Six Common Experiences with TA-65

Since 2009 I have been using and “prescribing TA-65” for hundreds of clients. To me it is one of the most important steps to becoming proactive about the aging process.

Whenever someone decides it’s time to be proactive about the aging process they usually want to know, “What can I expect?”

While everyone ages differently and no one gets exactly the same results from TA-65 there are several things that I have heard so many times I would consider them typical results.

So what are some of the common experience you can expect on TA-65?

  1. Increased energy.  This is a big one for many people who as they age feel they are slowing down. As a matter of fact the one major thing I would say people complain to me about as they enter their 40’s 50’s and 60’s is they lack of energy to complete everything they want to do in a day. This often leads to a curious phenomenon I call “lethagey” instead of lethargy!  Simply put this is the tendency of people to attempt to do less because they do not want to run out of energy and feel exhausted  before the job is done. To avoid this they don’t try it in the first place.  “I wish I had the energy for that!” they say.  Fixing this and returning the energy level back two what it was in their 20’s and 30’s is by itself a huge thing for most people. Could you use more energy?
  2. Next is a return of the sex drive. This is true of both men and women and again it’s a huge plus.
  3. Improvements in lean body mass and weight loss.  While TA-65 is not a weight loss or fat loss drug I have no question in my mind it helps people in that department.  There is also faster recovery for many people when they do work out which when coupled with #1 above leads to much better and faster results in the gym. Gone is the typical frustration, “ I work out but nothing seems to change!”
  4. Mental clarity.  This one is a bit more nebulous because it’s hard to measure but a lot of people tell me their memory is better and their ability to link events and create solutions to problems improves. All of these faculties seem to help people feel younger and of course act younger as well.
  5. Appearance: Some of the data from the studies suggests that eyesight and skin tone (via a measurement with a device called a cutometer) improve as well as hair growth. People have told me they routinely get asked if they are doing Botox or some other aesthetic procedure because they look much younger.
  6. Telomere length: No intervention would be worth its salt if it did not have a valid measurement that is demonstrable and repeatable in just about everyone. I can tell you that my own telomeres have reversed direction and grown longer instead of shorter in the 5 years that I have been on TA-65. I will be devoting a special release to that very shortly.  Ironically this improvement in telomere length may be the MOST important thing that can happen to you and is clearly the easiest thing to measure. But most people are far more interested in the energy and sex drive even though telomere length has been correlated with health and longevity.

Flaws Failures and Successes for Fish Oil

You may recognize some of this from a few months ago.  It turns out lends itself to a frequent updates.

Let’s look at the new list.

Did you ever wonder how so many different things could be happening in the world of omega 3 and fish oil?  How can it go from good to bad in one week?   How can it work in one situation for one thing and not in a seemingly related problem?

While science is all about data and sticking to the data, and common sense has no real place if data does not support it, at least in the mind of a true scientist, there is a point where something becomes “fishy” and doesn’t make sense.

If you look at populations with high omega 3 levels and low Omega 6 levels, whether they get them from fish oil or fish, there is almost no detectable heart disease, stroke, tumors, post partum depression, allergy, auto immunity, MS and so on. When say “almost no” I mean there is a reduction that is usually hitting a factor of 10 fold.  So if the average American population death rate from heart disease for instance is 250 per 10,000, its 25 per 10,000 in the Inuit Eskimos- who have high 3’s and low 6’s.

Notable in that very same population was a study that looked at Eskimos whose blood pressure averaged 150/90, whose cholesterol was 250 with a high bad cholesterol as part of that, and who were an average of 30 to 50 pounds overweight.  They still had 25/10,000 death rate from heart disease mirroring larger population based reductions.  They had fewer than half the strokes.

They also had 7X the omega 3 levels of the average Americans.

Now I look at all the “negative fish oil studies” and I have found a few  common themes/flaws.

They are:

  1.  Almost ridiculous under dosing of the test subjects with fish oil, often with poor quality “natural” triglyceride ( only able to reach 30% concentration and often having toxins).
  2. No attempt to measure blood/tissue levels
  3. No attempt to duplicate the omega 3 levels or the Omega 6/3 ratios of the populations that are relatively disease free.

