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Let me ask you a question.

What gets you excited about another day when you wake up.

I am serious!- You’d be surprised how many people can’t answer or give some half assed version of what they really want. Since I am asking but I don’t hear the answer go ahead and be totally free to express your excitement about whatever really floats your boat.

You should not need more than 5 seconds!

Since its a New Year I am going to let you peak into my motivation because I think it may set you on a path to an exceptional 2018.

The single most important thing that moves me forward is becoming better.

Better is forward, better is ageless, better is living long and having a real reason to do so.

For me better means smarter, better read, more physically and mentally powerful, faster, funnier, more focused and a better human being.

Lately that has become my mantra and I say it early in the day, the middle of the day and late in the day. It can be applied to big tasks like being a better doctor, parent, spouse or small ones like driving without getting pissed off at everyone else on the road lol.

That is better.

The next thing is take a moment to acknowledge better. If you have improved at something you really want to be better at you should feel good about yourself! Allow that!

Better for me also means learning everyday, and testing and improving my performance at intervals.

Now a funny thing often happens when you dedicate yourself to better.

People often show up to help you do better and do it faster.

Here are some personal examples: Dr Mike Fossel the Godfather of the Telomere theory of Aging became a personal friend because of our work on “The Immortality Edge”.

Dr Bill Lands the father of the Omega 6/3 ratio through my association with fish oil.

Dr’s Cal Harley, Bill Andrews, Joe Raffaele through telomerase activation science.

Dr Maria Blasco through the writing on telomeres and the next book.

A special case was the path of the ketogenic diet. Remember I wrote a bunch of blogs on this 3 or 4 years back not only predicting it would be the next rage in diets but eventually meeting several important people in the field of cancer metabolism. Since I was disgusted with obvious commercial exploitation of cancer patients and the whole “cancer industry” I needed to find “The Truth!”

I gave several public lectures one at David Wolfe’s Longevity now in 2013. There I met an amazing PhD cancer researcher – Dr. Oksana Zagorodna

From our discussions I came upon “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” by Dr Tom Seyfried.

Subsequently I interviewed Dr Seyfried and eventually convinced him to speak at one of our annual Anti-Aging Conferences and we have all been friends ever since sharing ideas and knowledge.

I did nothing but passionately pursue my interests and try to be better, and better came knocking on my door.

I am not lying when I tell you this was a big help!

I promise you if you will allow yourself to be better and work towards the goal of “being more of you” you will see amazing things unfold right before your very eyes!

I thank you for the role you have played in my 2017.

And 2018 is going to be even BETTER!

Dr. Dave


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