A while back I wrote you an email of the same name so we are now into part 2.  As a reminder the telomere is indeed THE TIP of the chromosome that is!!!

This Tip is responsible for a lot of things that happen in your cells including how well they function, to some degree how well they repair themselves and to a huge degree how long they live.

Another reminder: Dr Dave’s Biologic Flow chart:  Cells lead to tissues, tissues lead to organs, organs lead to organ systems, and organ systems lead to organisms- that would be YOU!!!

The point of this to remind you that every cell’s fate can have an impact on your health and longevity.  The other part to remember is that what is happening in one cell is always happening in other cells, some times many other cells as in the aging process.

As we age we change our epigenetics (which genes we read) to increase inflammation and decrease repair ability.  The telomere is a main arbiter of this process.

Bottom line: if you want to live long and be healthy TAKE CARE OF YOUR TELOMERES!!!!

Here are two massive ways I do and you can too:the best fish oil on the planet and the most telomere centric supplement out there!

You can do nothing- but the result is predictable!!!!


Dr Dave (DD)

Scientists are really smart people…

But some times they lose track of what is the cart and what is the horse.

Nowhere has this been more true than in targeting cancer cells.

The original batch of chemotherapeutics, many of which are still in use were ugly carpet bombs that took the lives of a lot or normal cells.  Some of us label cancer survivors as double survivors because they survived cancer and chemo.

The telomere- the Biologic Time Clock of your cell has lately been a target of cancer chemotherapy.  The thought is that since telomeres are needed to keep even cancer cells alive, inhibiting the enzyme that does this-telomerase- would “cure cancer”.  In spite of the fact that the few drugs that actually do that have proven disappointing in clinical use, the idea still sound like a good one.

The latest idea

Is that since telomeres are exquisitely sensitive to oxidative stress (free radical damage) ramping that up will help cure or at least control cancer and cancer cells

A good idea?

To some.

To me it’s the cart before the horse idea. The process that is cancer seems to always start with a mitochondrial respiratory defect, not a nuclear genetic one the way most scientists have been trying to prove. This has occurred to the point that grant money is more or less exclusively directed towards genetics instead of metabolics, although this has changed a little bit recently.

The next idea is that telomeres and telomerase is responsible for cancer transformation and immortalization (the thing that turns a bad cell into a cancerous one).

Almost every cancer has been shown to have serious telomere shortening (some studies suggest the opposite when the cell samples include cells that have stolen telomere chunks from other cells resulting in long telomeres- this ain’t a normal cell or a normal biologic process!)

Neither is true

And the pirating, hijacking or otherwise pilfering of telomerase for the cancer’s purpose seems to happen closer to the end of the process, not the beginning.

To me keeping the telomeres long enough to keep the cell healthy is the first step to dealing with any disease of aging including any that I cannot name by name because someone out there is watching my every move.

Here is one of the ways I do it.  Let me help you deal with oxidative stress in your body!!!  Let me help you support healthy telomeres!

Maybe you won’t have to worry about what happens when they get too short for a long long time!



Dr Dave (DD)

PS Don’t forget I wrote a book about this 9 years ago.  While the word truth is an absolute, the book is Truer Now than Ever since the science has borne out everything that I was accused of being speculative about!

I have to warn you

This is going to be one of them thar scienticifical like articles.  If you are already jonsing for the “what is the pitch part”, it’s this: Take care of your telomeres!  I make a wonderful telomere centric supplement crafted by the deep research I’ve done over the past decade.

Ok onto the science.

There are lots of so called oncogenes out there.  If you want the precise definition of oncogene it’s actually very imprecise.  It goes like this, “a gene that sometimes under certain circumstances can transform a regular cell into a cancer cell.” If you see some weasel words in there then you might wonder how an entire theory of cancer- one that has now cost us 2 trillion dollars- has evolved into the central paradigm for looking at the dreaded disease. You might wonder how we could spend so much money to “win the war on cancer” over the past 4 decades and still not have had any significant effect on death from cancer. You might wonder at the slippery slope phenomenon that seems to permeate all of medicine these days.