The post partum depression study recently released was a classic example. It caught my attention because there have been several studies that show benefit to new moms and in populations where lots of fish/fish oil is consumed the rate of post partum depression drops dramatically. In the most recent study which has been spread and quote ad nausem on the internet, no attempt was made to check levels, the dose of supplementation was guaranteed not to work (most moms are already low in Omega 3’s to begin with and are even lower after pregnancy so 1 or 2 grams a day is a waste!) and finally no attempt was made to get these women to the levels seen in populations where there is little if any post partum depression.

What do you expect!  Next time you read a fish oil “no good” study see if you can answer those questions. See if you can answer even one of them.  There is a 99.99% chance the people studying the results didn’t bother with any of those measurements and were basically flying blind!

But once its on the internet its there forever, and with the exception of me, I have never seen anyone go back and say, “ I was wrong about this”!

I make ultra potent ultra pure Ultra 85 fish oil so you can take less and get the levels up to where they need to be with ease.  Its 35% more potent than my regular product while still maintaining our legendary purity.

A final comment: No Fish oil is not a telomerase activator.  It’s a great telomere preserver but it will not lengthen your telomeres!  Only TA-65 does that and has been proven with human studies.

Ultra 85 and TA-65 are a phenomenal anti-aging combo though!



The importance of proving TA-65 works

“Hey Doc that stuff really work? What’s the real benefit to taking it?”

That is the most common question I get about TA-65.

My answer is usually one of two things.  The first is “Yes it certainly has for me!”  Or sometimes if I am not in the mood to say a whole lot I simply say “It depends”.

The truth is that nothing works for everyone especially in the way they may actually expect or visualize it to work.

When it comes to TA-65 most people are actually NOT interested in proving it works and debunking the myths around it..  What the heck do I mean by this?

What I mean is that the only real objective way to determine it TA-65 or any other telomerase activator (hint: there are absolutely none with human studies!) is to measure telomere length and to document that your very own telomeres are getting longer and that the number of short telomeres are decreasing. This means you are getting biologically younger.

The Benefits of TA-65

I have documented that very clearly here. I have done 3 separate types of telomere tests. While all these tests have different absolute numbers they all show significant improvement over the years that I have taken TA-65.

Honestly to me this is the most important question anyone can answer when it comes to the “Does TA-65 work?” question.

But only 25% of my clients have done the test and the rate of testing is not likely to change anytime soon.


Because most people are in love with the benefits they get and the way they feel on TA-65.

The increased energy, sex drive, focus, hair and skin changes are enough.  Most of them never read the clinical studies that show improvements in blood sugar, insulin, body weight, bone density, inflammatory markers and cardiac benefits.

No most of them just love looking and feeling younger.

Still TA-65 is the only available telomerase activator that has any human clinical studies.  Just go to PubMed and type in TA-65 to the search bar and you can see for yourself.

Or you can just take the product and understand that the way you are feeling on TA-65 is probably a very clear reflection of how your body is doing and what is going on with your own aging process.

Father Time Turns a Blind Eye

There were two recent studies looking at aging in young black men.  The first linked experiencing racism to shorter telomeres. Aside from what has to be something that is difficult to quantify, it is safe to say this is a negative stress. It is also safe to say that negative stress accelerates aging. It is also safe to say that our perception of stress is the main thing that causes the problem.  As I mentioned in my newsletters and blogs an oft quoted study involving Nobel Laureate Liz Blackburn showed that people perceive the same stress differently as measured by urinary excretion of stress chemicals.

It calls to mind Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote, “No One can make you feel inferior without your consent!”

This week another study, this time in “at risk” black youths showed that even at the tender young age of 9 there are budding differences in telomere length.  There are numerous studies and theories about the racial differences in life expectancy in this country.  Many of them center on social stresses, income gaps and health care.  Some have pointed to genetic differences especially in the tendency for black men to get prostate cancer and hypertension.

There have even been some genetic differences and SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms) identified.

But I can tell you two things that have not been looked at that would make a huge difference and guess what Father Time turns a blind eye to your skin color if these are “off”.

