I probably Screw up Lay and Lie Too!

Some wonderful handful of you commented on the use of “way” instead of “weigh all the odds”. Those of you who know me well actually wanted to know if it was deliberate.

While I honestly appreciate your faith in me and my sense of humor, I can assure you it was an undetected spell check machination. I won’t even tell you what Siri does to the phrase “shaved pork”!

I probably screw up lay and lie although having experienced the latter far more times than the former I am in my 6th decade finally beginning to get it!

Another one is Affect vs Effect. No matter how many times I look up the definitions, I am still never 100% sure which one is the proper.

And finally, 2 of you had an equally wicked sense of humor suggesting that someone who makes an intelligent choice should also know the difference between way and weigh-especially someone who is looked to to educe.

All of that said I appreciate the humor in the situation, accept the humbling lesson and will pay more attention in the future- at least for a while. Why mess up Flow with details-we are all friends here!

I do still stand by Brain Force One and its ability to keep my brain on a creative, memory and thinking high.

I never claimed it would help your spelling!

Have a Fantastic Day


PS lame video great song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7RI0P9iCk4


Voting: Making an Intelligent Choice

Today is the day for the fabled mid term elections. We are bombarded on all sides with contradictory information in the form of facts.

The truth of the matter is that most of these things do not play on our intelligence, they prey on our emotions. It’s actually similar to buying behavior. A study of buyers’ habits revealed that even people who weigh all the odds and make what the consider to be an intelligent choice based on stats and figures are actually buying emotionally.

So, all the work that is done to make an intelligent choice (think consumer reports etc.) is actually done to satisfy the emotional need to weigh all the odds and feel like they made an intelligent choice.

Hey I didn’t make this world, I just live in it!!!

But the least you can do is support your ability to make an intelligent choice by giving your brain a leg up in this day and age of endless attention deficit and sound bytes.

By that I mean using Brain Force One to provide the substrates for a healthy happy brain.

The only advice on voting I can give you is do so.

The rest of your life still awaits and it will require intelligent choices.

Don’t let your Brain fail you!!!


No One Said it was Going to Be Easy!!!

I want you to consider the following and the role they play in Your Life: Guidance, Direction, and Self Determination

You and I are Philosophical creatures!

WE each of us know in our heart of hearts certain things to be true and unalienable.

Yet most of what occurs in our lives is the result of either ambivalence or the direction of others.
This is by no means a bad thing as it frees us up to make decisions and do things that are MOST important to us. And if we really don’t have strong feelings about something we may actually be much better served letting someone who does do the driving in that case. As long as we at least thought about it that is.

You may have heard various and sundry philosophies about aging and health that include such statements as, “Aging is natural and we shouldn’t try to mess with it- god put it there for a reason!”

Or a personal favorite, “Vitamins just give you expensive urine”.

Or yet another personal favorite, “Your labs are all normal so be satisfied, there is nothing wrong with you!”

I point these out because they are the philosophies of those in power in the health care field right now.

They range from well meaning but poorly informed to absolutely ludicrous- and not just based on philosophy- but on science as well.

There are many examples of aging being tampered with in a very positive fashion with very positive results. Our own human population is slowly and very slightly improving its overall fitness and longevity.

But we have uncovered several new threats such as our typical diet, the lack of Omega 3’s, and dementias that may lurk around our collective corners as we age.

No one said it was going to be easy!

But we were given brains to think and apply and create. And if you look at the good aspects of the 20th century we have created and harnessed electrical safe electrical power, air and space travel, medical procedures that are lifesaving (less can be said of drugs!) and a means of reducing our transportation times down in all aspects of getting from A to B. And then there is “IT” computers and social media and such, a true mix of potential advancement and ludicrous complexity and money gouging.

No one said it was going to be easy!

On the vitamins and supplements front we have revealed many positive aspects to nutraceuticals and have invoked the ire of Big Pharma and the government. Same with cell therapies. There is a reason much of my stem cell work occurs in Mexico, and its not because what I do is fringe or dangerous!

My general point to you, as we approach another Independence Day is that people, in this case you and me, need to have a direction of purpose and self-determination for our health and our future.

We cannot simply follow, we must must must lead!

No one said it was going to be easy!