What is that you ask?  Well it is when a previously accepted value that was a standard slips in one direction or another to accommodate certain agendas.  What those agendas are I will leave you to decide. But examples are cholesterol going from 220 to 180 (more statin drugs anyone?), blood sugar going from 120 to 90 (more diabetes drugs anyone?) and of course 5 year cancer survival being rearranged to fit cancers that have a 4 month survival. If you get these poor souls to live 8 to 12 months you’ve “won” the war on cancer and can justify your next big money making drug.

If you aren’t winning the game just change the rules.

After all all we need is more money to solve this problem right? Guess whose money they are spending!

Ok off the soap box with a reminder: take care of your telomeres or at least “support them”.

Back to oncogenes. One famous oncogene is called Myc pronounced more like the derogatory term for an Irishman but I prefer to say it “mice” since so many of our cancer models are in mice!

Myc is one of those genes that have been mutated manipulated knocked in singly doubly or more and amplified in all sorts of ways to generate mouse and other models of cancer.  It is one of the prototypical oncogenes or drivers of cancerous transformation.

Now remember recent brilliant minds

Have deemed cancer a “random bad luck event that defies prevention”. Those same people publicly state that we should work even harder to prevent cancer especially with life style and environmental changes. Then they say quit smoking.  Duh! What about the rest of it especially the environmental part.  It all stops short there perhaps because one would have to implicate several of the very same revenue generators that float our economy including Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Oil and a whole host of other sanctioned abominations that shall remain  unnamed because I am already enough of a target of said “Bigness”.

Reminder short telomeres are a risk factor for cancer- just sayin’!

A recent article linked mutated or amplified telomerase as a driver of the driver oncogene Myc.

Remember this is all random.  It couldn’t be possible that cancer “has a plan” called cell survival that dates back 500 million years now could it? Back then cells behaved like single entities in a sea of primordial competition.  They thrived on simple sugars, loved acid environments and grew like weeds.

Sound familiar? Sound like hallmarks of cancer?  Of course not it’s just bad luck and we need more money and more drugs!

According to our brilliant scientists cancer just randomly mutates all the right genes and some of the wrong ones to create an out of control cell mass that eats its host to death and kills itself in the process.

According to a recent PBS special half of us will get cancer by 2050 and it’s way too smart for us to cure. We can however make small slow progress against the “Emperor of All Maladies”. Talk about pre-conditioning an audience!

Did I mention that short telomeres are a risk factor for cancer?

In the scenario of telomerase driving the Myc oncogene to higher and higher levels of expression, there is a complete loss of control of cellular replication. Telomerase does this. But wait! Somehow you have to mutate both telomerase and Myc in a coordinated fashion.

This coordination is random and happens enough times that by 2050 half of us will have cancer.

This makes perfect sense to me. Not!

I ain’t buyin’ it.  I have said many times I think we are barking up the wrong tree for the wrong reasons.

I am frankly not allowed to say more anymore.

I can say this

I make a wonderful little telomere support pack.

You can find it here.

The rest is up to you, your doctor, the FDA, the FTC, the AMA, the NCI, the EPA and god knows who else that controls your thoughts and your future and of course your money.

Me?  I ain’t buyin’ what they are selling!


PS for the record I am not stating implying or otherwise insinuation that I can do anything to cancer or my supplements can do anything for cancer prevention or treatment. Just to be clear because there are a lot of people out there who want to protect you from people like me!

You will probably find this email a bit distressing for at least a couple of reasons.

The biggest one is that I am going to do what I always do:

Tell You the Truth!

Now I will say this is one of the few times when I will admit there might be more than one truth. But this is mine garnered from decades of experience in taking care of people and dealing with aging.

Telomere length is probably the most powerful predictor of how you are aging and where your next 5 to 10 years will lead you. You have, if you have been with me long enough, heard me say that telomere length is the BS detector of anti-aging medicine.

I don’t care what diet you eat.

I don’t care what exercise you do.

I don’t care how much stress relief you practice or how much you sleep.

If your telomeres are getting shorter

Or more specifically if you are accumulating more and more critically short telomeres over time, you are aging,  If your telomeres are eroding slowly you are aging slowly. If your telomeres are growing slowly, odds are you are getting biologically younger.

Now be advised that in spite of lots of data and studies to support that statement it is still not widely accepted.  Neither is telomerase activation, stem cells or gene therapy. I’ve also said this before: lots of people will negate this stuff until it is so obvious it works no one can argue. Then they will say I knew it all along.