1)      Omega 3 level.  As fate would have it blacks tend to metabolize Omega 6’s even faster than whites and Omega 3’s even slower. On an African plains diet or even a costal Paleolithic one these enzymatic differences do not make much difference. But in American and the Western world where Omega 6’s abound and Omega 3’s are scarce the outcomes are predictable!

Now if you are not black but you live anywhere but an Aleut village or an Owkinawan coastal town you are probably in a similar boat.  You can eat a ton of fish- get a ton of mercury which our government says is “OK”.  Or you can take a few capsules of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil and be done.

2)      Telomere length.  No one has done race specific telomere measurements in age matched controls but telomere erosion with aging is no longer a “maybe sorta kinda” thing. Even the curmudgeonliest scientist has had to ‘fess up and say “I believe” to the studies that show telomeres are a major and treatable cause of aging and unhealthiness.

Father time doesn’t care if you are black or white it will happen to you no matter what but:

In 2010, white women had the highest life expectancy at birth, 81.3 years, followed by black women (78.0 years), white men (76.5 years) and black men (71.8 years). Life expectancy for the U.S. population as a whole was 78.7 years. I would bet my career all of these differences can be boiled down to telomere length.

So no matter who you are you should do something to “take care of your telomeres” as I always say.

Here is one simple option:

By the way fixing #1 above will slow down telomere loss as well so now you have 3 things you can do with supplements alone. Some do all 3, some only 2, some one, but none is not a good answer to this problem, because Father Time WILL NOT turn a blind eye to that!



More on MEB, Mitochondria and Telomeres

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OK- today’s little science lesson.

The mitochondria do not divide in the same fashion that the cells that house them do. Cells more or less just split in half and double the DNA and the cellular machinery. But the mitochondria do something that is more like a salamander that grows a new limb after one is hacked off. They kind of grow and ooze and enlarge into a new space and then wall off more or less half of the now doubled space in a process called biogenesis.

They can also donate parts of themselves to other mitochondria to “heal” them and improve their function.
Finally when they degenerate or implode, some of their material is usually recycled in the body’s very own green revolution!
Mitochondrial are unappreciated in the aging process. Not just because of their role in energy generation that can fuel the ongoing cell repair processes, but because of their role in signaling.

For instance, one of my favorite DNA components, the telomere, which keeps biological age and time, “talks” to the mitochondria and vice versa even though they are in different places in the cell and separated by the nuclear wall.

Telomere length and health let’s the mitochondria known when to start scuttling the ship so to speak by increasing heat and free radical generation. This is part of the aging process I have written to you about many times called senescence.
The inflammatory free radical bomb that starts leaking like a bad warhead in the individual cell can poison and age many other cells in its vicinity leading to chain reaction that drives aging and dysfunction.

Not good!

Short telomeres also can shorten life- YOURS!

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Is it a Disease or Are YOU Just Getting Old?

As you may know if you have been with me for a while, my main areas of expertise are relatively few.

They include Omega 3’s, Telomeres, Stem Cells, Nutrition and Exercise. I suppose I could claim a “minor” in Sleep Meditation and the like.

I have been at it a while and I have to tell you it’s a mixed blessing.

I am always reminded of the famous Schopenhauer quote about the truth paraphrased here: “ The truth is first ridiculed and vilified, then violently opposed, then accepted as self-evident.”

So along with the new bevy of non-medical bio hackers, I am laughing a bit at the numerous articles and blogs that are coming out suggesting that aging may in fact be a disease.

LOL is all I can say- never heard that before did we?

But the good part is that if that concept is beginning to take root we can expect more research and “cures” of some kind to be in the works. After all who would work on something that is an impossible chore?!

As we wait I want to re-introduce for the 50th time the concept of “buying runway”.

Using the airplane analogy and aging, the more runway you have, the longer you can continue your take off. The longer you are around and at least initially, healthy, the more likely you are to be there when the next big breakthrough comes along.

Someone once asked me if they did all the things I recommended in the book “The Immortality Edge” some 8 years ago, how much longer could they hypothetically expect to live.