I can think of no better way to be clear, to create, to manifest and to guide, at least our own lives in truly Independent and self-determined manner, than having self-guided determined direction and a clear head.

For that purpose, I have created brain force one  Two a day is maintenance, 6 a day for special tasks.

I consider every day a special task so we have reduced case pricing as well since I treat myself and my brain to the extra raw materials it needs to stay on course.

The manifestations of this will become apparent over the next few months as we release our male enhancement product, our cell-based hair restoration formula and another potent telomerase activator towards the later part of the year.

No one said it was going to be easy but this is what you and I were put here to do. Make the world better, younger, smarter and more joyous!

Dr Dave

On Father’s and Father’s Day

First let me say that God and the universe smiled upon me when I was given to my parents. I had two of

the most wonderful people who could ever have raised children that there ever were. There was harmony in our household most times and we were all socialized and groomed to be “forces for good”.

I did not know it was not the same for most people until I went a way to school and watched bitter relationships between befuddled parents and spoiled children unfold.

I am immensely glad I had the parents I did but if you did not all I can say is, no one comes with a manual, not parents, not kids.

My dad has been gone for almost 20 years now but his presence is felt on a daily basis. And I still ask for his guidance and help.

Another way that I was blessed with both of my parents is the fact that both of them stayed mentally fit until their very last days. There was no long protracted slide into dementia that I have witnessed so many times.

So today as we near Dad’s Big day I want to remind you that a mind is precious thing to waste.

While dementia does not run in my family, statistically speaking I should live significantly longer than my parents especially with everything I am doing.

Sadly, age alone is a risk factor for dementia. So, I am not taking any chances with MY brain.

I supplement all the time with Brain Force One.

Consider this as you age whether or not dementia runs in your family.

Another thing I have seen that is somewhat frightening to me is people who were spot on mentally slowly starting to become forgetful. It’s especially scary when you see someone slipping who had a parent with dementia.

To paraphrase Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that dark night”.

If you are still blessed enough to have your dad think of him to when you decide whether or not you are going to sit by on the sidelines and wait for “modern medical science” to provide you with an answer or maybe, just maybe, buy yourself some runway! 


Dr Dave

PS NO product of mine makes claims for disease treatment, mitigation, diagnosis or cure including Brain Force One.

Special case pricing is available if you have a lot of people you care about, or want to save big on a year’s supply!


Using the Force, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Quite a few people have noticed the burst of creativity and new products we have brought to the market.

Some of you have even noticed it rubs off on others as with our customer service rep Bailey who came out with a self-fueled self-initiated Emu Oil based skin product.

Judging by the positive response it looks like just what the doctor ordered.

Today I wanted to let you know “How I do It”… how I stay creative, interested and positive about this world which gives one plenty or pre programmed chances to be the opposite.

Rule 1: Limit your contact with negative people!!! We all have these people in our lives and some times you just have to roll with the punches and not let it get to you. This may be harder than you think! I call it the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”. Not to sound too Biblical but negative people with negative outlooks and negative joys (they take pleasure in spreading negativity) are in a very real sense the death of dreams for many people. You can and in my opinion limit your contact with them. Now everyone is negative sometimes, sometimes for a long time. But the basic operating system of the creator has to be an overall positive, so let these people find someone else to be miserable with.

Rule 2: Increase your contact with other creators. I have a lot of creative people in my life and I generally surround myself with them. But here too, there is a caveat. Creators are generally self-interested and self motivated. If you try to play with them too much you may find your own power and your own dreams usurped by their Brain Force. Often the loudest, strongest and most forceful person in the room carries the group. If that is NOT YOU then you need to be aware of this. If it is you then understand the faces in your tribe may change until you are comfortable with letting them have space and power of their own in their own way. I am about to launch another master mind and this is one of the huge and important lessons I have learned…
You can only help people who are willing to listen but you can only help people if you are willing to listen back!

Rule 3: Constant stimulation: I have many hobbies and very deep deep interests. Truth be told, I am not good at a lot of things and I am not interested in a lot of things. I am very very good- world class in fact- at a few things. I do not spread myself too thin but I am constantly stimulating my brain with things that are interesting, whether or not they are directly related to what I do for a living. This constant stimulation does more than make you fun at cocktail parties! It allows you to see how the world and the universe are organized and what the universal laws really are. You can then connect them to make endless series of interesting things, products, art, music and cultural or business contributions. Creativity is all one!