Our book The Immortality Edge got great reviews and lots of them, but still the “most useful” reviews were the critical ones written almost 10 years ago. Where are those people now that everything we said has come true?  Not one word from any of them!

Ok I have actually just asked you to qualify yourself in a very subtle way. Most people reading the above will pick a side they are on and define their own attitude to pretty much everything that is going on in anti-aging medicine-stem cells, telomeres, and gene therapy.

So here is the distressing part

If you believe in the importance of telomeres, what is your telomere length?  The sad reality is that even though Life Length makes a phenomenal assay, only 10% of my clients who are on telomerase activators or support compounds know the answer to that question.

I have long ago accepted that in place of something that may be even more important. That something is that you DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to slow the erosion of your telomeres, and possibly reverse it.

The two most important compounds I make that can help you with that are Ultra Potent Fish Oil and the Immortality Edge Packs.

Add these to exercise, proper diet, sleep, stress release and now you have a big part of the anti-aging picture.

We can be objective. We can measure and follow these values.  But it does take money and time and a little bit of dedication.  In place of that, if you do all the rest of the stuff, I have a lot less worry for your future. And I have less worry that you will grow old before we find the next big break through. It’s coming – you just need to make sure your buying yourself enough runway to get there!

Dr Dave

The strangest things come up in science. Every week there is a “new pathway” or a new “possibility of a drug that will help in the fight against cancer”. Sometimes it’s new dietary advice or a reiteration of some previous advice.

But what do we really know and what can we actually hang our hats on in terms of truly effective anti-aging therapy?

Well let me tell you something I hear a lot:

It goes like this:” Doc you can’t prove anything you do has any effect on aging. Nothing has been shown to work so far and all of it is speculation!”

Truth is this is usually someone who is pissed off about how much things costs and is justifying not using it for that reason.

Now the speculation part is partly true.

There is absolutely nothing out there at this very red hot moment that will work for every single person on the planet under every single situation. The bottom line is that you probably need to do a lot of things to get the maximum benefit out of any anti-aging program. It’s also true that most people are not going to go to the extent I do or spend the money, time and effort I do or pursue staying young and healthy with the same passion I do. There are people out there who are trying but most of them are following some guru for advice and frankly most of those gurus are wrong. Many of them will die younger than they should and in an unhealthy situation.

I just read about one of the icons in the alternative medicine world who just passed away. He influenced a ton of people and tons more quote him or follow his advice or the advice of one of his “disciples”.

He died of a chronic age related illness and was at least a few years younger than the average age of death for most men. Adele Davis one of the early pioneers of healthy diet and vitamin supplementation died at age 70 of cancer. Famous health publisher (Clean Eating) died of cancer at age 73. Jim Fixx who along with along with Kenneth Cooper MD probably started the running revolution died in his 50’s of heart disease.

My point is we need different advice than we have been given because as it stands now most people are probably going to die at about the very age they would have had they simply done nothing special.

Also I would be careful who you follow and manage your expectations.

Personally I do expect to live a long and healthy life.

I do expect that the advice and life style I am giving will work for many if not most people.

But you will notice it is not “typical” advice in any way. Telomerase upkeephigh dose fish oil  ketogenic diets and most of the other stuff I advocate have been panned by every major alphabet agency out their including those representing my field of traditional allopathic medicine (the MD kind).

No one can prove anything for human longevity

For one very simple reason: no one has done a lifelong study on a cohort of people and controlled for every single variable that there ever was. If you are getting the idea that no one ever will do this kind of study, you are right. So it will always be correct to say “I dare you to prove anything you say works”.

But since it can never be done it’s basically a cheap shot. The converse is true as well. If you do nothing you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to not have anything different happen in your life or death.

I am not one to sit on my ass and let the years pass by gently accepting the same fate as my parents or of the rest of my species. Frankly you should not be either since neither of us have anything to lose and much to gain.

More life and more health!

What a wonderful concept and what a wonderful desire. But you can’t follow someone who is not making that the center of their lifestyle. My whole goal has been to give a step wise program for anyone who wants to do SOMETHING!

I don’t expect you to do what I do. There are very few other people in the world who do and I think I know all of them!

But you can choose something simple like taking more and higher quality Omega 3.

And you can now even try to maintain your telomere length.

