TA-65, Telomeres and Stem Cells

As we forge ahead in figuring out how to stay younger I want to remind you that although the science world has barely recognized the importance and unity of the two fields: stem cells and telomeres, there is no doubt in my mind the two are intimately involved.

There is growing evidence to hard core scientific evidence to support it as well.

In my own clinical experience I can tell you this much about people on [eafl id=”2390″ name=”TA-65″ text=”TA-65″]. We can usually predict which people are on TA-65 when we draw blood samples or bone marrow.  The immune compartment of their blood is very cellular well developed and their marrow is often fat free and “young” looking and again very cellular in a healthy way. The only thing they have in common is the TA.

Now I realize this is not scientific, merely observational, but it is a predictable and repeatable phenomenon.  Maybe someday soon I can quantitate it for you.  I can give you some quantitation on my own labs though at my recent blog post: Giving of myself – my time, my blood, my labs, and my experiences!

Stem cell aging is a very hot topic these days and frankly no one honestly knows all the ways that stem cells can age.  Somatic cells (the ones that make up mature adult tissue) age primarily due to inability to repair themselves, accumulation of damage, mostly free radical induced and of course telomere loss which is all part of those processes.

Another thing I want to remind you of is the link between skin aging and stem cell function.  The skin may well be the largest repository of stem cells in the body, even more than the bone marrow, though not as concentrated. This means that skin is amenable to stem cell therapies as well.

In addition to telomerase activation with TA-65 and additional telomere supplements we have developed a specific line of skin stem cell activators.  The RG Cell line has been out for a little over a year and our competition is still scrambling to try to copy it, unsuccessfully I might add!

Below is a simple study we did to look at 2 of the things the major cosmeceutical companies usually brag about.  The first diagram (left) shows the increase in cell viability (how many healthy cells are alive at the end of the day). The first column on the left is the normal untreated cells. Next is the serum alone and then on the far right is the serum + the booster.  In each case you can see the improvements.

The right hand diagram is showing the same things, this time showing increased collagen production.  Collagen production drops as cells age and increases as cells behave like younger cells.

So more healthy cells and more supportive collagen means the cells are acting like younger cells not older.

Clinically this translates into younger healthier skin with fewer wrinkles.  We will do some telomerase assays on these cell samples in the future but I am sure you can enjoy the benefits long before we prove that. Thousands of people already have.

Younger skin makes you look younger any way you slice it!

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