Rule 4: I use the FORCE!!! Now I do meditate, pray, practice chi kung, and meditations taught to me by other creators* But I also take good care to provide my brain the right raw materials in the form of Brain Force One. I am 100% convinced this formulation has helped me improve my creativity and clear my thinking to a much more laser like focus- at least when I want it that way. I also tend to be one of those people who “can’t stop thinking” and I find Brain Force One to have a calming and clarifying effect that allows me to just enjoy life rather than wrestling it to death with “efficiency and productivity protocols”. Nothing is more fun than getting things done and creating without stress.

Brain Force One is the answer for that!

I will keep you posted on my Master Mind Group that is forming. If you are interested make sure you let Bailey know. You will meet some of my tribe who have been taught by me and who have taught me and “how we do it”.

In the meantime, you can start here and remember to take it every day between 2 and 6 capsules depending on how much you need your brain! Two a day is maintenance. Remember also I do not sell my products on “Amazon” so whatever products you may find there with similar names are NOT MINE and I do not take them.


PS We have huge discounts on case prices on all products including Brain Force One and Miracle Touch!

*Many of you know of Matt Furey. I cannot say enough about what I learned from Matt. Be advised the Matt you think you know from the internet and from his famous books is but a small portion of what Matt is and has become. You need to spend some time in person with Matt if you want to know the whole picture.
I also want to mention another person influenced by Matt who taught me Kirtan Kriya a form of meditation shown to be effective in boosting the brain, Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
Finally my friend and long time customer, Greg Thomas who stands as a paragon of his truth no matter what the world says, thinks or becomes.
I honestly know of no one who has actualized their life and realized their dreams without a mentor(s).

The Key to Enhanced Productivity-The Role of Dreaming

It’s always interesting to me to see the newest and greatest from the best and brightest.

Innovation often comes in the form of entertainment these days and I honestly have to tell you it makes me wonder. I look at life and time as a finite resource in spite of the fact that I expect I will live a good long time and be reasonably healthy compared to many.

That is an assumption but given what I do, and what I take it’s statistically valid. I have honestly never felt that I have “time to waste”. So I am often critical of the way people I care about spend their time if it is non productive.

That said I’ll be the first to admit that I cannot work endlessly or stay focused forever on a single item or a few things. And as you will see a bit later in this email, one man’s trash is another man’s fortune!

Entertainment is a wonderful thing and can actually stimulate creativity if it gets you to look at things differently. The “older” I get chronologically, if not biologically, the more I need entertainment breaks.

But I am very fortunate in that I do not have what some people would call an addictive personality. I can only do something so long before I need to pause and look or think about something else.

Which brings me to the single most important tool I use and YOU NEED to get the things done in the time you have.

It’s called focus!

And it is the key to enhanced productivity.

The first thing about focus is you have to know how long and how much you can normally devote.

External demands like work and family may intercede. Some days it may be more than others. And, if you are like me you are fractal or “wavelike” in your creativity.

Knowing all that does not help me all that much when I HAVE to get something done.

Here’s the funny thing. Having to do something strikes most people as an obligation. But if you set it up right either by making it fun, or simply because it comes from your heart, your core of being you HAVE to do it as well!

Like writing You this email!

It’s a lot more fun to do something because of this “HAVE TO” than the one that comes from being forced by obligation.

Like doing your taxes!

I’m not sure that will ever be fun!!!

But when I woke up this morning I actually had a dream that told me I had to write to you with this email. I won’t bore you with the dream now. It’s in the PS section if you want to read about it,

And let’s just say part of it created the need to remind you and me about what we need to do to improve our brain power so that it matches our longevity!

So, want to tell you about the tool I have created to make all the Have to’s easier by helping you focus.
It’s called Brain Force One.

You may remember my original formula “Instant Einstein”. Well Brain Force One is the updated annotated supercharged version of that product. And its not just a rewrite- it contains totally different ingredients.

I designed it to help you with cognition (Brain Force!!!) It may also help keep you calm under stress.