Now I stress the hypothetical aspect of this lest the FTC and FDA accuse me of making claims about something that is not actually recognized by them as a disease (it’s funny how the people who make the rules can bend them to suit their agendas!).

Anyway, the best-case scenario is about a decade- 10 year more with a decent chance at health.

Now only you can decide if this hypothetical answer is worth the time, money and discipline it takes to live (another DR Dave original) “The Anti-Aging Life Style”.

Here is where I usually launch into the “You need to take Your Fish Oil” pitch,  but I want to you remind you that the book I wrote has 6 other chapters devoted to life style changes, not just supplements as one Amazon reviewer suggested.

Simply put, diet and exercise rank high, but we don’t know and haven’t really studied their effects on healthy adults all that much except to say they are “good”. What diet and how much exercise remains very much in the bias of the person writing the article.

Them that does likes, so runner say its running, cross county skiers says its skiing, interval trainers (HIIT) say its intervals and everyone else from Yoga to Zumba jumps on board claiming by default to be good for you.

Power lifters need not apply. Although there are studies on power and longevity. Until there is a power lifter researcher who publishes we are stuck with running, cycling and skiing. Interesting how all science geeks tend to be aerobes if anything!

Sleep is critical for all the reasons I have written to you about, and lectured about worldwide.

But controlling inflammation is still the fastest most accepted way to influence the biology of aging.

I do it with 4 to 6 grams of fish oil and my aptly named multi-vite, Young Life Daily.

In my opinion the above will get you some runway while I work on the rest of it.

I will be talking to you about telomeres, stem cells, mitochondria and lots of other age-related things but start with what I just told you and buy some runway!!!!

Hey, did you hear, “Aging might actually be a disease!”

Yours as always,

Dr Dave



TTAGGG You’re It! Stress, Disease and Telomere Length

The repeating sequence of the Telomere-TTAGGG has proven to be a gold mine for determining biologic age ( how old your body is acting!) and disease prognosis ( how bad you are likely to get something) as well as the effects of stress.

A recent study on the effects of racism on the telomere length of black men was the latest to show how social stress can affect longevity.  I have concerns about how the study was done but I think it makes sense to say that this kind of stress is detrimental to anyone’s health no matter what race or color.

This study builds on previous studies done in orphans who grew up with universally shorter telomeres than non orphans,  and the effects of stress on caregivers responsible for sick children.  All of these situations lead to more rapid aging and faster decline.  You can bet being sick in general can shorten your telomeres and your life.

This was shown by another study involving men between 50 and 75 who were admitted with ACS, acute coronary syndrome. Basically they were on their way to having a heart attack and no doubt some of them did.  The ones with the shortest telomeres did worse.

This study echoes the now famous Farezeneh Far, Blackburn study that showed that Omega 3 (fish oil) levels were protective of telomeres in heart disease.

So it seems everyone is linking just about everything bad that can happen to you to short telomeres and everything good to long telomeres.

It would be a good time for me to mention that other diseases of aging like Cancer and Alzheimer Disease ( yes they dropped the ‘s!) are also linked to telomere length in terms of incidence and severity.

Now there is still a lot of disagreement among researching scientists as to whether telomere loss is actually all that important in aging.  This pretty much depends on what their pet project is and where their grant money comes from.

I have a simple ( my PhD colleagues would say simplistic!) way of explaining this. My friend Maria Blasco did a study recently that showed that turning on telomerase extends life span in adult and old adult mice.  That was the end point of the study.  There are many other people out there looking at things like intracellular junk (lipofuscin) mitochondrial function, calorie restriction, sirtuin proteins and mTOR inhibitors.  None of these strategies have been shown by themselves to lengthen life although some of them seem to improve health.

I am certain that ALL of these things were improved by telomerase activation or the mice would not have lived longer.  You can’t live longer with declining mitochondria, abnormal proteins and increasing intracellular junk.  It’s simply not possible.  But because these things were not specifically measured common sense takes a back seat to scientific skepticism.

Here’s the thing: They would rather remain skeptical than investigate these questions probably because their grand money does not include answering these questions.  It does involve protecting their source of income for their pet project however.