As to the more complex things, I am working on them. Those things are what is the healthiest way to eat, how much should we sleep and how much should we exercise and what kind.” Those questions will be a lot harder to answer than what you should be taking!

But don’t fret. I will get you that answer before I shed this mortal coil!


Dr. Dave

Briefly let me remind you that

At the tip of every chromosome there is a telomere- hopefully a health one.

More than any other biomarker including methylation marks and anti-oxidant status, telomere length correlates with longevity and health span.

While shorter telomeres do not point to a specific diagnosis or a specific process, they do point to a statistical difference in both health and life span. In spite of all the hoopla about extending life by other means, telomere length and lengthening is the only thing in studies that extends the chronologic and biologic life span of an organism. Ask the methylation clock people to show you an intervention that extends (key word being extends!) life span based on their findings. Ask the fans of mTor to show you the same.

At best you will get something that looks like what is already the know genetic/epigenetic limit of that organism. I may be splitting hairs but that is not Life Extension past what is already known.

Stabilize Telomere Lengths

To do the latter you have to have to have to stabilize and lengthen telomeres.  Now that alone may not be enough but it sure looks like it is the crossroads of aging that we have all been looking for.

Immortality Edge Packs

I have a purpose designed supplement for telomere health that is all natural and easy to take

It’s ingredients are sourced from the best places on earth, and it’s 100% tested and manufactured right here in the USA to my exacting standards.


I tell people to do anything and everything they want to try and can afford to lengthen their lives and the health that they want to come with advancing age.

I tell them to start here.

You can do anything else you want, but don’t neglect this.  Take care of those Tips!!!


I’ve decided to change things up a bit.

You might have noticed my writing style over the past week has ramped up, and now the email formatting has changed. I’ve decided that to truly get where I am trying to take my vision for Anti-Aging ideology that things needed switching up a bit. I want to engage you and others just like you. Let me know what you think, the good, the bad and the ugly! Leave me a comment over on Facebook, or shoot me an email reply from here and tell me what I can be doing better.

At no time in my long medical career have I seen so varied and disjointed an approach to science.

In fact traditional science has failed the public perception. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are tired of long waits, nonsensical answers and a pedantic paternal medial system that promises new cures and miracle events that never materialize.

They are tired of taking drugs, dealing with dangerous and deadly side effects and constant negative approaches and campaigns against natural agents.

Remember all we need is more money. The 2+ trillion dollars in cancer research and the 1+ trillion dollars in diabetes and heart disease have not cured anything.

We now stand on the cusp of “genetic cures”. Let’s look at those for a second. Melanoma gene therapy is applicable to 18% of people with melanoma.  Is that enough? Cystic Fibrosis cures now reach 5% of people. Is that enough?

And while you are pondering this question be reminded that the “cures” are now measured in months, not years or decades- at least not yet.

Researchers will tell you that many genes can lead to the same or similar diseases. They will tell you that such diseases are actually several very different diseases. They will not tell you that all cancers have a component of defective respiration ala Otto Warburg. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in the late 1920’s for his work in the field. His choices over the next 30 years of his life wound up getting him discredited as a scientist – until recently.

Progress can be slowed but not stopped.

Right now a company called BioViva has injected the AAV9 vector to deliver telomerase into a human being and have had some great success with the process, all testing is showing a significant increase in median telomere length. 

My friend Mike Fossel and his company Telocyte are working on curing Alzheimer Disease with the AAV9 telomerase vector as well through an FDA trial.  The FDA trial will take years of course but it will shut up the naysayers once and for all. By the way Mike’s Book “The Telomerase Revolution” is available from Amazon right now.  Get a copy and learn from one of the true gurus in the field.

Right now there is a backlash in the scientific community against such therapies.  The BioViva thing has caused all kinds of ethicists to yell “cease and desist human testing”. Sorry gang this IS HAPPENING and it is happening right now. Not 50 years from now , but RIGHT NOW!

If it fails (and it certainly doesn’t look like it will with the data we have so far) it will answer more questions than any other trial has ever answered about aging and anti-aging therapies.  The ethicists say it’s a big deal if it fails because it involves a human being.  They are right but this person was 100% informed and is a volunteer.  Read that again please a VOLUNTEER. Also understand that I have personally guinea pigged it for a bunch of different stem cell therapies and would have allowed the AAV9 to be trialed on me in a heart beat.