To paraphrase Frank Herbert, author of Dune, stress is the mind killer!

Now I use 2 caps of Brain Force One every day even when I am not under the gun to get things done. I always need to focus! When there is a big project or one that has major consequences and I cannot afford to wander, I up the dose to 6 a day.

I loved my old Instant Einstein but I love this even better!

And it is considerably less expensive because we do not have to import so many of the ingredients.

So, if you need to create, need to remember, need to produce and want to have support for a healthy brain now and in the future remember to take your Brain Force One.

Get it now! And get things done.


PS in case you were wondering about the dream here it is. This is where it gets personal so fasten your seat belts but remember this was a DREAM!

The dream was that I was enrolled in a psychology class and the teacher ironically was in real life one of my favorite Yoginis I’ll call Bri. Bri lives her truth in totality, and I admire her deeply for it, but it is not my truth.

I remember I had a conversation with her explaining that to me that at the time she was teaching me I viewed Yoga as “Eastern Calisthenics”. I readily acknowledged that I would be considered ignorant by many Yoga devotees. I readily acknowledge that there is far far more to it than my interpretation and that for some people it is truly a path of life or a huge part of theirs.

I also acknowledge that there will come a time in my life where it assumes a much bigger role.

Just not yet.

Now you may be wondering “OK Doc, what does any of this have to do with focus?!”

Well back to the dream. Bri was administering a psychology test and I failed it.

The first thing you need to understand is I do not fail tests! Especially standardized tests!

There was a note explaining that my teacher wanted to see me to discuss my results. She explained that I must have accidently skipped a few questions and put the correct answers into the incorrect locations. Gotten out of synch, so to speak.

She knew I should have passed.

Personally, I knew this was not the case. What had happened was the questions were tricky. Instead of say, listing the causes of something, they were worded in a “which of the following are not causes of” fashion.

I simply didn’t read the question.

I had lost focus because I did not want to devote the time and energy needed to take this test seriously. I had just finished a much harder deliberately deceptive test known as the Internal Medicine Boards and was in no mood to treat this test with that level of focus.

Has this ever happened to you?

You create so much dread and distaste for something you just don’t give a rat’s you know what and get angry that you even have to deal with it? The more control you are used to exercising in your life the more likely it is to happen to you because you hate being put in a situation where you are forced to do something stupid.

Like your taxes!

But the dream brought out another key to focus is to remove all distaste and at least be neutral about a task. If you can make it “fun” that is even better. My dream reminded me that if I am judgmental going in my results will not be good and I will not be able to focus.

It also reminded me not to be judgmental about what other people consider important.

I guess I should go do my taxes now- LOL.

Hope you learn from my dream!

Dr. Dave

When Your Brain is on The Juice!

One of my long-time patients and Vitamin Beta testers had a great phrase to describe my new Brain Force One.

Normally a quiet body building type, this guy caught me completely off guard with his eloquent exclamation, “It’s like being on the Juice, but for your brain!”

He was referring to the old term body builders used to use for steroids.

At first, I didn’t like my product being compared to anabolic steroids!

After all they carry a bad rap.

Back in the day even the skinniest of young men could grow like weeds and experience performance enhancements never before dreamed of.

Then I started to think about it.

Theoretically under ideal circumstances a brain supplement might indeed cause the formation of new nerve tissue. As a matter of fact, in laboratory condition that is exactly what one of the ingredients, Lion’s Mane, does.

But wait, there’s more!

Yet another carefully chosen ingredient, Bacopa Monnieri has shown improvements in memory, speed of processing and cognition. If it were a body building drug instead of a brain building compound that would equate to bigger, stronger, faster and of course, better looking!

Bacopa first came to my attention several years ago when I was asked to review a rather bogus telomerase activator. The premier ingredient was Bacopa extract. Frankly that does not do squat (Oh boy the body building puns just keep on coming!) for telomeres.

But I was really intrigued by the very first studies on how it may affect your brain in a really great way.
Moreover, some studies showed it actually speeds up the clearance of a toxic protein called Beta Amyloid.

Yep that is the same toxin found in Alzheimer’s Disease. Now I would never stray so far as to publicly say a simple supplement, even mine Brain Force One could have an impact on so devastating a disease.