Here’s another thing: as I said above Telomerase Activation seems to be the only current feasible way to extend life in mammals.  The folks spending time on all that other stuff have been unable to demonstrate increased longevity AND healthspan.

Want it to be even more simple?

I will quote that bastion of American Health who brought us the great Dr Oz.

Yes, I am talking about Oprah who said “I want long telomeres!” She should be on TA-65!

You probably should too!

I am entering year 5 with nothing but positive improvements in both telomere length and % of short telomeres. Both are going the right way for decreasing biologic age.

What is youth worth to you?


PS what I have said here is especially important if YOU are under constant or severe stress, get sick a lot or have a family history of one of those nasty diseases above!

A New Book on Telomeres by the Nobel Laureate in the Field

Back in 2009 Elizabeth Blackburn a Tasmanian born Molecular Biologist was one of a handful of scientists awarded the Nobel prize for her work in defining telomeres and telomerase. The word telomere can be interpreted many ways but I choose to take it to mean “time keeper”.

Every time I write a new blog or email about telomeres I have to re explain the concept because even though I wrote a book on this topic in 2010, it is not exactly a household word.

So, it was with great interest I read the most recent book by Liz Blackburn and Elissa Epel. You see I had been reading their scientific publications for many years now and was curious to see how they would weave their findings into a lay public book.

I guess I should admit a few things and give you some background here.

I am an MD not a PhD so my interest and focus is on human health span and longevity. My specialty originally called anti-aging medicine has been usurped by various different credentialing Boards and called several different things but all of these areas lead ultimately to longer life span and health span.  At least that is the goal.

The goal of scientists is not always the same.  They can be more focused on specific what’s and why’s instead of “how” to  impact human health.  On the flip side, they are scientists which means there should be adherence to the scientific method and no bias.  Of the first I am certain most scientists adhere, of the second I have grave doubts.

Scientists, especially Nobel laureate scientists also have to contend with a huge factor: their reputation.

This means it’s not likely they are going to say or believe anything that is considered “radical” by the establishment.

An illustration of this is the case of Dr Andrew Weil.  In the 70’s Dr Weil was considered by many to be near lunatic fringe.  An outlier in the field who was disregarded by any “serious” person. Yet over time the public became more and more hungry for the “truth” that was hidden from them by the medical establishment. And Dr Weil became more and more of a beacon of logical self-empowered health care.

The price one pays for this is one becomes “establishment” after all, and can no longer espouse anything but the party line.

Why am I telling you all this?

Frankly it’s because you won’t find anything new or all that exciting in this book if you’ve been in my audience for a while.

Now again this might be expected because the authors are regarded as serious people in a serious world and not to be expected to rock the boat, ruffle feathers or say anything controversial.

You also should consider that our book The Immortality Edge pretty much said all this 6 years ago, and I have a personal bias towards it which I fully admit.

The Telomere Effect is ironically going to benefit from all the publicity and work and yes, abuse that was heaped on the non-scientists.  For the general public, it will be a good book to give “just enough” hope to and of course to educate them on the topic of telomeres. And since its from serious scientists, the contents are more likely to be taken seriously!

Who better to get the information from than a Nobel Laureate!

Now here is another admission:  If it were not for Dr Blackburn’s work in the field it is highly unlikely I would know what and who I know today.  I think she has made a gigantic contribution to human health, health span and longevity even if it is too frightening to come out and say it. It may be the biggest contribution of the century although it is down played so often.

Similarly Dr Epel’s contribution to the concept of “The Molecules of Emotion” put forth by Dr. Candice Pert and later by Bruce Lipton is incredibly valuable. The telomere remains a central if not THE central arbiter of aging. So far changing the telomere dynamic remains the only way that has been demonstrated to EXTEND life beyond the Hayflick limit, not merely approach that limit the way sirtuins, calorie restriction and the various mTor/rapamycin machinations do. Linking telomere length to emotion is a great achievement.

If I ever get to meet either of these people I will consider it a great honor.

If I were you I would read the new book by Drs Blackburn and Epel, if only to reconfirm your belief in what has been written in the past. The fact that it’s them saying it should silence a lot of our critics.