If it succeeds it will also answer more questions than any other trial in history. People have sacrificed their lives and health for far stupider things than this.  I applaud this effort and look forward to the final results whatever they may be.

Why would I be so adamant?  How could an MD feel this way?

Here is the problem.  No one has another 2 trillion dollars to waste.  Science has had decades to do things their own way and failed miserably.  The trumpets are blaring about new discoveries but mark my words these trumpets will sound flat notes.  No one will hear them over the next round of trumpets however.  NO one will admit. “WE screwed up!”  They will just keep saying they need more money and painting a bleak picture of the heroic struggle against diseases that are smarter than mankind.

They will continue to say things like Cancer expresses telomerase so expressing telomerase can cause cancer.  The short answer to this is: morons.

Or my personal favorite: Elephants over express the tumor suppressor gene P53 so they live a long time without cancer. Elephants live 60 to 70 years a full decade short of the current human life span at least.

Most cancers in humans occur after age 70 and continue to rise after that.  Find me a 75 year old elephant in the wild not the zoo which is where these miracle elephants were studied, and maybe I will believe you.

Remember I was part of this problem for almost 2 decades!

But we can all take comfort. No one can stop the wheels of progress forever*


*There is one more thing I would love to see.  When the BioViva study proves safe and effective I would love for all the people screaming foul to say, “We were wrong!”  I say it when I am wrong and have on more than one occasion publicly.  But if recent history is any indication, people will simply continue trying to obstruct progress, waste money and not even blink when the facts smack them upside the head. Don’t be on the tail end of this – invest in your health and well being NOW.

I carry the torch of telomeres for a reason. They always say if it quacks like a duck it probably is!

Telomeres and telomerase activation have been quacking louder and louder pretty much every day!

I am going to make a foolish assumption at least for a moment. I am going to assume that you have read some of the probably dozens upon dozens of blogs I have been writing since 2009 on the topic. I will summarize it all in this one sentence: Life span and health span are not separate. Improve one and statistically speaking you should be improving the other. I have to say statistically because you need to understand that we are not talking about traumatic death which is always out there. We are talking about the more common scenario: people get old, get sick and then die sometime afterward.

Initially I took a lot of abuse for my stances on this topic. Questions like “How do you know this? Where is your proof? Your arguments are weak!”. Aging Is NOT a disease it’s many many diseases. And of course the infamous “turning on telomerase causes cancer” .

I suppose it boils down to how big a skeptic you are, but lately people have actually begun to say things like,”That is fascinating” instead of “That is BS”.

Now don’t get me wrong there are still skeptics out there by the dozens and many many people have invested in the skeptical agenda. The usual reason is people don’t want to be duped or ripped off.

Honestly I do not even think of those things but people still bring it up. That attitude can be summed up as follows, “What if you are wrong Dr Dave!?”.

I get it, I really do! Human history is full of “Fountain of Youth” myths and stories. We have been dying regularly as a species for millions of years as have all species. Cheating death is to put it mildly a new paradigm.

Magicians, alchemists , charlatans and the like have been promising break throughs for almost as long as we have been on this planet.

But to say that much longer lives and better health during those longer lives is not possible is to deny human evolution. We will not be evolving in the way we have observed since the dawn of man.

We are taking charge of that and solving those mysteries right here and right now in your life time.

If I am wrong then I will die trying. I am willing to take that risk because I will most certainly follow the trajectory of human longevity that has already been established by my parents life spans.

Not good enough for me. Not good enough to say, “Ok add 5 years or so on to the average life span of both parents and there you have my expiration date”

Even skeptics are saying that telomeres are real. Just recently two very separate lung diseases were tied together by telomere length. Most people agree that telomere length and function are one of the most importantly predictors of your current and future health and life span.

I have told you before I have been able to add 1400 base pairs or over 10 years of predicted life span to my telomeres using a strict supplementation regiment.

I have given you the best options to take care of your telomeres.

But if you are asleep I cannot wake you up. I cannot change your mind or force you to do anything nor would I try. While I dismiss no one on this earth as valueless only you can determine your own value and your own philosophy.

I do not think I am wrong about aging. I do think you and I can impact and change our future health and longevity in a major way.

One things is for sure. Everything they tell you to do now that i s”accepted” will doom you.