But I do always say it’s important to educate yourself! So, you can go to Pub Med and type in Bacopa and Alzheimer and see what pops up!

Now as far as Brain Force is concerned, the typical daily dose is 2 caps a day. But if you really want “The Juice” try a few days where you take 6 caps either all at once or in 2 divided doses.

Then you’ll see why it sold so fast we had to literally immediately order more.

After all what brain in its right mind wouldn’t want Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Better-Looking LOL!


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You Can be More Than A Hacker

Of all the terms that have come out of the current computer idolizing youth generation the term “hacker” disturbs me the most.

In its most modern form the definition is “someone who is good at using computers to solve problems”.

Other more pertinent definitions to today’s discussion are “someone or something who cuts roughly and destructively” or even better, “someone who is inexperienced at a certain thing”.

I recently saw yet another famous marketer/entrepreneur who has decided to be a “bio hacker”.

Well if we use the less pejorative definition I would be the ultimate bio hacker. Then again, I have a better title- it’s called “Doctor”. It allows me to ask the uncomfortable question of the hacker, “OK how many people’s lives have you saved, how many people have you healed, and what is the basis for your understanding human physiology, biochemistry and pharmacokinetics?”

In my case it would be hundreds to thousands, and the lifelong education I have that has a qualified entry and is monitored by peers constantly along with heavy consequences for mistakes, failures, or moral turpitude!!!

Honestly why would you want to learn the secrets of anti-aging from a “hacker”. Again, the implication is that somehow these individuals who are usually young and “well educated” at least in terms of computer abilities are far more experts on snowing their audience than they are capable of providing expertise. Their supposed sneaky around the back door entrance into the world of spoon feeding you the knowledge you need is at best based on real experts with a similar kind of education to mine- they just change the knowledge to suit their market and sell away building their reputations on the backs of others.

Ask me how I know!

The simple thing that is missing is experience. It seems like today the up and coming generation is totally comfortable with getting their “experience” from the internet. The difference between reality and cyber reality is real, not imagined though these individuals don’t know it.

In fact, the best way to describe the situation is, “They don’t know what they don’t know!”. I have had a lot of experience with people like that over the past 18 months and I can tell you, YOU do not want to trust them with your health, money, or future.

Not until they’ve made the commitment to hold life in their hands and be responsible for the consequences of their actions.

That rules out 99.99% of the famous biohackers out there.

What would serve you better is to become your own Ultimate Bio Hacker since you are your own laboratory. I can even wish for you to become more than a hacker overall. Become a well-educated expert on yourself and what helps you the best.
Don’t rely on people who don’t even understand what “aging” means on a personal and professional level to provide you with anti-aging strategies!!!! Odds are their motivations are money felt not heart felt!

If you need a little help in the cognitive department so you can make informed decisions based on the accelerated learning I’d like you to try this.

There is a real doctor behind it who uses it every day in doses from 2 to 6 caps a day depending on what I need to mentally digest and get done on that particular day.

Why settle for a hacker?!

With heart, passion and knowledge to help you,


Dr. Dave


Why Time Might Not Be Your Most Precious Commodity

You’ve heard me say it over and over, “Time is Your Most Precious Commodity!” Don’t waste it.

Now implied in there is that you are healthy enough to enjoy your life because as long as you have your health you have everything right?

Unless you get hit by a bus and die healthy!!!!

In this world we are constantly reminded that walking out the door is a risk.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a health care professional. He is slightly younger than I am but like me is closing in rapidly on his 6th decade of joyous life on this planet.

He told me he is always tired and fatigued. He mentioned that he is also in chronic low-level pain. This hurts in the morning, that aches at night and it takes his eyes about 30 minutes in the morning to focus properly.**

I got to thinking about chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I realized that many many people in their 40’s 50’s and beyond are dealing with low lever chronic pain that is a MAJOR contributing factor to the lack of energy they experience.

I can also tell you that the next couple of products that are arriving over the next couple of months will primarily deal with increasing your energy reserves.

So, back to my friend. I asked about his fish oil consumption. The answer was telling, “Uh sometimes I remember.” Ok how much? “Uh one or two a day” was the sheepish reply.

