevent that from happening.

Maybe it’s time we admit there is almost no reason to trust much of what we trusted for the past 60 years. 

At this point I do not have a hard time believing that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  But where does it leave you and I?

Actually, in a better place than you might think. If you look at every “disruptor” of society and power structures it’s usually in the form of an unseen ambush that forces a change. Adopting this tactic those in power can create their own disruptors, viral, economic, social and AI/information based.

But it’s up to you to care for yourself and fly under the radar because all violations of Universal Law will eventually be corrected at least partially. When shxt breaks so badly and the people that broke it don’t even think they have to try to cover it up, the day of reckoning is coming.

So, meantime, take care of your telomeres and keep them healthy by combating inflammation.

All YOU have to do is Take Care of YOU and let the rest burn itself out,

Smoldering with indignation but on fire with solutions,

Dr Dave

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