You will be doomed to repeat the life cycle your parents had +5 years ( if you are currently over 50).

Until you decide to do something nothing will change. I hope you are truly awake!!!

Yours in Freedom,

Dr. Dave

*Much has been said about telomerase causing cancer. The very same people who would tell you longer telomeres do not mean much for longevity because there is no proof will willingly believe a similar situation about turning on telomerase and causing cancer. There is absolutely no proof of that and there is proof in the opposite direction. You can look up numerous blogs I have written in the past about this but let me give you something to think about in the meantime. If telomerase activation caused cancer, telomerase inhibition would cure it. No such luck. As a matter of fact Geron is hanging by a thread that will most probably be cut once the lack of efficacy of their drug becomes clear. Next this whole argument presupposes we know what causes cancer. After 1.5 trillion dollars and probably as much to be spent in the next few years on the “somatic mutation theory of cancer†( gene mutations cause cancer) we still have made little progress and we still poison our already sick cancer patients by the millions each year with drugs based on this approach. WE DO NOT KNOW what causes cancer so we cannot lay it at the feet of telomerase activation. The opposite has been shown to be generally true. Longer telomerase are protective against cancer and other diseases of aging.

I might be splitting hairs here

But I think its important to understand the difference between Longevity and Life Extension. We can throw both topics under the bus of “Anti-Aging and or Regenerative Medicine”. I suppose we could also call them part of Functional Medicine because try as I might I have not really been able to distinguish the differences in the mission statements of all of the above other than the existence of different certifying bodies and conference machines that rake in a ton of money for any one of them.

That said I DO distinguish between Longevity and Life Extension as concepts (not companies!).

To me Longevity is living as long as one can within the current understanding and parameters of our genetics and far more importantly, our epigenetics.

The Grand Dame of Longevity has to be Madam Jeanne Calment who holds the longevity record of 122 years at her death. Her life also bears a little bit of looking at but understand that there is truly not all that much to be learned from people who are either their own personal blue zones or those who live in them.

Madam CalmentMadam Calment smoked cigarettes and cigars until age 117. She also drank wine daily (The French Paradox?). But she did neither in excess. As a matter of fact, if you look at our own government’s unofficial statements smoking less than 5 cigarettes a day or less than 2 cigars a day is probably not affecting one’s health. I would not recommend it since one does not know one’s own epigenetic response to these toxins and why tempt fate but those are the facts. Madam Calment’s wine consumption was well within the recommended dose and if you look at studies there is suggestion that people who drink some small amounts of alcohol daily actually live longer than tee totalers.

Again, make your own conclusions- I do not smoke or drink on a regular basis personally.

Madam Calment also road her bike daily past 110 years so she would be considered physically active. She was also short at 4’11” but this may not have been short for her time. So far there is not a correlation between height and longevity unless short stature is caused by poor nutrition early in life and the womb.

There were not stem cell assays or telomere measurements around when Madam Calment died but she did have a few CT scans of the brain in her last decade. The results showed brain atrophy consistent with a normal 80-90-year-old. Reportedly she remained mentally intact for her entire life.

This brings up an important fact: The super centenarians (people who live past 110) die of the same things people in their 70’s and 80’s do- they just do it a few decades later.
In addition try as they might researchers have not found “longevity genes” active in these people.

Popular candidates for longevity genes include the Sirtuins, Klotho, Foxo, and a whole host of others.

So far there is no definitive evidence that these genes confer longer lives in humans

But the research continues at least for the last 3. The sirtuins have pretty much been relegated to metabolic gate guardians after the failure of GSK to make any of David Sinclair’s magic molecules work in people.

That brings us to Longevity versus Life Extension

I am not 100% sure the pathway to one leads to the other. I can recall Dr. Lenhard Hayflick the unwilling father of anti-aging medicine and the originator of the Hayflick Limit (at least in theory- the fruit fly scientist Michael Rose claims in his book he originated the term for Hayflick’s findings) making the following statement about the current machinations of science and aging (this includes Mtor inhibition, calorie restriction, resveratrol, sirtuins, klotho, Foxo, Hif-1a and others).

He said, “All you are doing is finding the natural maximum life span of the organism when it is subjected to the most perfect conditions you can create.”

That is longevity but not life extension. That is Jeanne Calment, not the singularity!

