Telomeres-Just the Tip Part 2

A while back I wrote you an email of the same name so we are now into part 2.  As a reminder the telomere is indeed THE TIP of the chromosome that is!!!

This Tip is responsible for a lot of things that happen in your cells including how well they function, to some degree how well they repair themselves and to a huge degree how long they live.

Another reminder: Dr Dave’s Biologic Flow chart:  Cells lead to tissues, tissues lead to organs, organs lead to organ systems, and organ systems lead to organisms- that would be YOU!!!

The point of this to remind you that every cell’s fate can have an impact on your health and longevity.  The other part to remember is that what is happening in one cell is always happening in other cells, some times many other cells as in the aging process.

As we age we change our epigenetics (which genes we read) to increase inflammation and decrease repair ability.  The telomere is a main arbiter of this process.

Bottom line: if you want to live long and be healthy TAKE CARE OF YOUR TELOMERES!!!!

Here are two massive ways I do and you can too:the best fish oil on the planet and the most telomere centric supplement out there!

You can do nothing- but the result is predictable!!!!


Dr Dave (DD)

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