Look if you want pain relief from any anti-inflammatory including fish oil you are going to have to take enough to make it count. While you may get some benefits for cardiac health at 1 or 2 a day as reported in the literature, there is a dose response curve to fish oil like anything else. Most people need 4 to 6 caps a day which is why I put 120 in my bottle!!!!

This by the way, is diet dependent not body size or weight dependent. I tested plenty of lean vegetarians and vegans who were so over blown with inflammatory Omega 6 fats that they needed a full dose of 6 a day for quite some time to rectify this deficit.

The other thing I recommend now for fatigue is the Brain Force 1.

A lot of people know about the researched potential for anti-Alzheimer effects of the Lion’s Mane mushroom (see references).

But far fewer people know about its anti-fatigue effect (references).

So, if you are tired all the time, or even if you just want to get more out of your day and have more zest doing it, you owe it to yourself to try Brain Force 1.

And here’s a tip: Try taking 6 Brain Force 1 about 30 minutes before your next work out and watch your personal bests become a thing of the past as you set new ones!!!! But don’t tell the competition.

Become a force to be reckoned with!!!*

Yours in boundless energy!




References: Int J Mol Sci. 2016 Nov 1;17(11). pii: E1810.
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*The maintenance dose of Brain Force 1 is 2 a day but if you’ve got a big workout or a big mental task like an exam or presentation take 6 on those days. If you happen to be into lucid dreaming, take 6 one hour before sleep!

** This may be a symptom of dry eye which seems to be almost epidemic today. Before your eye doctor puts you on that expensive “new” drug for dry eyes (which may actually worse blurred vision!) try upping your fish oil dose!!!!


Brain Health and Self Improvement

Let me ask you a question.

What gets you excited about another day when you wake up.

I am serious!- You’d be surprised how many people can’t answer or give some half assed version of what they really want. Since I am asking but I don’t hear the answer go ahead and be totally free to express your excitement about whatever really floats your boat.

You should not need more than 5 seconds!

Since its a New Year I am going to let you peak into my motivation because I think it may set you on a path to an exceptional 2018.

The single most important thing that moves me forward is becoming better.

Better is forward, better is ageless, better is living long and having a real reason to do so.

For me better means smarter, better read, more physically and mentally powerful, faster, funnier, more focused and a better human being.

Lately that has become my mantra and I say it early in the day, the middle of the day and late in the day. It can be applied to big tasks like being a better doctor, parent, spouse or small ones like driving without getting pissed off at everyone else on the road lol.

That is better.

The next thing is take a moment to acknowledge better. If you have improved at something you really want to be better at you should feel good about yourself! Allow that!

Better for me also means learning everyday, and testing and improving my performance at intervals.

Now a funny thing often happens when you dedicate yourself to better.

People often show up to help you do better and do it faster.

Here are some personal examples: Dr Mike Fossel the Godfather of the Telomere theory of Aging became a personal friend because of our work on “The Immortality Edge”.

Dr Bill Lands the father of the Omega 6/3 ratio through my association with fish oil.

Dr’s Cal Harley, Bill Andrews, Joe Raffaele through telomerase activation science.

Dr Maria Blasco through the writing on telomeres and the next book.

A special case was the path of the ketogenic diet. Remember I wrote a bunch of blogs on this 3 or 4 years back not only predicting it would be the next rage in diets but eventually meeting several important people in the field of cancer metabolism. Since I was disgusted with obvious commercial exploitation of cancer patients and the whole “cancer industry” I needed to find “The Truth!”

I gave several public lectures one at David Wolfe’s Longevity now in 2013. There I met an amazing PhD cancer researcher – Dr. Oksana Zagorodna

From our discussions I came upon “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” by Dr Tom Seyfried.

Subsequently I interviewed Dr Seyfried and eventually convinced him to speak at one of our annual Anti-Aging Conferences and we have all been friends ever since sharing ideas and knowledge.

I did nothing but passionately pursue my interests and try to be better, and better came knocking on my door.

I am not lying when I tell you this was a big help!

I promise you if you will allow yourself to be better and work towards the goal of “being more of you” you will see amazing things unfold right before your very eyes!

I thank you for the role you have played in my 2017.

And 2018 is going to be even BETTER!

Dr. Dave