We all owe these scientists a huge debt of gratitude for their work in the field. I am certain their book will go a long way towards making the word telomere a regular part of everyone’s lexicon.

Here is your health secret for the day with the contents of this book in mind: Your emotions can directly affect the quality and quantity of your life. Don’t squander them on worthless or self-inflicted nonsense!

All the Best, and again a Very Happy 2017 !

Dr Dave

The Darwin Award for Supplements goes to the makers of Telovite

There is not law or limit on capitalism. There are no police on the internet. And finally you cannot apparently be penalized for abject stupidity although honestly we can always hope that Darwin was right.

In case you don’t know the Darwin Awards are awarded every year in ongoing fashion to some unfortunate individuals who are no longer with us because of their abject stupidity.

If I were to give out Darwin Awards to supplement makers and sellers, the latest group to throw their hat into the ring of telomere supplements would be my number one choice.

The product is called “Telovite” a brilliant name don’t cha think. And basically that is what it is, yet another unresearched vitamin that someone threw together to cash in on the growing popularity of telomere supplements. Somewhere in the mix is a little Astragalus extract to catch your eye, the rest of it is pure speculation based on an article written by a “masters of health” not a doc, not a PhD and of course nothing to support anything real.

Now none of that is really out of line with much of what is otherwise being sold as telomere supplements. But it gets darker and dumber so read on.

The next tell tale issue is the lack of a price. You will not find out how much this costs until you give them vital information that will allow them to market you in ongoing fashion if they chose. I stopped there so I don’t know how much it costs but I would bet it’s in the $99 per month range.

The copy is standard Dan Kennedyesque wannabe but it’s so uncompelling I honestly hope whoever wrote it does not get paid a cent.

But it gets really really bad and embarrassing for everyone associated with it. That includes by the way the smiling face of one Dr James Meehan Jr. (for his sake I hope it’s not his real name!).

These people try to weave a compelling story to get you to buy their product, and the crown jewel in their argument is Nobel Prize winning Technology (the exact same phrase that TA-65 has been using for 5 years now) as discovered by one Elizabeth Blackthorn Nobel Laureate.

I honestly did a double take! The picture they show (see below) is a dead ringer for Elizabeth Blackburn the real Nobel Laureate. I thought omagosh she has a body double out there who is also a scientist.

What follows immediately is a short excerpt from the Telovite ad page where they botch Liz Blackburn’s name completely. And its in their video too!

Then I realized the awful truth! These idiots don’t even know who she is what she did and how to spell her name. The picture is indeed of Elizabeth Blackburn but these morons are so clueless they got it wrong. And put it on the Internet for everyone to see.

That should tell you everything you need to know about who they are what they are and of course the validity of things.

Misspelling the name of the person most responsible for the field of telomeres and telomerase is tantamount to misspelling your own last name or your mother’s if you are at all serious about what you are doing.

And Dr Meehan if that is your real name. I hope you are beyond embarrassed that you let these hacks use your name to sell something! Whatever they paid you it’s not enough to shoulder complete and lifelong embarrassment! Double check their work my friend!!!

Now it is my sincerest wish that Liz Blackburn has had enough of this nonsense and sues the living crap out of these people for unauthorized use of her image and as Al Sharpton calls it “besmurchifying” her name. I don’t know if that is legally possible but here’s hoping.

This is the worst kind of supplement advertising because it is so blatantly misguided and without knowledge that it gives us all a bad name.

“I’ve got a great idea! Let’s come out with a telomere supplement!” yeah let’s!

I have been in the telomere supplement and research field for 6 years now and I have never seen anything so stupid in my life.

Sadly some poor souls will be duped and buy this. They may be candidates for the Darwin Awards based on that fact alone!

Please don’t be one of them!*


*The ultimately irony and something that would make me a candidate for the Darwin Awards is if this was all a bad joke put out there by people just spoofing the telomere field. Again, sadly, they are serious!

**PSS Someone must have tipped them off because it looks like they have removed the moronic page from their web ad. Sorry guys! GOTCHA and GOTCHA forever and always! One of the great blessings and curses of the internet: nothing is ever really gone!