Now before we make that sound trivial

It’s not, it’s hugely important. Many people think that to achieve Life Extension you have to have achieved longevity. That may sound obvious but consider this.

Maria Blasco’s experiments in mice with 10X telomerase over extension took typical animals (remember all of the above candidates have only animal data so far.) and added 25% to their lives and old animals and extended their lives by 13%. This was BEYOND the known natural life spans of these animals and, it happened in a majority of them not just a few as in calorie restriction (unless you count fruit flies!).

It is my assumption that in order to do that you have to fix all the other stuff including DNA repair, protein misfolding, metabolic aberrations and mitochondrial uncoupling and epigenetic switches towards inflammation and genome wide demethylation or you would have at the very least sick old animals. Frankly I don’t see how they could survive and live healthier than the controls if all that stuff were not fixed to a degree.  This suggests that their may be a more direct path to longevity that actually goes through life extension rather than the other way around!

All in all, longevity is a great goal. So is Life Extension.

But both only become meaningful with a Health Span that matches them.

Stay lean, eat a bit less, exercise regularly, get good regular sleep, don’t sweat the small stuff and find productive ways to deal with the big stuff.

And take meaningful doses of fish oil, not the doses used in meta-analysis!


Dr. Dave

It’s incredibly sad but I have to start with a disclaimer

In addition to our usual disclaimer. The concept of longevity frosts a lot of people. It irritates scientists and government agencies alike. And of course there is the practicing physician making incredible personal sacrifices to do what is becoming an ever increasingly thankless job.

They will not agree with what I am writing to you. They do not condone it. It angers them and frightens them. And in their own minds it threatens their very existence. Now the truth is “they” have the power and they control most of where the money in science gets spent and on what.

They quickly and efficiently and legally squash any threat to the status quo and to their own control.

So as you read this understand that this is not medical advice.  It is simply my experiences and the experiences of others. When I mention others please understand that they are not endorsing my products, only my point of view.  Yes, its sad how careful I have to be these days!

So, I had a conversation with one of the top telomere scientists the other day.  If you don’t know what a telomere is I’ll tell you in simple terms.  It’s the biologic time clock found on the ends of your chromosomes (genetic material).  It effectively determines how well those chromosomes and the cells that contain them reproduce to make new cells to replenish old ones.  It effects the mutation rate and behavior of the cell at the very core of its existence.

Some people call it the key to immortality.

I simply call it a key to the possibility of longer and longer lives with attendant better health.

I had the opportunity to discuss both science and personal choices with this super scientist really getting down to nuts and bolts with what he does for his own health and longevity.

When I asked him the “favorite thing” question he answered I do everything!!!  He like me takes a bunch of supplements including Omega 3’s and telomere agents of various kinds.

He is an avid long distance runner and fitness fanatic.  He applies the literature and science to his own life and follows the same credo I do: Do as much as you can!!!!

That does not mean going overboard of course but it means doing a lot of different things.
Now this gentleman was not there to endorse my products but the words “omega 3” did hit a chord as you can imagine!  So did the consumption of telomere active agents.

The problem for most people is they do not want to do everything I do.  Or everything this guy does either.  So here are the keys that any one can and should do.

  1. Exercise aerobically on a regular basis at a level you can maintain for years to come! This stresses the fact that most scientific studies look at life long behaviors for benefit, not just 6 weeks although it does appear the benefits to your telomeres and your health may start in just a few weeks.
  2. Maintain your body weight and control your insulin levels.  I am not going to give you a diet lecture here.  You can peruse my blog and find a bunch of articles there on the effects of diet on telomeres, longevity, and health.  Just keep those things, insulin and body weight (of course body fat too!) down and you are doing the right thing,
  3. OK I promised the one thing, the single most important thing you can do.  Understand this intervention has to be simple enough that even sicker older people can do it.  It is: take your fish oil every day. Here is an example of that. I am not going to badger you about high dose versus low dose.  I take high dose but that has not been specifically studied with regards to telomere health.  It has been looked at in a lot of other populations so in my opinion it’s a dose dependent phenomenon.  Some is better than none so even if you only take one or two a day you should still see some benefit.  Of course I still take on average 6 a day.

By the way the fish oil “debate” will rage on for a long time and may never end. It doesn’t have to – as long as you are alive to see the truth!